Best Body Mounted Video Cameras in 2020

Body Worn Camera with Audio, BOBLOV 1296P Police Body Cameras for Law Enforcement, Security Guard, Waterproof Body Mounted Cam DVR Video IR with Night Vision, 170° Wide Angle 【Built in 32GB】 Review:

I want to start by saying that I am not in law enforcement. I bought this camera mainly for the rugged design, weatherproofing and night vision capability. I make a lot of outdoor videos for my Youtube channel and every now and then I need some footage at night, or in wet conditions. I do have some GoPro action style cameras that have a waterproof case, but as soon as you put them in the case, you lose audio recording capability, and the little sound they do capture the case is muffled. So, this body worn camera caught my eye and I thought might be a solution to this. Which it turned out to be a great solution to this problem.

I took this camera out to the lake for a day of kayaking and fishing. I just hooked it on the breast pocket of my shirt and turned it on. I was on the lake for a total of six hours coming in right after sunset. I got hit by a sudden thunderstorm while on the lake that came out of nowhere and I got soaked head to toe. It was not supposed to rain, but it did. I was about a mile out when the storm developed right over me and it was a little scary with lightning striking all around as I raced to shore to take cover. The storm passed and I went back out on the lake for the rest of the day. I had actually forgotten about this camera that was hanging my breast pocket. It caught the whole thing.

Because of the storm, I was a little late getting back to my car. Not having lights on my kayak, the game warden was waiting for me on shore to give me a ticket for being on the lake after sunset without lights on my boat. When I got out of the boat, he saw the camera hanging on my shirt pocket and asked me; "What is that?". I said, "It's a body cam man, you need one of these." He said, "I already have one!" I laughed and said, "So, we are both filming each other right now! That is funny!". I don't know if it was the camera, or if it was because I told him that the unexpected storm made me late in getting back, but he let me off with just a warning.

The camera lasted the whole time on a single battery and was unaffected by the rain. I had it set to record in 1296P and the footage is great. Very sharp and detailed with great color balance. But the thing that really surprised me was the sound. The mic on this camera is extremely sensitive and picked sounds that a normal camera would have missed. Now when a mic is super sensitive, it generally results in a lot of audio Hiss, but not on this camera. The audio was very clear and had little audio hiss. An event happened during the trip that got caught by the mic of the camera that surprised me. I was about a quarter mile from shore there was a father and three little kids fishing on the bank. The lake was calm and like glass at this time and I could hear what was going on. Never in my life have I ever heard a father talk to his children like that man was talking to his kids. Screaming and shouting at them and calling them M.Fin A-holes and such. Talking to his four and five-year-old kids in language which would have embarrassed sailor. It made my blood boil and it took a lot of restraint to not paddle over there and give that guy a piece of my mind. If I would have been close enough to identify the man, I would have taken the footage from the body cam to C.P.S, because that kind of behavior HAS to be considered child abuse. If it is not, then we need to change the laws to make it so. But the point I wanted to make is that, even though I was at least a 1/4 mile away, when I got home and reviewed the footage, the camera captured the audio from that event very clearly.

I had the camera set to automatically go into night vision mode when it got dark, so I also caught NV footage of my conversation with the game warden on shore. It was not completely dark though. I tested the camera out later that night at home just to see how it would do and it did great. The nighttime range of the IR lights is about 15 feet, which is shorter then I expected, but makes sense for a body worn camera that is designed to be worn by law enforcement dealing with up close subjects at night. I have a powerful handheld IR light that I can extend the nighttime range with if I need it.

I am very pleased with this camera. It is rugged, shoots great video, captures clear audio, and has great battery life. It really like the charging base, which not only allows you to charge the camera itself, but also has an additional charging port to charge the extra battery. The only thing that I did not like, (and this is an extremely minor thing because I am impatient), is the data transfer speeds to get the footage off the camera and on to my computer. The camera uses a USB 2.0 port and cable for transferring data from internal memory to your computer. The average rate of transfer is around 14 MB/s, which very slow. At this speed, it would take around 38 minutes to download all the footage from the 32GB internal storage if it was totally full, and over an hour for the 64GB model. Now that is not horrible, but with technology like USB 3.0 and USB C that can transfer data at rates from 90 MB/s up to 1 GB/s, it seems really slow. But if you consider that this is camera is designed for law enforcement that will only be downloading the data when off duty, it makes a little more sense, because they have all night for the data to download.

The Bottom Line:
This a really cool camera that does a great job at what it does. It checks off almost all the boxes.

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BOBLOV 1296P Body Wearable Camera Support Memory Expand Max 128G Lightweight and Portable Easy to Operate KJ21(Card not Included) (Camera only) Review:

On occasion, I have people work security at the door for private events. I bought this to put on the security guard in order to have documentation of any contentious encounters. What we found was that just having the camera there and being able to point it out to people makes most trouble people just.. leave. The guard tells them they have to go, they give the guard grief, and the guard just taps on the camera, pointing it out. The trouble people just see that and walk away.

The video looks great, the battery lasts, and it feels really solid. It's already been through a couple big drops, and it didn't show any sign of trouble.

