Best Bread Boxes in 2020

Metal Bread Box - Countertop Space-Saving, Extra Large, High Capacity Bread Storage Bin for your Kitchen - Holds 2+ Loaves - Black with Bold BREAD Lettering Review:

This tin is big = which is great for this family. We all have our favorite bread - One loaf of rye, one loaf of sour dough, one loaf of 12 grain, one loaf of focaccia, hot dog buns - all fit in this functional and cute tin. Also... it's very light weight... - so you can move it from counter to cutting board - or to another counter...wherever you want to make that Dagwood sandwich. I am so happy I got this. My non-observant husband just noticed it when he was looking for the hot-dog buns. "Hey," he says, "This is so cool! When did ya get this?" A few weeks ago - "Too cool!" Yeah, I know. Love my Amazon shopping!

Large Black Bread Box - Powder Coated Stainless Steel - Extra Large Container for Loaves, Bagels, Chips & More: 16.5" x 8.9" x 6.5" | Bonus Recipe EBook Review:

This breadbox is elegant and holds at least two loaves of artisan bread without taking over your counter space. It is a bit lighter than I expected (I doubt anything is as heavy as the old breadbox I grew up with!), but the finish is more beautiful than expected. Edges are rolled and smooth and, as another reviewer commented, the color is a "lustrous" off-white that blends perfectly with my cream colored counter and bright white toaster (see photo). The lid was slightly misaligned upon arrival (possibly due to fact that amazon shipped it in product box - not a heavier shipping carton), but not enough of an issue to return such a lovely breadbox. Would love to see it offered without the logo on front. Seller was wonderful in responding to my feedback, also offered a replacement (which was not necessary).

Oggi Stainless Steel Roll Top Bread Box Review:

This is a beautiful, capacious, & wonderfully fortified stainless steel & glass bread box, which I've had in use had since November 2018. Being taller, wider, & deeper than most breadboxes I've seen, it holds a lot of bread, allowing daily variety in sandwich making. The frosted textured glass roll front adds quite an elegant touch, too, even on the sticky counter of a less then well regulated home- that sticky factor also accentuates the value of the pleasantly heavy wrap around stainless steel construction, being less likely to rust.
However, all of this would not impress me as much as it does, if it wasn't also thoroughly mouse proof. The heavy glass roll front is very comfortably balanced, so even sleepy AM hands have no difficulty getting into it- but since it slides down rather than up or over (as other breadboxes do), so to date, bread sticks crossed, no mice have been able to move the glass & get into the box.
If mice weren't a hapless vector for Lyme disease & several other awful infections (Google this: stomach-wrenching array of illnesses), I might be willing to share, as they are attractive, clever, hardworking, etc- but I will NOT accept their persistent assumption that they belong in my 170 yr old home or, fortunately, my garrisoned breadbox.
Now I have to find something to fit in a narrow bathroom drawer & safeguard lots of apparently delicious hand soap... Why aren't yous mice eating all those bars of Ivory, & letting me have the expensive perfumey handmade natural soaps!?!

Home Basics Grove Bread Box For Kitchen Counter Dry Food Storage Container, Bread Bin, Store Bread Loaf, Dinner Rolls, Pastries, Baked Goods & More, Retro Vintage Design Review:

Although I love the bread box, I was disappointed because it is not red as shown, it is more pink or coral than red. Also, as soon as I opened the lid, a screw fell out that was supposed to attach to the handle. Luckily, I am handy with a screwdriver! I did not want to go through the hassle of returning it since other than the aforementioned it was in perfect condition. Also I then realized it matched with the little cups on the left that I keep on my counter. It is very roomy and fits lots of different types of bread so I am very happy about that. It closes securely and I do recommend it just be ready for a change in color from what you pick.

Metal bread box + cutting board. Storage bin kitchen decor. Kitchen storage container. breadbox basket. kitchen countertop organizer. Tin box. Premium Present brand. Review:

Was slightly dented on the top where the lid sits, I was able to push out the dent but the lid doesn’t rest as easy on the box. When I tried to contact support@ to report any issues (as they suggest in a notification I found in the box) because they say “ We Stand behind our product 100% We’ll make you a happy customer “ well that’s not entirely true, there is no way to reach them..... so with that being said if I feel I don’t want to keep it I’ll just send it back to amazon.

