Best Body Pillows in 2020

Premium Adjustable Loft Quilted Body Pillows - Hypoallergenic Fluffy Pillow - Quality Plush Pillow - Down Alternative Pillow - Head Support Pillow - 21"x54" Review:

There were no reviews on this product when I ordered it the other day so I knew I was taking a chance. So far this pillow looks like a steal at this price (it was $28 and change at the time of purchase). After opening the Amazon box, I noted the pillow came folded in half in a double-layer sealed plastic bag with the white pillow cover folded up inside it. It was not vacuum packed so you're not expecting to have to wait a day for it to fluff up to its full size.

Everything is white. There was no chemical odor other than smelling like a new cotton & polyester pillow or sheet set I just got at Walmart or wherever, and I am a migraineur who is sensitive to that kind of stuff. One side of the pillow is quilted, one side is smooth, it's gusseted which is a bonus if you want to wrap part of it up under your head (most body pillows are not gusseted and are not so awesome for lying the head on as it makes your neck angle more sharply), the cover is cotton. Expect some wrinkles. Since I don't have one of those wrinkle steamer things, I used a little bit of Febreeze and a heat gun I normally use for drying art stuff to smooth things out a bit. I could also use the heat gun to help fluff up the pillow after it gets some use but DO NOT DO WHAT I DID UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING. You can easily melt the insides and the outsides if they're not really 100% cotton. Or burn it if it's cotton.

The first thing I did after sniffing it and checking for stains was open it up and check out the stuffing. It's a pristine white very soft filling. Be careful of getting little bits of fluff floating around; don't be hasty when opening it or moving stuff around inside it. There is a zipper at one end of the pillow that allows you to remove or add stuffing to your liking, and a flap of cloth sewn in behind the zipper so that you when you're done messing around inside the pillow, you can fold the flap over the fluff before zipping it. This means no bits of fluff will be caught in the zipper when opening or closing, or escape from tiny openings in the zipper itself when you apply pressure to the pillow. It's a soft polyester filling, feels almost like that gel fiber stuff in some of the newfangled alt-down pillows. The whole pillow feels like an alt-down pillow and it's great. It's not clumpy and the whole pillow is evenly filled. It's not over-filled but it's not flat. It's just ready for you to add or remove stuffing as you please. You can fold it in half and it springs right back out when you let it go, like a proper polyester-filled pillow. Time will tell how long it lasts before I find myself adding more stuffing or sticking my arms in there to pull clumps apart but *that's to be expected with polyester filling in any kind of pillow.* People just need to learn about different kinds of pillows and their contents so they know what to expect and how to better purchase what they want.

The pillow cover is just a smooth white and has an about 4.5-inch flap sewn inward at one of the ends to fold over the zipper end of the pillow. I prefer this instead of having a zippered cover because I've seen zippered covers rip little holes in my sheets, or catch on a thread on a blanket and pull it out, or get hair caught in it, accidentally scrape your face or leg or foot on it, etc they're just an annoyance.

The stitching seems pretty solid, both on the quilted side and around the gusset sides. A good indicator of poor quality in things like this are crooked stitching, missing, crooked or missed seams, popped stitches, etc. The zipper is partially hidden next to one of the gussets which is excellent. and you can tuck the zipper's little handle under a small flap of cloth before putting the cover over it.

I've had solid memory foam body pillows in the past and they are excellent for using while lying on your side. I wanted to try something different this time because 1) I'm a stomach sleeper and like to throw a leg & hip over something at night, memory foam pillows are usually too firm for that to be comfortable for long unless I'm on the floor, 2) memory foam traps body heat like nothing else, can get too hot for some people, 3) memory foam pillows are very heavy, difficult to move around and difficult to wash.

Putting my head on this pillow is just like putting it on one of my gel fiber pillows (which is a kind of alt-down pillow). It's great. Even better than the gel fiber pillows because those are not gusseted. The gusseted sides are perfect for supporting the neck while lying down, especially lying on your side or even halfway on your stomach. The head isn't forced upward at an awkward angle. So if you like to have a body pillow wrapped halfway around your neck under your head and all the way down between your knees or under one knee, you want a pillow like this, or perhaps one longer than this for those who like those extra-long body pillows. Also if you want a pillow directly underneath your stomach to support your lower back if you're stomach sleeper, this is the kind you want. Memory foam pillows won't do you any good on that score; the material is too firm for that particular job. But who knows, you could open it up and add a bunch of shredded memory foam if you want. However it also depends what kind of mattress you're using.

This pillow can be put in a washer with cold water on gentle settings, and a tumble dryer on the lowest heat settings. For me that's a plus. It's a more lightweight body pillow so as long as you put the pillow by itself in the washer and place it in there just right it shouldn't unbalance certain types of washing machines on the spin cycle.

