Best Brass Instrument Cleaning & Care Products in 2022

Last update: November 21, 2022

Can you use pledge on brass?

Yes, you can use pledge on brass. In fact, pledge is often used to clean and shine brass. Just be sure to follow the directions on the can, and always test in a small, inconspicuous area first.

Can you use vinegar to clean a brass instrument?

Yes, vinegar can be used to clean a brass instrument. Vinegar is a natural acid that can break down dirt and grime. To clean your brass instrument with vinegar, simply soak a cloth in vinegar and water and wipe down the instrument. You can also use a vinegar-based cleaner to clean the inside of your brass instrument.

Can you use Windex on a brass instrument?

Windex is not recommended for use on brass instruments. The chemicals in Windex can damage the lacquer or plating on the instrument, and over time, the chemicals can break down the metal itself. If you must clean your brass instrument, use a mild soap and water solution and dry the instrument thoroughly afterwards.

Does simple green harm brass?

No, Simple Green does not harm brass.

Monster Trumpet/Cornet Care and Cleaning Kit | Valve Oil, Slide Grease, and More! Everything You Need to Take Care of and Clean Your Trumpet! Review:

For my Mendini by Cecilio MTT-N Trumpet, Silver, Bb, I bought this product. This trumpet care kit really impresses me with its entertaining personality and useful information, like the fingering chart. All of the items stated in the shipment were present. The kit truly makes you want to stop everything when you first get it and clean the horn just so you can utilize all the amazing equipment and great instructions. Bravo to the author of these! The red polishing cloth is a practical size, and the monster it depicts is reportedly called "Lubie." Hahhahaha! The slide grease is of high quality and, happily, does not smell bad; rather, it has a faint aroma. The scent of the velvety value oil is slight but not overbearing. My stuck valves are obviously in need of some Monster Oil. I believe one bottle will last me a while. [Of course, I don't currently have a high-end instrument, but I'm going to treat that trumpet like royalty as I practice with my modest objectives. :)] Back to the Monster item and the actual reason I purchased this package: I lacked cleaning brushes on my instrument. These brushes are resilient but adaptable. Similar to the kit's Amazon website, the snake brush I receive has a black surface covering the wire. I'm assuming that this is done to prevent metal-on-metal dings. Everything neatly goes back into the plastic bag for storage after cleaning is finished, allowing one to keep the kit together for further use. And sure, I have a tiny monster in my kit. I received a purple one instead of the expected yellow one, which was the biggest and finest surprise to me. What a rush! (I cherish purple.) An primary band kid might follow these cleaning procedures with adult supervision and some advice, but I concur with another reviewer who suggested putting the trumpet's pieces on a soft cloth in the tub to prevent scratching the instrument when washing/swabbing. (That was the kind of sensible advise I really needed!) I'm satisfied with the purchase and the product. I've included three pictures so you can see the kit I got, which also includes my very own Lubie monster.

Yamaha Trombone Cleaning And Care Product (YAC1021P) Review:

This product is NOT made of oil or petroleum! I just bought a used King 3B. When compared to my 80-year-old E.K. Blessing, the slide tolerances are substantially closer. I had been applying slide cream, but the King wasn't responding to it. I had to choose between Yamaha and Slide o Mix after consulting tips from other trombone players and researching reviews on Amazon and other websites. Yamaha slide lube prevailed because I didn't want to fuss with combining part A and part B and trying to figure out the proper ratio. I used the Bill Watrous technique shown in his YouTube video to clean my slide and then lubricated it with Yamaha slide lubricant. What a distinction. I was at an open jam two nights prior (before I obtained the Yamaha lubrication) and was continuously sprinkling water on my slide. I couldn't believe the difference after applying the Yamaha lube and cleaning my slide! I only needed to spritz a tiny quantity of water twice during my two hours of practice—once at the start and once around an hour in.Here's what you need to keep in mind. Clear away all of the old muck from your slide by cleaning it completely. Use a small amount after that.This is NOT a petroleum product, as I stated above. It resembles lubricant more closely than a liquid slide cream. I believe that something was mistranslated. I'll buy it once again.

Ravel OP343 Trumpet Care Kit Review:

fantastic kit, amazing valueI'm happy, and I suggestCheck out my brand-new booster, the Limited Edition KGUBrass Custom Trumpet Mouthpiece Booster, Raw Brass.

Monster Trombone Care and Cleaning Kit | Slide Cream, Slide Grease, Mouthpiece Brush. Everything You Need to Take Care of and Clean Your Trombone Review:

I am a professional trombonist and private session instructor, therefore I understand the value of maintaining the instrument. The most crucial tool for a trombonist is slide cream, and this one works well and is simple to use (many other brands will drip everywhere!) Everything you need is included in this kit, including slide cream, a mouthpiece brush, a polishing cloth, a snake brush, tuning slide oil, and a small pencil (you did remember to bring one to practice, right?).Many of my pupils struggle to maintain a clean and lubricated horn, which has an impact on their own performance. You must take good care of your trombone if you want to play well. The Monster Kit really stands out in this regard because its clear, easy-to-follow instructions will inspire your young trombonist to take care of their instrument. Cleanings are divided into daily, weekly, and monthly intervals. Due to its various positions and plus/minus adjustments, the "Ye Olde Slide Position Charte" is more useful than the standard one. Cleaning kits can only be useful if they are used, and this one makes it enjoyable to do so. Did I mention that it includes the "Monster" small toy? When you first open this kit, try not to grin!