Extra Large Space Saving Vertical Bread Box With Eco Bamboo Cutting Board Lid - Holds 2 Loaves - Cream Extra Large Farmhouse Breadbox Bread Holder By Cooler Kitchen Review:

A fond memory of growing up was having drawer in the kitchen cabinets having a metal sliding cover… it was a built in breadbox. I never realized how much I missed that until I received this lovely counter top breadbox. I live in a little country cabin home and sometimes I am visited by cute little mice! I catch them in a have-a heart trap and release them back into the woods. It's a fun game we play… but often before I catch them they rip through the bread's plastic wrapper that I just leave out on the counter. That kind of ruins the bread for I started storing my bread in the fridge. I found that really dried out the bread had a poor effect on the taste. I ordered your breadbox which was big enough to store 2 loaves of bread and a package of English Muffins with room to spare. The cutting board as a top is a brilliant idea and very handy indeed. The bread is very delicious again, and my tiny visitors can't seem to get in. (I'll find something more appropriate for them!
Thanks for this lovely item.

Brabantia Fall Front Bread Box - Brilliant Steel with Black Sides, 163463 Review:

I never raved about a simple bread box before, until now! Bread boxes are usually plain-Jane looking, or take up space with a curved slide-top, that hardly fits a loaf of bread, but this box changed my kitchen! It also saves us a LOT of money and wasted time going back and forth for fresh rolls.

We LOVE bread in my house-bagels, fresh rolls that you buy individually for $.65 each, that are usually only good until the next morning, english muffins, white bread. Usually, the bread is moldy or rock hard within a week. After starting to use this bread box, we hardly waste any bread at all! It keeps everything so soft, fresh, and tasty for a long time. I was shocked when a fresh bread roll was still soft and delicious 3 days after my husband bought them with fresh cold cuts. Life (bread) saver!

Now, onto the way it looks. I love sleek, "chic Marilyn Monroe-type" items for my home, and this fits it. The last thing I wanted was an unsightly wooden bread box. Honestly, bread boxes always grossed me out because they didn't seem easy to clean being that they were wood. This box is so easy to clean, and it is so sleek and chic with the mirrored finish! It matches my style to the 'T'!

Now, onto the storage space! This box fits so much! I will post pictures of everything we have in ours at once! Also, it gives me room to place decorative pieces for my kitchen on top of the box, since it is a rectangle with a flat top, and not rounded. Love it so much! It also makes my kitchen look less cluttered by hiding all of those bread items so neatly, instead of having ziplocks of bagels and rolls, on top of a bag of white bread and english muffins. This is worth the money!! I LOVE IT!

Betwoo Natural Wooden Roll Top Bread Box Kitchen Bamboo Storage Bin (2-Layer Self assembly) Review:

My order arrived within two days and the product was received in good condition. The size is perfect for a breadbox, if it were any bigger it would look awkward sitting on the kitchen counter. The quality appears to be good so far, but not exceptional as far as materials go, hence the four star rating. I’m my opinion $35.99 is a little steep in price compared what you’re getting in regards to the quality of the product. I’d been happier with my purchase if I had payed under $30. *If this is on sale for under $30 then it’s definitely worth buying.

Prep Solutions by Progressive Expandable Bread Keeper with Adjustable Air Vent Review:

Rarely does the best choice of function come at the cheapest price but here is your chance!
I looked at this for over a year before making my purchase. It just kept popping up in my searches but I wasn't sure it would seal out enough air to keep bread fresh. It does it's job very well! If you've been uncertain as I was have no fear, if you want function, this is it.
And actually, even though I thought it would not be very asthetically appealing, you know, like an oak roll top bread box or some tin with beautiful floral motiffs, it turns out that nothing can beat the asthetic appeal of Momma's homebaked fresh breads! Looking at that fresh bread makes you imagine all sorts of scrumptious excuses for grabbing the serrated bread knife and knocking off a slice of goodness to appease that craving for something substantially pleasing! And now there's no excuse to stop you, what with no bags to unfold, no cutting board to get out, hardly a mess to clean up! So go ahead and indulge!
Now, if your trying to resist breads you might should go for something different that would allow you to hide your stash away from lust laiden eyes!
A few tips: Tilt it to the left (right side up) as you slide the inner compartment to the right. This will allow you control over the cutting board. You'll get it.
When loaf is short enough to lay the cut face down on the cutting board and still close it, try that. It may keep the loaf even longer.

Goodpick Bamboo Bread Box - 2 Layer Large Capacity Bread Box - Countertop Bread Storage Bin - Rolltop Breadbox - Bread Boxes for Kitchen Counter Large Capacity Bread Keeper,15“ x 14.2" x 9.8" Review:

 This bread box is stunning! It sits nicely on my pantry shelf and the roll up door is great for easy access. I can fit four full loafs of bread in it plus a bag of bagels. The bamboo finish is very nice and really on trend. Assembly was really easy, only took me 5 minutes. I would order this again!