If this pillow starts failing in a couple of months I'll update this review.

Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Full Size Body Pillow with Kool-Flow Breathable Cooling Hypoallergenic Pillow Outer Fabric - Fits 20 x 54 inch Body Pillow Cases & Covers Review:

If you are looking for One Incredible Body pillow to blow your socks off, look no further..this is the one!! I can not say enough great things about this pillow. I've included pictures for your viewing pleasure..and hopefully my video in an update, as Amazon does not allow for video uploads from my phone. So let me start:

1) Packaging for this product was substantial, secure, compact and clean. Which is important to me, so as it does not appear as though it was dragged through a warehouse.

2) When opening this packaging, it was simple, easy and without issue. Just scissors and hands.

3) Upon completion of opening this Snuggle-Pedic body pillow, it was compressed as expected and took a few minutes to somewhat "plump" up. As stated on the packaging and description on Amazon, you can put it into the dryer for 20 minutes and it will "Fluff" right up and help to remove any smell that might be lingering. It is substantially heavier in weight than my previous body pillow from Bed, Bath and Beyond, but no so much so that it my tender muscles, fibro issues and autoimmune massive pain can't handle. I don't mind it being more substantial, as the increased support, give and return and comfiness make up for that.

4) As others have stated, it does have a slight smell, but to be fair, I have a nose like a blood hound and nothing gets past me in smell. With that being said both my Husband and myself had to put our noses directly on the pillow to smell the slight odor. To us, when we stuck our noses to it, it smelled like fresh paint. It was not overwhelming, or caused me to get a headache or migraine. As I have chronic migraines and most anything can set me off. This however, did not. I am as sensitive as they come to smells and changes, and did not notice the extreme odor that some others complain of.

5) After completing the 20 minute cycle in the dryer, not only did the Snuggle-Pedic pillow FULLY "plump" up but when putting our noses back up to the pillow for inspection of odor, it was nearly completely gone. Let me repeat, I am sensitive to smells and we could not smell it without having to put our noses directly on the pillow.

6) Without a cover on this Snuggle~Pedic Bamboo Pillow, it is super soft, appears clean and well made. It has the appropriate give and return that is as described and as I expected.

7) Laying, leaning or sleeping with this Snuggle-Pedic Bamboo pillow is magnificent!! I have fibromyalgia and autoimmune disease both of which cause massive wide spread constant pain. With this pillow, in just one use, it gave me great support, stability, and comfort. Something I did not have with my previous body pillow as pictured here. I felt better when waking up, sitting up and slept better having used it. I like the support it gives your neck and back while sitting or laying on it. I think the support it gives you while laying down and literally "Snuggling" it is exceptional. Gives my hips relief from pain.

8) It is completely washable which is something I look for in fabric products, as much as possible. (I am a germaphobe, our Son has asthma and we all have year round allergies). [Yes I know, not too clean as to kill the good germs, just like to keep things clean.]

9) After my Husband/BFF put my plush body pillow cover on it (and it had been through the 20 minute dryer cycle) I could no longer smell any odor as once before. (As being as sensitive to odors as I am, I think some of the complaints on here are unsubstantiated and exaggerated, I can do get migraines (chronic migraines) from the slightest odor, but with this item, I did not. Some individuals are just never happy, satisfied and always want to complain about something). Find your daily sliver lining people!! What you think about, you bring about 💚.

10) It has a 20 year warranty!! Really, what more could you ask for?! That is more warranty than most mattresses come with these days.

I hope that my review, pictures and video (coming soon) help anyone looking to purchase an incredible life long body pillow, just as I was.

I am pleasantly pleased and would recommend and purchase this again for family and friends.

Happy Sleeping and Relaxing!!

AllerEase 100% Cotton Allergy Protection Extra-Firm Body Pillow - Breathable, Hypoallergenic Fiber Fill, Prevents Buildup of Dust Mites and Household Allergens, Allergist Recommended, 20" x 54" Review:

Super comfy pillow - Dimension NOT as advertised though. They list this pillow as being 20" x 54" but when measured it ended up only being 18" x 51". I had a pillow case that is 20" x 54" and now I am missing a few inches of pillow to fit it nicely.

But despite this, and despite the negative reviews I saw on here about it, I received a new (without mold) pillow, nicely packed in a plastic bag and shipped in a big enough box, so that the pillow didn't get too squeezed and distorted while in shipping. It looks big and awesome, does not have any bad odor, and feels quite big and soft at the touch. If it wasn't for the wrong dimension, this pillow will have gotten 5+ stars.

-Soft at the touch
-Big pillow
-Smells nice right out of the box
-100% breathable
-House allergen protection

-Not 20" x 54" as advertised but approx. 18" x 51" instead.

