Best Candy & Chocolate Coated Nuts in 2020

Jordan Almonds Wedding Holiday Party Favor Candies in Colorful Assorted Pastel Mix (24 oz) by Sohnrey Family Foods … Review:

I needed Jordan Almonds for favors at my son's rehearsal dinner. These almonds did the job plus! They were all large, beautiful, and perfect. I made a mistake and did not order enough, so I had to buy some locally to supplement my supply. I felt badly for the people who got the supplemental comparison. I definitely recommend these Jordan Almonds and would buy them again.

M&M'S Milk Chocolate Candy Party Size 42 Ounce Bag Review:

When I first bought these last summer (July 2017), I didn't expect them to arrive without the little candies cracking due to the heat. (Hold a few m&m candies between your hands for a few moments. You should feel the little *pop* as they crack. It doesn't have any effect on the taste though. Since I was using these to bake with, I knew they were going to end up cracked anyway so I ordered them. Imagine my surprise when they arrived all swaddled in layers of cold packs that were still chilly in spite of the 100 degree heat! I was also surprised at just how MUCH candy is in a 42-oz bag, and for this price you get TWO of them. My baking only used about half, so my husband added a couple of scoops to the bulk nut mixture he makes every month or so to snack on. I honestly believe that each time he makes it, he adds more than the time before- but since he is the one who eats it I won't say anything until it starts to look like it is 50/50 ratio of candy to nuts.

Just a tip: one of the best things I've ever bought is OXO Good Grips Countertop Cereal Dispenser, Clear/White for my husband's homemade snack mix. I don't know how well it would keep cereal fresh, but it works wonders with his nut/M&M/dried fruit mixture. It easily and neatly dispenses and keeps my counters free of crumbs.

M&M'S Candies, Peanut Chocolate, 62 Ounce Jar, Pack of 1 Review:

So while I am here ordering another container of these M&M's I thought I would make a comment. The problem as I see it is that they make it too easy to get at the darn things. Because they are so tasty I am at the container all of the time. When I reach in, it is easy to get a handful out of the wide mouth of the container; so I do. So now that this container is almost empty (about 2 weeks or so) I am here ordering another one. If you buy these you must have self control not to eat them all at one sitting. I am going to try to teach myself to only consume 10 or 15 at a time. I guess this is just as silly as most of the other comments I read on Amazon so enjoy. By the way, great Amazon vendor. Well packaged and arrived very quickly. I guess they figure that if they get it here quickly I will eat them and order more quickly. Well they are right.

M&M'S Peanut Butter Chocolate Candy, Singles Size, 1.63 Ounce, Pack of 24 Review:

These are pretty addictive. Used to get these all the time at my local Safeway in the checkout isles but they stopped carrying them so now they just have pure chocolate or peanut & those are my least favorite flavors. Peanut butter is by far my favorite so I was relieved to see it available in bulk on Amazon for a reasonable price.

Came well packed & contained 24 as advertised. Didn't include the cold packs they were talking about but it’s November so they weren't really needed anyway. None of them seem melted or anything. They are also fresh till October 2019. Would buy again.

M&M'S Peanut Chocolate Candy Party Size 42 Ounce (Pack of 1) Bag Review:

Oh come on now. They are M&Ms. What more can be said. I see some reviews that they are stale. I can't remember how many times I've ordered these and have yet felt any of them were stale. The minute I get these they go into large apothecary jars and my housekeepers, home health aides and visitors always grab a few and they seem to enjoy them without making funny faces. I purchase these at Amazon as comparing prices by weight with drug and grocery stores Amazon has the best price. I order these year round and have yet to receive a bad package. Every once in awhile you'll see Amazon pull these as well as other candies because shipping at that particular time would be detrimental. All in all a great product with usually better pricing and delivery has not been a problem. Really now. Wouldn't you grab a few if they were available? The only problem I've encountered is running out of them.

Innofoods Organic Dark Chocolate Nuggets with Coconut & Super Seeds Review:

I'm pretty much a bona fide chocoholic. I'm not a snob... I like Hershey's and m&m's in addition to See's (well, I won't touch Palmer's). I'm in my 50s, and this is the best chocolate I've had in a while. The description says it's "couverture" chocolate, with a high % of cocoa solids and cocoa butter. Had never heard of that before, but if this is a sample then I'm sold on it. I'm not a fan of coconut, but you honestly can't really taste it. I like that I get some healthy nuts along with the chocolate. Like others, I discovered it at Costco 2 months ago but they're not carrying it right now. Weather here is 70s & 80s and it was ok. I usually prefer milk chocolate but am able to exercise more self-control with dark chocolate... this stuff is testing those limits. Highly recommend!

Atkins Endulge Treat, Chocolate Peanut Candies, Keto Friendly, 5 Count (Pack of 4) Review:

I live on these (and all) Atkins snacks - these taste exactly like the M&Ms I had as a child but without
all of the sugars that made them so unhealthy - these are packed with proteins and they give you a
full feeling keeping you on your diet and satisfying your sweet tooth all at the same time - Would definitely
recommend - Love these candies!!

Gold & Orange Mini Reese's Peanut Butter Cups Candy 5LB Bag Review:

A great gift for someone who loves peanut butter. I got this for a friend but I don't know why I think they'll work best to gift a coworker for any random occasion. That why they'd have something to snack on while working and also plenty enough for all!

Skinny Dipped Almonds, Dark Chocolate Almonds Variety, 3.5oz, 5g plant based protein, Non GMO, gluten free, Cocoa/Espresso/Raspberry (Cocoa, Pack of 3) Review:

Chocolate coating is light; almond flavor comes through. Super for snacking, don't melt.