Best Cane Ice Attachments in 2020

Vive Cane Tips For Ice - All Terrain Heavy Duty Metal Retractable 4-Prong Hiking Attachment - Replacement Grip for Walking Sticks, Trekking Pole, Folding, Crutches - Tip Points for Winter, Snow Safety Review:

There should be something better than the design of crutches (designed by Fred Flintstone's cousin Murray).
Since we have crutches, these make the best upgrade ever. We used them at the UP 200 dog sled race after 200 inches of snow blanketed Marquette.
Simply amazing. My wife's broken leg never felt more secure than when these were attached.
Easy to install, easy to flip out of the way, the rubber covers protected the car, her clothes and others from a healthy stabbing.
These things are SHARP, which is why they work so well.
Her orthopedic physician loved them and planned to have them at the clinic and to recommend them to his patients.

PCP Universal Ice Cane Attachment, Chrome Review:

I ordered these for my grandparents for their canes and walking sticks and they absolutely loved them. I have also used these for my crutches when I had hip surgery and they made it superbly better! I recommend these to anyone who needs a little help on the ice who uses aids from canes to walking sticks to crutches! They are a life saver!!

Carex Cane Ice Tip, 0.4 Pound Review:

This works. I have neuropathy and cannot feel my feet or hands. And I have slipped on ice and suffered broken bones. This addition to a cane works. It lets me balance myself when negotiating icy conditions. I live in Iowa and the winters are often difficult. And it handily folds up when you don't need it. I wear shoes with cleats in the winter to navigate the black ice. And with the cane equipped I can avoid an unbalanced condition. For under 10 bucks these can be a life saver.

DMI Cane Ice Tip Attachment, Cane Ice Grip, 5 Prong Ice Grip Attachment for Canes or Crutches Review:

Living in a bitterly cold Great Lakes region and using a cane can be tricky, but this attachment is doing a good job of keeping me on my feet, in icy driveways, sidewalks, exterior stairs, slushy crosswalks and similar hazards. The IceGrip was easy to attach with 2 screws and easy to use. The feature that I most appreciate is that the ice grip is adjustable if there are changes in the walking surface - ice, no ice, clear sidewalks, light snow or heavily packed plowed snow. The spring adjustment allows the user to flip the ice-grip "out-of-service" position aligned parallel with the cane or back in position with ice-grip firmly seated against to the base of the cane.

Home-X 5 Prong Ice Grip Cane Attachment Review:

I just used it today and it worked great! It was easy to install and the prongs do the job biting into ice and snow when you need it. And the quick release feature to flip it up and out of the way (when you don't need the prongs) works very easily. I'm glad I bought it. And I do recommend installing it so the prongs flip up (when not needed) on the side of the cane that's away from your legs so you don't risk scraping your shins with it.

BodyHealt Strong Steel Five-Prong gripTwo Position Cane Ice Tip Attachment - for Safer Walking in ice and Snow - Fits on All Canes Review:

It was too small to fit around the cane I wanted to use it on. I had to chisle out around the bottom of the cane so it would fit around it. Otherwise it was fine. I have three other ones on other canes but I don't like to have to change them when I want to use a different cane. I do like the rubber guards to protect the cane so it doesn't screw down too tight.