Super Slick Superslick Slickit Review:

After trying everything, I've come to the conclusion that this is the best trombone slide. HOWEVER, it must be used correctly and without going overboard: thoroughly clean inside slide surfaces with alcohol, then water, and wipe clean. Each inner sliding stocking should have a piece of cream applied to it that is around the size of a BB. Just wear the stocking " (the last 4" of the inner slide). Once each stocking has received ONE drop of the liquid lube, continue. Then liberally mist each stocking with water, making sure that some of the water reaches the inner slides as well. After that, put on the outer slide and spread the lubrication by moving it up and down (s). I work the outer slide up and down while applying slight pressure left, right, up, and down. Add more water spray to stockings and all of the inner slides as you continue to play. Every 2-3 hours of playing, the process must be repeated. Before using this method, the interior of the exterior slide must also be clean. I frequently use a cleaning rod and a 1/2 patch for a 20 gauge shotgun "Additionally, thoroughly rinse the exterior slide of the trombone with water.

Selmer 337RC Slide-o-Mix Rapid Comfort Trombone Lubricant, 30 ml Review:

Over the course of my 65 years as a trombonist, I've tried a variety of lubricant techniques, including oil, cold cream, silicone jell, and superslick, but this is the best I've come across. I rarely need to use water spray during a two-hour gig thanks to one application. After a while, it does start to accumulate a little on the slide, which is why I wipe both the inner and outside slides at the end of each session. Although this single bottle (black cap) is more practical, there is a two-bottle variant (red cap) that I have also used and which is roughly equivalent.

Music Nomad MN703 Premium Valve Oil, 2 oz. Review:

very successful Just before our spring concert, I put this on the valves of my 1911 Holton baritone. I was becoming lethargic because I hadn't had oil in weeks. Our trumpet player also employed it. She chuckled as her slide tried to elude her as she blew into her trumpet. My Holton behaved as it it were a dream, which is unnatural for anything so ancient. :)

Monster Premium Synthetic Valve Oil |"Original" |Take Better Care of Your Instrument Like a Pro Review:

I recently got this wonderful oil, and I adore it! It appears to have successfully addressed my issues with my flugelhorn's valves consistently sticking.In my old flugelhorn, I've recently been using Monster Oil (in a really cold room). It made all my valves loose enough to move freely up and down, even in the chilly room. Even though the cool room makes these circumstances somewhat odd, I don't believe I will need to maintain using Monster Oil each time I blow on my flugelhorn. I'm awestruck! I believe it was worth every penny I spent on it. Gratitude to Monster Oil!

Herco Slide Grease 0.5 oz Brass Instrument Cleaning and Care Product (HE91) Review:

Okay, let's talk about how fantastic and high-quality this slide grease is. I previously used it, which is why I got it once more. It truly has a pleasant minty scent; nothing offensive. My issue was that when I opened it, the grease had melted into a liquid and was spilt all over the place, indicating that it must have been transported on a hot day. I truly appreciate this product, so I'll get another, and I'm hoping it comes in a cooler day.

Libretto Trumpet (Cornet) Care Kit- Valve Oil + Slide Grease + Microfiber Cloth + Brushes for Mouthpiece & Valve & Bore, Time to Clean/Maintain & Good to Extend the Life of your Musical Instrument! Review:

This evaluation will be based on what my 12-year-old son informed me when I bought it for him to use on his trumpet. He remarked that it was simple to use and appeared to have all the features he need. I asked him if the YouTube video came with instructions, and he said that it didn't. He then added that he searched up a YouTube video to explain how to do it. Although I don't see that as a significant issue today given the resources at our disposal, it could be nice to mention. I'll sum up by noting that it is a really fantastic deal, especially when you consider the kit's reasonable pricing and the fact that it appeared to contain everything indicated in the YouTube video.

Does Toothpaste shine brass?

Toothpaste can shine brass, but it is not the best option. It is abrasive and can damage the finish on brass. There are better ways to clean and polish brass.

Does WD 40 clean brass instruments?

Yes, WD 40 can be used to clean brass instruments. WD 40 can remove fingerprints, water spots, and other residue from the surface of brass instruments. It is important to wipe the WD 40 off of the brass instrument with a clean cloth to avoid damaging the finish.

How can I make my dull brass shiny?

There are a number of ways to make dull brass shiny. One way is to use a brass polish. This can be found at most hardware stores. Another way is to use a vinegar and salt solution. This is made by mixing one part vinegar to four parts water and adding a tablespoon of salt. The brass is then soaked in this solution for a few hours before being rinsed and dried.

How do you clean tarnished brass instruments?

To clean tarnished brass instruments, mix one tablespoon of salt into a cup of vinegar, and then use a soft cloth to rub the mixture onto the brass. Rinse the brass with water and dry it with a soft cloth.

How do you make a brass instrument shine?

To make a brass instrument shine, you will need a few supplies. You will need a soft cloth, some brass polish, and some elbow grease. First, you will want to use the soft cloth to wipe down the brass instrument. Be sure to get into all of the nooks and crannies. Next, you will want to apply the brass polish to the instrument. You will want to use a small amount and rub it in using circular motions. Finally, you will want to use the soft cloth to buff the instrument until it shines.

Is Brasso good for brass instruments?

Brasso is a metal polish that can be used on brass instruments. It can help to remove tarnish and give the instrument a shiny appearance.