Best C Batteries in 2020

VONIKO Ultra Alkaline 12 C Batteries 12 Pack – Size C Batteries Pack – 10 Year Shelf Life & 6-9 Times The Power As Carbon Batteries | 12 Pack C Batteries 1.5 Volt – C Batteries Review:

I was given a pack of these 12 c batteries , and I promptly placed one inside of my battery operated razor. Typically, a battery will last about 2 weeks before the razor loses power, and I'm 4 weeks in and the razor never shows now signs of slowing down! I had my nephews over for the weekend and they enjoy using the wii at our house woke the adults talk. I knew they were planning to come over so I saved the size c batteries that was nice enough to give me. 2 full days of use later and the batteries don't even show they ate down to half yet. Usually get the cheapest ones I can, but these last a good deal longer so I will be getting these from now on for occasions such as this. I would highly recommend these batteries to anyone.

Energizer Max C Batteries, Premium Alkaline C Cell Batteries (12 Battery Count) - Packaging May Vary Review:

Ok, these are batteries. They work well. But they packaging size was what was useful for me and ordering these through Amazon meant I did not have to leave the house to get them. Wonderful!

AmazonBasics C Cell Everyday 1.5 Volt Alkaline Batteries - Pack of 4 Review:

We buy the Amazon batteries exclusively now if they have the size in stock that we need. And whenever we can, we buy the largest pack that we can. They really are a great value for the money. We use the C Cell batteries for the beaver pleaser double action thick dong and it really goes for a long time.

Duracell – 21 12V Specialty Alkaline Battery – long-lasting battery – 4 count Review:

Oct2015 delivery met specifications, good price. New old stock - Mar2019 use by date. Local (higher priced) same battery = Jun2023.

AmazonBasics C Cell Rechargeable Batteries 5000mAh Ni-MH, 4-Pack Review:

I replaced the lead-acid batteries and incandescent bulb in my old Maglite with these rechargeable batteries and a CREE bulb. The result is totally awesome. The flashlight is really bright and batteries rarely need a recharge. I walk my dog every night so it gets a lot of use and they are holding up great.

Things I absolutely love about these batteries:

- These are totally guilt-free and hassle-free. Disposing of the dead lead batteries was always a huge nuisance. Either I throw them in the trash and feel guilty about contaminating the environment with lead or I try to find a place that recycles lead-acid batteries and drive to wherever that is. Then there was the pile of dead batteries in the closet waiting for me to get rid of. Best-buy recycles rechargeable batteries (but not lead batteries) so if I ever have Ni-MH batteries go bad (never happened to me yet) they will be easy to get rid of.

- These Amazon Ni-MH do not destroy equipment by leaking lead and acid. I have never had a Ni-MH battery leak, and if one ever did it should not be destructive. Even the expensive brand-name lead batteries like Duracell and Energizer ruin equipment by leaking. Also, lead is extremely toxic and causes mental retardation in children, so who wants that spilled all over? Not to mention the acid burns, which suck for everyone and especially for children. Get these Ni-MH batteries and just so no to the lead batteries.

- It's way less expensive to buy these batteries and recharge them than to buy lead-acid batteries and dispose of them.

- These rechargeables at Amazon are cost less than paying grocery-store prices for lead batteries. Plan ahead and order a few spares to keep on hand.

AmazonBasics C Cell Everyday 1.5 Volt Alkaline Batteries - Pack of 12 Review:

I use these batteries primarily for candles placed on windowsills in my living room. The candles are lit for a couple hours in the morning before daylight and again throughout the evening hours until I turn them off at bedtime, which is approximately seven hours per day in winter months. The batteries I inserted in early Fall have worked throughout this past winter, and I will amend this review when I have more information about the life of the batteries; at this point, they have surpassed the performance of several other brands I have used in the past.

SureFire SF12-BB Boxed Batteries, (12 Pack) Review:

Surefire batteries are made in the USA by Panasonic (last I checked), but they clearly have a deal where they get the best-quality units from every production run. They last a long time and they perform consistently, maintaining their voltage until they're completely dead. Oh, and they kinda look like shotgun shells lined up in their little flip-top box. =)

I wish they weren't $2 apiece, but honestly, all the cheaper brands have issues with one cell holding a noticeably different amount of charge than the next, and considering other brands of high-quality CR123 batteries cost 3x as much in the supermarket, $2 apiece for these is still a bargain. If you buy these you'll save money just by not having to replace them as often.

By the way, if you have any devices that use ANY kind of lithium battery in a multi-cell configuration (even the 1.5V Energizer Lithium AAs), you should know that one lithium battery will block the flow of electricity from the other batteries when it finally wears out. DO NOT throw away all of the batteries in a device that suddenly stops working -- chances are, only one of the batteries is really dead, and the others have plenty of charge left. You can save a lot of money by testing used batteries before you throw them away.

Surefire SF123A Box of 24 123A 3 Volt Lithium Batteries 24-Pack Review:

I have used these batteries for a couple of years in Arlo exterior cameras with good results. However, recently three cameras had batteries discharge within a few weeks. I then installed new batteries from a new order and from a fresh box. One camera showed a 97% charge and the other two 95%. In the past, when new batteries were installed they would show either 100% or 99%. I don't know if I received old stock or if the batteries no longer arrive with a full charge. I will try another brand the next time that I order. Wish that I didn't feel the need to do so as these are made in the U.S.A.