Best Bugles in 2020

Regiment WI-800-BG Bugle Review:

 This is a really great bugle for the money! It plays great and sounds great. It is pitched in Concert G, so it's a bit different than a common trumpet. The original mouthpiece that comes with it is absolute GARBAGE. I'm sorry to say, but it really is... This has the same bore, receiver diameter and leadpipe as a common trumpet, so your son can use the same Bach 7C trumpet mouthpiece that came with his trumpet. Or use any trumpet mouthpiece...

Muslady B Flat Bugle Call Trumpet Brass Cavalry Horn with Mouthpiece for School Band Cavalry Military Orchestra Review:

Overall the bugle is nice. Came with a great shine and no corrosion. The metal is thick enough to hold up to moderate use. No blemishes out of the package. Packaging was underwhelming, wrapped in thin cardboard in a bubble wrap bag. Shipping took about 3 weeks. The mouthpiece is not terrible for what I can tell. I played sax in high school but dabbled in trumpet so I am still re-learning my embrasure. I ordered a standard 3c trumpet mouthpiece as well and it does fit only about 3/8" into the bugle, serviceable but not ideal. The biggest complaint I have is that it seems to be in the key of C, not B-Flat as advertised. Playing a middle C shows on the tuner as a middle C. I can flex it down to a B-flat but it starts to sound very nasal. Overall it will suit my purposes to learn bugle calls. It would be great for a lone bugler at Scouting or re-enactments but could not play in a group setting with other B-flat instruments.

Regiment Regulation Bugle w/Bag Band-4500 Review:

Like the above comment, the bugle is a tad light, but not by a bad margin. The laquered brass is much better than I expected (as good as my Bach trumpet, for now, anyway); the tuning slide works fine (about 1/2" out, it's spot on in tune); the mouthpiece is OK and works fine, but the mouthpiece receiver will take a trumpet mouthpiece just fine; all the notes slot in tune relative to each other; an experienced trumpet / cornet player will have no trouble with this bugle, and a beginner should be able to learn on it, as well. The tone is just fine, especially at normal to higher volume. I am, however, going to find a more substantial case for it (the bag really offers very minimal protection), and it will fit just fine in a used cornet case. Well worth my $100.

Boy Scout Brass and Copper Blowing Bugle Attack War Command Signal Horn 10.6" Inch with Beautiful Colourful Rope Binding Review:

If you are looking for a bugle for any reason at all this is the number one choice for me it looks fantastic everybody loves it and it works good all except for the mouthpiece how in the world anybody will play this bugle with the mouthpiece that came with luckily I was able to order a quality mouthpiece which put the tone right and now all my neighbors hate me cuz I blow Taps and reveley and I blow mescall and when my wife gets home I blow notification calls

Forum Novelties Bugle Horn Review:

I bought this for a costume I wore for the Disney Halloween party. Stupid Disney security confiscated it in the entrance because it actually makes sound! lol Looks amazing, good size and I wish I still had it.

Brass and Copper Bugle - Cavalry US British Army Review:

The bugle arrived earlier than what was estimated in excellent condition. My grandson
had a hard time getting up in the mornings so we had the idea to give
him the responsibility of getting up first in order to blow a bugle to wake his siblings.
We hunted for a good quality yet low priced bugle since we weren't sure this would work.

The bugle was the motivation he needed and he loves it! He is only allowed to use it
for "roll call" so it will continue to motivate. In some of the reviews the mouthpiece
seemed to be a problem. . . but the mouthpiece doesn't bother him
at all. Maybe it's because he doesn't use it as often as others in the reviews, but
at any rate our bugle is just what we wanted. He had no trouble blowing it either!

I would encourage others to get this good product for a great price.

Military Chinese Army Brass and Copper Blowing Bugle Attack War Command Signal Horn 6" Inch Review:

...funny this horn actually works. Wanna startle people? Yea it’s small.. but to some blowers 6” isn’t so says 6” and I haven’t compared &/or measured to see...but for 6” if that’s what you want that’s what you’ll get. Maybe some expect a blower to come with it but blowers are NOT included! ...I expected it would work and dang it’s compareable a pretty loud bike horn. I only give it a light blow (compared to bigger “normal” horns) & it honks ok. Course it makes one variation of a tune but with practice I bet it can be lower or higher pitch..maybe other tones can be blown but I think that requires an experienced blow hard that knows how to get results.

I’m anxious to take it out to some outta the way place & give it a shot.

No need to buy one cuz maybe I’ll find a reason to get an no one else needs one.