Best Camera Shoulder Supports in 2020

CAMVATE DSLR Wood Wooden Handle Grip Mount Support for DV Video Cage Rig (Left Hand) Review:

The first thing I usually do before making a purchase is read reviews. Reading these reviews almost deterred me from buying this handle. I seen a good amount of people saying that “the handle came loose on its own”. I had this handle for a few days now and even went out for a whole day with it without having any issues of it coming loose. The handle comes with 4 rubber washers. I’m guessing you use 2 to put between your cage and the handle, and 2 are kept for spare. Those rubber washers act as a lock washer as long as you really tighten it as much as you can by hand.
I used this handle for my Sony a6400 smallrig cage. The cage number is ccs2310. Smallrig wanted too much money for their version of the wood handle. This handle was $50 cheaper then their cheapest $80 handle. I suggest you buy the $80 smallrig handle. I have absolutely no regrets... this handle is very sturdy, stays tight (if you tighten it really good by hand), and is a perfect fit for Sony a6000 thru a6500. If you’re on the fence, don’t be. Feel free to check out the photos I posted for size comparison. You can even see the rubber washer in one of them.

SMALLRIG Rod Clamp Ring Extension Mounting Ring Compatible with DJI Ronin S Gimbal Stabilizer for DSLR Camera w/NATO Rail, 1/4'' Threaded Holes and 3/8'' Locating Holes for ARRI Standard – 2221 Review:

I havent seen this mentioned by anyone yet nor on smallrig's website but in case anyone is wondering, this can only be mounted on the Ronin s in one orientation. Meaning that even though the Ronin s seems to be symmetrically designed around the attachment area, this clamp will only attach with the nato rails oriented on the left/right sides. It cannot be attached with the nato rails front and back. So, for example, if you were hoping to attach say a nato handle above the joystick area for holding the gimbal in briefcase mode, you'll need to add additional nato rails to this clamp. Bit of a bummer that smallrig didnt design this with the option to choose which orientation to install, but it's still a nice piece of hardware.

SMALLRIG 12 Inches (30 cm) Black Aluminum Alloy 15mm Rod with M12 Female Thread, Pack of 2 – 1053 Review:

Outstanding quality. Fun to use - building a dream camera rig is fun. Good, serious build quality that can be adapted and expanded. I have ordered more and more SmallRig products. The rods could be lighter, so if given another chance I would try the carbon fiber. Actually I have ordered some CF rods from SmallRig. But as a solid platform for rig building these rods should probably be the strongest part of it. Well done, SmallRig!

UURig R005 Camera Hot Shoe Top Handle Grip, Universal Video Stabilizing Rig W 3 Cold Shoe Adapters to Mount Microphone, LED Light, Monitor, Easy Low Angle Shots Metal Review:

This handle has been so useful for my UURig and Smallrig cages (at half the price of the Smallrig handle). I can grab my camera by this handle securely and it makes carrying my camera easier. I love the fact that I can mount a large LED light to my camera now which has been very useful. This setup gives you so many options to mount a microphone or lighting to your cage. I can also tilt the camera screen all the way up and the handle is not in the way. It looks good and it keeps my camera setup compact and portable.

SMALLRIG Camera Base Plate with Rod Rail Clamp for Sony FS7, for Sony A7 Series, for Canon C100/C300/C500, for Panasonic GH5-1674 Review:

This item came in yesterday. Ordered on Sunday Jan 10th, arrived the 19th from China to Chicago suburb(MLK holiday may have delayed it by a day)

Out of the box instantly impressed. The plate is SOLID. Flat black metal, thick. Solid quality. Same goes for the screws. I thought I would have to replace them but negative. They are keepers too. I bought this for my Canon C100's shoulder rig and it's been on there ever since. Been doing some test such as holding it upside down over my bed to test the quality of the screws and other things to make sure it isn't just too good to be true of a steal. Other basis I've seen from Ikan and Shape Are from $150-$200 and that's just insane for a baseplate in my opinion. This cost $50 and I'm so fricking happy with this purchase.

It tightens just fine too. Knobs are good, they are a little small though. I took some from Kamerar shoulder rig's baseplate so all of mine on the rig would be the same so I could tighten them with a wrench if need be. The ones that come with tighten just fine. For me it's more for uniformity, plus I have big fingers.

Buy with confidence. I'll be certain to buy more items from Smallrig. If you are building a rig for a camcorder I suggest this baseplate with a cheaper DSLR shoulder rig like the Kamarer one here on Amazon or build your own. It's SOLID.

ULANZI U Rig Pro Smartphone Video Rig, Filmmaking Case, Phone Video Stabilizer Grip Tripod Mount for Videomaker Film-Maker Video-grapher for iPhone Xs XS Max XR iPhone X 8 Plus Samsung Review:

Like many others, I've ditched my goofy DSLR and use my smartphone's camera to shoot a lot of video. Sure, it doesn't have the glass, but for most shoots, it doesn't matter. Rather than loosely hold a mic and lights, this Ulanzi thing solves a lot of problems. It's plastic. It probably won't survive a six-foot drop. But for $20, you can afford to buy two and still save money over the expensive on advertised on Facebook. Screwed right into my Bogen tripods, and my Takstar mic slid right in the top bracket. Spring is pretty strong and the rubber bushings will hold your phone securely. My only issue was I cannot mount my phone with a case on it - it's designed to hold your slim phone only. That could present a problem if you like to keep your phone pristine and you're prone to drops. Otherwise, this thing rocks. Two months in, seven full-day location shoots, and it's still like new.

NICEYRIG Steady Shoulder Mount/Shoulder Pad for Video Camcorder Camera DV/DC Support System DSLR Rig (15mm Railblock) Review:

It works as expected, it’s nice to add to a rig when you need to go mobile. It’s cheap, but does not feel cheap. I think you will be surprised by how much you will use it in the future.

Skyreat High-Grade Nylon Braided Shoulder Lanyard Neck Strap with CNC Aluminum Alloy Screw for DJI Smart Controller Accessories Review:

This is the neck strap I've been looking for. I've been using neck straps for some time now and I have found that this one is the best for your money. It is made of the same materials that the high end straps are made of. It is comfortable and easily sizeable to a length that will fit your need. I cannot stress enough how important a good neck strap is if you are flying for extended periods of time. You will not be disappointed with your purchase.