Utopia Bedding Soft Body Pillow - Long Side Sleeper Pillows for Use During Pregnancy - 100% Cotton Cover with Soft Polyester Filling (Single Pack) Review:

UPDATE 2: Its been 30months since I got this. And it's still overstuffed and awesome. I still have the problem with the lack of stuffing in the middle... But hindsight tells me it's cause I fold it sometimes to prop my legs up on. I use it at back support against a wall at times. Not folded. And I can't feel the wall because the stuffing is still thick and sturdy. Not quite like two year ago, but I've never had a pillow keep it's shape this much for over two years!

UPDATE: After about 11 months of use, the stuffing inside split apart and there's a giant gap in the middle with no stuffing now. I try to move it around as best I can, without opening up the pillow and having to stitch it back together, but it doesn't last a full night. I still love the pillow and will attempt surgery soon to try to rearrange the stuffing more permanently, then stitch it back up again by hand. But I'm disappointed it didn't

As other stated, it came vacuum sealed so I left it alone for 4 days to fluff out. I was disappointed that it didn't fluff out more when I looked at it after 4 days. One star reviews claimed it was too big and overstuffed. Thats why I bought it - I WANTED "too big and overstuffed". That's not what I saw in my spare room where I let it fluff.... and then I tried to sleep with it the first night. Maybe my expectations were way off. Cause it's AWESOME! It turned out to be way bigger in my bed when I snuggled with it.

I'm 5'11" and a side sleeper. And it's awesome! It actually is verging on the "too stuffed" line for me. But I love it anyways. My only complaints are finding a case for it is hard and expensive ($20 for one case?!?) and I wish it were 1 foot longer, cause I'm tall and would like to be able to rest my head on it and wrap my legs around it at the same time.

In the end, if you want soft and overstuffed, you found it! It'd be great as a pillow to go along a metal day bed frame, or a back pillow for making a dorm bed more like a sofa... or just folding in half to slip under your knees for some great elevation! It's my new favorite thing :) I doubt it'll go flat, ever :)

Milliard Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Full Size Body Pillow with Kool-Flow Breathable Cooling Hypoallergenic Pillow Outer Fabric - Fits 20 x 54 inch Long Body Pillow Cases & Covers Review:

I may change the star level later, but right now recovering from knee replacement-I thought I would be finding this pillow very useful. It is actually way too heavy and large to be able to maneuver in the bed. If you want to switch which side of your body it is on, you need to remove the entire bedding back, left this heavy pillow over to the other side and tuck it in. I have always used a pillow between my knees and I don't like how they get way too squished in a short amount of time rendering them useless. This body pillow may be one of the best, for body pillows. I did not expect it to be so heavy and clunky to actually use. The number of stars is strictly a personal judgement.

Update 7/5/18 This is an update to my original 2 star rating. The 5 star rating I have now given reflects the customer service that I've received from the seller. They contacted me about my satisfaction with the body pillow. I explained why I was not happy with it and that returning it would cost a fortune due to its weight. The service rep offered me a different type of Knee/Leg Pillow, and I received that today. It may be a bit small for my long legs. I think what I am left with is using ordinary memory foam pillows, and just replacing them when they become too deflated. I have been promised a refund from the seller, and cannot say enough about how quick they were to respond. I haven't seen customer service like this in ages, and for this reason, respect have updated my rating, even though the product did not suit ME. It may be just right for others.

YAROO Microfiber Body Pillow Cover 21" x 54" - Super Soft Body Pillowcase,with Zipper and No Zipper Available (Dark Gray-No Zipper) Review:

This pillow arrived very quickly and did not disappoint. The dark charcoal color is nice, it appears to be well made, and the fabric has a very nice hand. I washed it before using even though it was in no way stiff or unpleasant, and it makes my pillow very comfortable. The zipper is not covered but is inset and just right in my opinion. From the appearance of the fabric and workmanship I am not concerned about durability. I recommend this product without hesitation.

Leachco Snoogle Original Maternity/Pregnancy Total Body Pillow, Ivory Review:

Warning to men, your wife is going to be obsessed with this gargantuan pillow. I ordered this pillow for my wife because she was pregnant and kept waking up on her back and wanted to make sure that she stayed sleeping on her side during the pregnancy. The reviews looked good so I thought this would be a good pickup. Little did I know the enormous size of this pillow that creates a great wall in our bed separating me from my wife. This thing is massive and my wife is absolutely in love with it. She says it supports her back and is so comfortable that she can't sleep without it now even though our son is a month old. I think the worst part is we moved across the country and I was stuck lugging this massive pillow from hotel to hotel with my little 4 foot 11 wife running after me yelling that her goliath pillow was dragging on the ground. I give it 5 stars because she is in love with the thing, but just be ready to not see your wife in bed anymore. You may want to think about making some cup and string walkie talkies so you can still communicate with each other

Decroom Memory Fiber Full Body Pillow -Zipped Bamboo Cover-Breathable Cooling for Pregnancy and Long Side Sleeper-20 x 54 inch Review:

I am absolutely in love with this body pillow!!! I am kind of a pillow freak and my friends even make fun of me sometimes because I can’t travel anywhere without bringing my body pillow (and my contoured memory foam pillow, and my bamboo pillow 🤣) but this body pillow is SO much nicer than the cotton one I have been using. So. Much. Softer!!

