Best Cajons in 2020

GECKO Wooden Cajon Stringed Percussion Box Gecko Pattern Hand Drum with Large Rubber Feet Review:

 I'm extremely impressed with just how well this sounds. For 15+ years I've had a hand crafted cajon from Peru (a friend of mine went there and bought this, saw that I liked it so much and gave it to me which was super nice of him) which sounds good. But there is definitely room for improvement. So I was looking around and saw this. Something about it caught my eye as well as the price. Decided to take a chance on it and am so happy I did. The quality is superb. The wood feels VERY nice. A matte finish with a satin feel to it. The thickness of the wood is well crafted as also. Makes for a very durable instrument.

When playing, the tones sound nice and deep. Even the sides of the cajon sound great. You can make practically any area on this thing sound good. The top and the sides have a bongo-ish sound when you play it a certain way. I use to play actual bongos with my cajon but I'm rethinking that now with the way this thing sounds. This even comes with a convenient carrying case that acts as a backpack to make it very easy to carry around when lugging things back and forth if you're one who performs often. I absolutely recommend this if you're in the market for a new cajon. The price is very reasonable and you're getting a product that is certainly worth more than the asking price.

Pyle String Cajon - Wooden Percussion Box, with Internal Guitar Strings, Full Size Review:

Nice Box Drum.
Sounds good to me, with different tones produced by slapping it in different places.

Adjustable "snare" sound, comes from two pair guitar strings that rest against the inside of the front wood plank, and run from top to bottom.
The strings have a tension adjustment, that uses two hex screws, that you adjust from the outside bottom of the box (near the feet).
There is a hex wrench provided, for adjusting the snare wire tension, and it stores in a nice hole inside the drum.
There are also screws that fasten the wood plank to the front of the box.
These screws can be loosened/tightened to vary the sound made from slapping the corners.
(DON'T GLUE FRONT PLATE TO BOX!! it needs to be loose to make a good sound)
Check out Youtube videos on "how to tune your Cajon", for more details.

The fit and finish is very good.
All the pieces fit together precisely, with nicely rounded edges.
There are nice large rubber feet, screwed into the bottom of the box.
The sound hole in the back, provides a great place for the cats to explore

After seeing how nicely this was made, I'm glad I spent a few more dollars on this, than a kit, and skipped all the work sanding and finishing.

Meinl Cajon Box Drum with Internal Snares-MADE IN EUROPE-Baltic Birch Wood Compact Size, 2-YEAR WARRANTY, JC50LBNT Review:

One of my favorite places to play drums is on the dash of our car with the music blasting. I was a drummer in high school and have a decent drum kit at home, but I thought it would be good to get something more portable and easier to play. Something that would reproduce the pleasure of playing on the car dash.

A while back, I played a quality Cajon - not sure what brand or model - that was part of an interactive museum exhibit and thought, aha, this is what I want!

I finally got this Meinl JC50LBNT Cajon after doing a fair amount of research online, and a bit at our local drum shop.

Meinl is a German manufacturer, mentioned often (along with Schlagwerk) as a quality European Cajon manufacturer in the reviews I've seen. I tried a few American made Cajons and wasn't really overwhelmed with the sound or feel of the budget models I was looking at, so I took a risk and ordered this Meinl "Jam" Cajon.

The Meinl JC50LBNT is a bit smaller (10.25x10.25x15 inches) than the usual Cajons (for e.g. the BC1NTWR which is 15x15x23 inches), so it's more portable - though you are more hunched over while sitting on it to play. It is a non-adjustable "snare" type of Cajon (see photo of the inside) as opposed to "wire" models that use two coiled wires instead of snares to achieve the crisp snare sound. The snare separation between striking the top vs the center of the Cajon is decent, but not as good as some "wire" models I tried. It's decently loud, but not excessively so. Made in Europe with Baltic wood, it certainly feels like a nice, well-made instrument.

