Best Camera Power Adapters in 2020

Arlo Batteries - RCR123A Li-ion Rechargeable Battery [750mAh 3.7V 8pack] for Arlo Wireless Security Cameras (VMC3030/VMK3200/VMS3230/3330/3430/3530) Flashlight Microphone Polaroid Review:

Purchased these as they are pretty reasonable in price. The quality and build of the batteries are good. I had to purchase these after buying the 8pk and charger combo for my Arlo camera and needed additional batteries for my other cameras. The batteries came charged but as stated by the directions, I charged them fully before inserting them into the Arlo cameras. The camera syncs right back up to the system. It's been a week and the battery has only dropped about 20% after quite a lot of motion detection and camera live feed checks. I'm sure I can get longer battery life if I fine tuned the notifications a bit more.

if you are looking for Arlo batteries, just get these batteries. you'll be happy that you did.

Power Adapter Compatible with Arlo Pro and Arlo Pro 2, Quick Charge 3.0 Charger Adapter with 23 ft/ 7 m Weatherproof Outdoor Cable Continuously Supply Power to Your Arlo Camera (2 Packs) Review:

I purchased this adapter because I was tired of replacing batteries every month or two at my business. It works great.The length of the cord is wonderful, and allows for easy placement of the camera in relationship to the outlet.Ever since I replaced with this rechargeable battery I haven’t had to worry about running out of battery.After several weeks in the outdoors still is working great, I am planning to buy a couple more for my others camera.This is a great value and so far a great quality product.

AC 100-240V to DC 12V 2A Power Supply Adapter Switching 5.52.1mm for CCTV Camera DVR NVR Led Light Strip UL Listed FCC Review:

I purchased this as a set of camera's stopped working. I narrowed it down to the AC adapter that plus into the y-adapter that powers multiple cameras. This one is an exact replacement (label with information is the same).

This fixed the issue quickly. I can't speak to it's longevity yet, but it fixed the issue right away. I'm happy to have found this so quickly!

Gonine AC-PW20 AC Power Supply Adapter and DC Coupler Charger Set, Replace NP-FW50 Battery for Sony Alpha A6500, A6400, A6300, A7, A7II, A7RII, A7SII, A7S, A7S2, A7R, A7R2, A55, A5100, RX10 Cameras. Review:

Yay, this is pretty cheap and works perfectly on my Sony a 6500 and A7Rii. I shoot school plays which can last 2 hours or more, and have been using battery packs to try to last the whole show, but the battery will still drain when supplemented with USB power, just at about half speed, so I'd still have to change batteries in both cameras at least once when filming in 4K.
This solves that problem, and I think my A6500 will have less heat issues as the dummy battery insert/unit stays cool. Some people mention that there battery indicator keeps going down (99, 98, 97...), mine stays at 100%. Don't think it really matters because this thing works perfectly. Also, the cord is pretty long which is a plus. There's three sections of cord, and you get a good 10 foot or so out of it. I'm going to buy another one for my a7Rii. Great peace of mind when you have an outlet close by. I can't think of a single draw back. The battery pack has a pull away connection between it and the transformer piece, which I think is great as it would separate there before yanking on the battery really hard if someone tripped over it. I think of that as a fail safe.

LANMU USB to DC Power Cable,8 in 1 Universal USB to DC Jack Charging Cable Power Cord with 8 Interchangeable Plugs Connectors Adapter for Router,Mini Fan,Speaker and More Electronics Devices,Black Review:

Its alright. I got it to eliminate the large DC adapter plug that came with my external hard drive dock in exchange for a much more compact Apple charger block that takes up much less space on the surge protector. Didn't connect to my laptop charging port though which was a bit of a letdown but wasn't expecting it to do that anyway. It had the correct adapter plug for my laptop just didn't supply enough power to the battery from a source. Just wish I could have eliminated my laptop power brick as well via powered USB hub. This adapter seems to be mostly for lower voltage stuff so I guess I had my expectations a little high. At least it has its other uses & lots of adapter options to choose from. Kinda wish the cord was longer but I can always get another USB extension cord to solve that.