When I opened the smallish box it came in and carefully cut open the plastic you could hear the vacuum seal break and it popped open so big right away!!

I bought a bamboo pillow awhile back, which I really love too (though my son stole it!) and that one did not fluff up like this automatically. I had to fluff that one and break apart the condensed memory foam pieces by hand. This body pillow was so super fluffy and soft right away.

I sleep so much better at night holding this. Not to be overly corny, but it’s like hugging a cloud 😍

BioPEDIC Premium SofLOFT 20-by-54 Inch Body Pillow, White Review:

I tried 3 body pillows on Amazon and here are my thoughts.

BioPEDIC Premium SofLOFT - My favorite. It is very soft and squeezable. I like being able to squish and hug my pillow. It forms to your shape and doesn't have that cheap bouncy feel that the others have. Soft and light.

Pinzon Body Pillow with Cover - Nice pillow, but it's HUGE and HEAVY. If you're a side sleeper your leg will be higher than you hip. It's a very high pillow and VERY firm. This is more of a support back pillow for watching TV than a hugging body pillow. Not for me.

EZ Dreams Body Pillow - This is still firm, but not as big and a bit softer. Light enough to move around while sleeping, but I found it to have a "spongy" feeling. Kind of like a balloon. Not soft and cozy at all. Medium firm.

EnerPlex CertiPUR-US Certified Never-Flat Luxury Memory Foam Queen Pillow Shredded Bed Cooling Adjustable Loft Fully Machine Washable Removable Bamboo Cover 30x20 5-Year Warranty (Queen) Review:

I wanted to do a legit unboxing review as I’ve had several “magic pillows” and some good, but never found “the one” this may be it, time will tell.

Here is my Review of this puppy -

Opening of the box: The box was very nice (which in my opinion speaks to quality of the companies products), upon opening it there was a nice warranty card / instruction manual. It also has the customer service email / phone number in case of any issues and they suggested to call with any problems, that goes a long way because most items I buy on Amazon come in a standard brown box and some with no instructions or company information (shady in my opinion).

The instructions on how to use it are straightforward and to the point. They suggest putting it in the dryer on a low heat setting for about 10 minutes to fluff it up. You can see from the pictures how flat it is when opened and what it looks like after ten minutes in the dryer. What I really appreciated is they also send you an additional bag FULL of extra foam and include a very nice travel bag, the pillow can also be taken anywhere for traveling (nice perk) They were not joking when they said the most foam count, there is an absurd amount of foam which you can take out and or mold to your desired comfort level being that the pillow can be unzipped and adjusted to your preference. It is vacuum sealed I assume to ship faster and smaller and there was a small odor for about 2 hours or so but nothing bad at all, and then it dissipated fully after about a day. Any product I’ve ever bought vacuum sealed had a small odor so this wasn’t an issue for me.

Dryer: I put it in the dryer for 10 minutes as suggested and then it fluffed up to what you see in the picture. The pillow is by far the softest material I have ever felt, it really is amazing.

Using the pillow: I am a back sleeper when I go to bed and then move to my side as I fall asleep, what I LOVED is that I can mold two sides of the pillow, one fir when sleeping on my back and one for my side all on the same pillow! (I did purchase two king sizes) not sure if you could do that with the standard but you probably could with the Queen.

For my husband, who is 6’4 - 260 lbs (a bodybuilder) he is a back sleeper so he molded it to his head and raves about it. I wish I was only a back sleeper but being that I sleep on both back and side it’s a huge win for me.

Pros: Ability to mold to my comfort, ability to take out foam or add foam to my preference and the fact I can roll it up and take it on vacation, or anywhere I go. You can also wash the pillow cover and the whole pillow as well, they recommended that I wash the cover and pillow separately. Honestly, when you feel the pillow it’s so soft it’s screams quality. They also sent helpful messages with a warranty card and company contact information after my purchase.

Cons: I honestly do not have any right now. I’m extremely hopeful it holds up to the test of time. So far we LOVE IT.

I will update my review if anything changes but as long as the review is unchanged consider us happy customers!