Generally, I'm quite pleased with how this Cajon sounds: it plays as well or better than the American Cajons I tried in the drum shop, and is cheaper, so it's definitely a recommended value option. I do have to underline, though, that this model, while good quality and value, is still one of Meinl's basic entry-level Cajons, and it doesn't quite reproduce the quality feel and crispness of the Cajon I played in the museum.

Meinl Jumbo Bass Subwoofer Cajon with Internal Snares - NOT MADE IN CHINA - Walnut Playing Surface, 2-YEAR WARRANTY (SUBCAJ5WN) Review:

This cajon sounds awesome! The kick and snare sounds are better than any other one I have played (and I played about 12 different ones at the local music store), and the sound really projects. The construction is solid. It does not have a sound hole in the back (by design they are in the front), but they built in a recessed carry handle where the sound hole normally would be. So you can carry it around like any other cajon. The top has non-slip surface, but I do find I can slip off when tilting back, so if anything to complain about that would be it. Just a bit too smooth. Easily rectified. Also this is a taller and wider cajon (not called jumbo for nothing) as compared with my other Headliner series cajon, so probably more comfortable if you are tall, luckily I am. Also an excellent price. I should point out, that in playing other cajons, I did find some others I liked that had a nice bongo-like sound (no snares), so if that is what you want, don't get this one. But if you are like me and you want to emulate a real drum set sound (kick & snares), this is the one to get. Just love it.

Meinl Cajon Box Drum with Internal Snares and FREE Bag - MADE IN EUROPE - Baltic Birch Wood Full Size, 2-YEAR WARRANTY (BC1NTWR) Review:

As you can see from the photos, this is not an under sized cajon. I am 6-1, 195 and find it comfortable. The only
Con I can find with this cajon is the snare is noticeable when striking bass note. Of course you cannot expect a $100 cajon(that comes with a $30 or more case) to have the separation and tonal abilities of a $300 cajon. I did find that I needed to adjust the corners, even though Meinl says ready to play no adjustment needed, to suit my tastes. Now for the Pros: Cajon is well constructed, nice rounded edges, rubber feet on bottom, sounds very good, good bass volume(the snare on bass note is not that noticeable to those listening I am told) and includes a really nice case. I find no reason to not to recommend this cajon. Even if the case were not included it outclasses anything near it's price. Look at the finish and the interior construction (visible through the rear port/sound/mike hole) in the photos I have included and I think you will purchase this cajon. Also the case as I said is really nice with nylon web straps for handles, a HD nylon zipper with metal lockable loop, cordura-like woven nylon outer for durability, thin but dense foam padding, and a less abrasive but tough nylon inner lining.
Update: I was asked a question and did not reply in time. The question "are the snares adjustable"; No, there are no adjustments for the snares. There are two snares attached inside the cajon. The only adjustment without modifying the cajon is to slightly loosen the top tree screws on the cabinet front corners which will make the snare sound more apparent. For the money I think you will be hard pressed to find a better sounding cajon. No cajon in this price range has adjustable snares that I know of. I Have had many comments on the sound quality of this cajon and it has held up well through many, many sessions.

Latin Percussion LP1500 Cajon Pedal Review:

I was hesitant to purchase based on some complaints about the connection wire breaking, but I'm a relatively light player so I figured I would give it a shot. Overall, it sounds great, has a decent response, and has held up to my moderate use. I think I heard that the hardware has been upgraded in newer versions, which would make sense.

This will never be quite as fast and responsive as a direct-drive petal, but I'm pleasantly surprised at how responsive it is for a cable. The sound from the mallet is solid, meaty, and at a good volume. I wanted a super quiet kit, so I've added a layer of studio foam between the petal and the cajon, and that works well for me - the petal still cuts through the foam well too.

Meinl Percussion Mini Cajon Box Drum with Internal Snares - MADE IN EUROPE - Baltic Birch Wood, 2-YEAR WARRANTY, Natural (SCAJ1LB-NT) Review:

My husband actually enjoys taking on this when he's practicing a rhythm to use in his actual cajon. He had played it when I play my ukulele as well, just for fun. Well constructed, but not meant for much real use.

But my one year old son looks super cute on it!