Arlo Accessory - Indoor Power Adapter | No charging needed | Compatible with Pro, Pro 2 | (VMA4800) Review:

As I live overseas part time and am gone 4-8 weeks at a time I needed my entrance Arlo cameras to have power. So far the power connections are working perfectly. However, as I continue to use the set of 5 Arlo Pro 2 camera’s I am not learning there are major defects in the Arlo software! Firstly that you can’t independently arm and disarm specific camera’s and must set all 5 cameras for the same settings and secondly the downloads from Arlo can only be done one at a time and most alarmingly have NO metadata so after you download a clip there is no date/time stamp on when the video was how do you use a video as proof for when an event happened? How would you organize 400 downloads? You would have to download then in sequence and hand type the date and time into the file name, that’s how. So while the camera quality is great how does that help me? I recently tried to download 400 videos all at once...firstly a pop up window told me to use FireFox or Chrome not Safari so I tried that...still I can only download one video at a time...and then there is no way to organize the video’s because no metadata is carried over unlike the company “Ring” whose doorbell I have and I love their video downloads because they quality is great and each clip is stamped with the correct date and time as well as in the file name meta data. Since I can’t take time to download video’s the 7 day free recordings are really just a placebo form of security. So I signed up for the 1 month free trail for 30 days of recordings and still can’t find any advantages to that...unlike Ring whom you can call and speak with an English Speaking human in the United States Arlo’s call centers are not in the USA...originally I had a mount break on me and trying to get a replacement turned into a 3 week, 3 day 3 hour ordeal just to get the correct part sent to me, as Arlo support sent the wrong part, yep it actually took 3 calls and 3 weeks waiting to finally get the correct part.

Security Camera Power Adapter with 8 way splitter for Lorex Cameras, Fits DVR/NVR/AHD/TVI Security System, CCTV Security Camera DVR, LED Strip Lights (AC Doctor INc) Review:

Wish they had sizes in between the lengths that they sell. Although theses work fine. Quality of signal is lost just a little bit . But unless you wish to pay twice the amount , then take these instead . Work ok. Camera's also make a difference not just all the cables .

Arlo Certified: Tenergy 3.7V Li-ion Rechargeable Battery for Arlo Security Cameras (VMC3030/VMK3200/VMS3330/3430/3530) 650mAh RCR123A UL UN Certified 12 Pack, 3X Battery Cases Review:

I ordered a charger and a 12 pack of these batteries on 3/5/19 - they arrived a day or two later. Eleven of the batteries charged up fine but the charger noted (with a blinking light) the 12th had a problem and would not charge. I noticed the receipt had a customer service number so I called - and a PERSON answered. The Tenergy rep listened politely apologized and said he would send out a replacement that day! A few days later it showed up. In a day and age when companies have lousy customer service this company offered me 4-Star service! The batteries also worked perfectly for our older Arlo cameras. Thank you Tenergy and thanks to your Customer Service Department .

Jim T .

Glorich ACK-E6 replacement AC Power Adapter Kit for Canon EOS 5DS, 5DS R, 5D Mark II, 5D Mark III, 5D Mark IV, 60D, 60Da, 6D, 70D, 7D, 7D Mark II, 80D,EOS R DSLR Cameras, with Fully-Decoded Smart Chip Review:

This power adapter works perfect. I was recently at a show and we were doing the event photos. Well our batteries started to act up and not hold a good charge. We had 3 days of shooting so could not take the chance that we wouldn't have power. We called a camera shop in the area to see if we could get an adapter. Well they did have one in stock. The problem was they wanted $275 for it. Granted it was probably Canon branded, but still.

So immediately I turned to Amazon and found this one. I opted for next day delivery and it arrived within an hour of the event start that day. We set it up and it worked perfect from beginning to end. For the rest of the weekend we never had to worry about changing a battery or wondering if we were going to have enough power. I highly recommend this adapter.

Arlo Accessory - Outdoor Power Adapter | No charging needed | Compatible with Pro, Pro 2 | (VMA4900) Review:

I have the Arlo Pro home security/monitoring system. Each of my four Arlo Pro cameras came with a single Arlo rechargeable battery (four batteries total), and the 'kit' came with a single 'wall wart' type battery charger. Here is what would happen: Eventually one of the four camera batteries would become depleted, and the Arlo system would send me a text message and an email advising me that a camera battery was nearly dead, and needed to be charged or replaced. Kudos to Arlo/Netgear that the system allows me to name each camera, and the alerts would say something like, "Basement camera battery is low", or "Living Room camera battery is low". The problem is that I had four cameras and only four batteries; when a given battery would get low, I would have to take the camera down from wherever it was mounted, take it to where the single charger was located, open the waterproof charging hatch on the camera, plug in the charger, wait a few hours, then unplug the camera and mount it again. During the charge period, that camera would not be functional.

With any other rechargeable battery powered equipment I own, whether it is a handheld drill or a digital camera, I usually have one or more spare batteries, and keep at least one battery always plugged into the charger and thus instantly ready for use to keep the equipment operational. I inquired of Arlo/Netgear if they had a similar accessory for the Arlo Pro system, and they pointed me to this "Arlo Pro Charging Station".

This product comes with the charging station itself, plus a single 'wall wart' charger that appears to be identical to the charger that came with the original Arlo camera kit. The wall-wart charger plugs into the center of the charging station, and the rest of the charging station is really just a pair of receptacles into which Arlo batteries may be plugged (or docked). One battery can dock with each end of the charging station. Pressing the battery into its dock, it locks in place, and pressing it again lightly it is released and a spring pushes it out of the dock so you can grab it to pull it out the rest of the way. This is pretty much the way you can press an SD memory card into a digital camera, and press again to extract it.

The top of the charging station has two LEDs, which show the charging status of the two batteries. If only one battery is docked, it charges at the same rate as it would if you just plugged a camera with a depleted battery into the charger that came with the Arlo kit. If you dock two DEPLETED batteries into the charging station at the same time, they charge at about half the rate they would charge individually. You can leave one or two batteries in the charger at all times, topped off and ready to be used in an instant (I verified this with Arlo/Netgear tech support, because the product literature and specifications don't mention this).

It is important to point out that this product does NOT come with batteries, so you need to buy one or two Arlo batteries along with this product if you wish to use it as intended. It does not make a lot of sense to buy it if you do not have at least one spare battery on hand to charge, and keep charged, while each of your Arlo Pro cameras are using the main fleet of batteries that came with the Arlo product in the first place. So please keep the cost of those in mind when deciding if you would benefit from buying this product.

Now, when I get an Arlo alert that a battery in a camera is depleted, I pop one of the two charged batteries out of the charging station, take it to the camera, swap it for the depleted battery and pop the depleted one into the charging station so it will be ready when needed for the next camera. This takes only a minute or two, and sure beats the alternative. But of course such convenience comes at a monetary price.

A few comments. I bought this with two new Arlo batteries, of the same model as the ones that came with my camera. I bought all of this when I got a low battery alert, and because of Amazon Prime I had it all a couple days later, and the low battery still had enough juice to keep the camera operating over that time period. I let both new batteries charge overnight in the charging station, and both indicated FULL on the LEDs. But when I went to swap out one of the two new, fully charged batteries into the camera in question, it was in operative after the battery swap, and the Arlo app indicated that the battery was registering as empty. There followed some experimentation, and eventually I was able to ascertain that one of the two new batteries was defective, even though the charging station indicated that it was full. I used the charging station to recharge the originally depleted battery, which then worked properly with its original camera, and I marked which of the two docks on the charging station I had used to charge that battery. Then I used the Arlo app to determine which of the other three cameras had the next most nearly depleted battery, and charged that battery in the other dock on the charging station, then put it back into service. This proved that both docks of the charging station were in fact capable of fully charging their respective battery. Then I took the apparently defective battery and tried charging it 'in camera' using the single wall-wart charger that originally came with the camera 'kit', and that battery failed when placed back into service. I checked with Arlo tech support, who agreed with my troubleshooting methods and analysis, and asked me to mark the defective battery in a certain way, then return it to Amazon for a replacement; presumably the special marking would be used when Amazon ultimately returned the defective battery to Arlo. I mention all this because A) although the Arlo batteries (and Arlo product in general) seem to be of a high quality, defective batteries are not unheard of, and B) this charging station might indicate that a battery is fully charged even when a faulty battery is not actually charged up fully. These batteries, like many (most?) Lithium Ion batteries, have multiple pins on their electrical charging connectors, because each individual cell in the battery is charged and monitored (as opposed to treating all cells in the battery as a whole). Apparently, one or more cells in that defective battery were either bad, or not connected properly internally, in such a way that the charger though all was well when it was not, at least according the camera.

My second comment is that I rather wish that Arlo had provided some simple means to indicate which of the two battery docks should preferably be used the next time that a charged battery is needed, so the user does not just always use one side of the docks and possibly ignore/neglect the battery in the other dock. It would be human nature to habitually use the same dock all the time, or forget which one had most recently been used. Absent such a feature, I laid a small plastic piece on top of the dock that I want to use the next time a charged battery is needed, and then move that plastic piece to the other dock every time I swap out a battery.

My third comment I think it is advisable to mark each battery in your fleet (in my case, I numbered the four original batteries 1 through 4, and the two newer batteries were marked 5 & 6; I used a black Sharpie pen for this purpose). You could optionally keep a record of battery use, but at least if you start suspecting a problem with a battery or a charger, having the batteries numbered would be useful.