Mini Body Camera with USB Port DZFtech Body Spy Cam HD 1080P Wireless Portable Hidden Spy Pen Body Cameras Wearable Video Recorder with Clip Body Camera Easy to Record for Home/Office Review:

 The video is one I created after briefly reading the included instructions. It is intentionally 'fast' moving so as to see how it handles recording.

Its 1080p/30fps/mono (AVI files), built surprisingly well/sturdy, is slightly hefty, and doesn't feel like cheap snapped together plastic that will fall apart easily.

The unit also supports recording audio only (WAV files).

The on/off sliding button on the side is a bit touchy, as it toggles/slides between OFF/Video/Audio (in that order). I would think since the intent of this devices is to record video more than audio, then the final position should be Video, not Audio. So basically right now in order to record video, you have to slide the button to a middle position. You can feel that its in the video position, but its also easy to slide right out of/past it and into audio mode. Would have made more sense (to me) to just be able to quickly slide from Off to Video since that's the most common intent of this. Its not a deal breaker, just a head scratcher :)

Looking forward to trying it out on my motorcycle for quick situational recordings (I'd clip it inside my front upper torso pocket). I'm not a fan of those gopro/etc cubes people strap to their helmets.

Mini Body Camera DZFtech Body Spy Cam HD 1080P Wireless Portable Hidden Spy Pen Body Cameras Wearable Video Recorder with Clip and USB Plug/Easy Press to Record for Home/Office Review:

It is more substantial than what I expected. It was easy to put in my 32gb microusb card and charge up the camera using my usb port on my computer. I needed to take the card out of the camera and use the included usb microusb drive stick to read the video I recorded on the card. The buttons and lights on the camera make it a breeze to operate. I did notice that the video shows the jiggling one might expect from hand-holding such a small camera. It's larger enough that I'm not sure it would be undetectable, even if you carried it in a shirt pocket. I found the most comfortable place was in my front jeans pocket, even though the video would be slightly slanted.
I thought a really cool use would be for the time you WANT somebody to know you are recording the event..if that makes sense. It's definitely worth the price paid.

Spectacles 2 (Nico) — Water Resistant Polarized Camera Glasses, Made by Snapchat (60fps HD Action Camera) Review:

 Takes decent short videos. The video I posted does have a filter on it. I can't wait to use them on vacation!

Value for the money. I do think they're abit overpriced.
You have to use snapchat to upload everything. For $200 you should be able to upload to your gallery too but they are produced by snapchat sooo

As for battery life, I can take about 10 videos and it's ready to charge up again. But with that being said, you can just take pictures and it uses less battery.

Water resistant? I mean I've worn them on my head while it's sprinkling outside with no issues but it hasn't been summer yet so no direct swimming pools.

Spectacles 2 Original - HD Camera Sunglasses Made for Snapchat Review:

I've had the spectacles since they first came out and have always enjoyed them. I wanted to upgrade to the new water resistant version so I don't have to worry about getting caught in the rain or them getting damaged at the beach. I use these everyday as prescription sunglasses and was able to transfer the same lenses I bought for my old specs into my new pair, which is great. (The replacement lenses I purchased for $40 online.)
My family and friends all use Snapchat so having to pair these with the app works for me.
The video quality has improved. Importing is much faster. The case is much smaller and the glasses are lighter.
I understand that this is kind of a niche product but I'm still very happy with my purchase.

R-Tech HD 1080P+ Up to 1296P(2034 x 1296) Infrared Night Vision Police Body Camera Body Worn Camera Security IR Cam with 32GB Built-in Memory Support Video/Audio Recording Review:

I love this personal camera.
I am using it when training my horses, and have used when I had contractors doing work on my property to record their activities.
I had it set to record 30 minute blocks and the battery lasted about 6 hours. I changed it to 15 minute blocks and kept it in the shade and the battery dies after about 7 hours. The blocks are very simple to load onto your computer or external hard drive devices. IF you use the 30 minute blocks of time, the ability to manipulate the stream is complicated, however 15 minute or less time blocks "snips" are easy to find a varietyapplications that will allow you to edit these video streams.
The audio is limited to distance, so monitoring conversation that are not close to the device is low quality. And if you record voice only, I have not figured out how to remove from the device.
I was rather inventive to be able to mount on a tripod (uses a cell phone holder with a clip).
There are a bunch of setting that I am adjusting, since there is not an operating guide, this is time consuming.
I have not used all of the features

Waterproof Video Sunglasses,16GB 1080 HD Outdoor Sports Action Camera and Polarized UV400 Protection Safety Lenses,Unisex Sport Design Review:

The video quality is surprisingly excellent. The battery life is about one hour and maybe eight minutes in 1080 P. Haven’t checked it in 4K. Two main issues, the first, it is very shaky being that there is no image stabilization. Even if you think you were holding your head straight and still, there is still movement unless you take the glasses off and put them on a stable surface this of course defeats the purpose of having glasses that you could put on and walk around with. One of the biggest problems, which is easy to solve if you know what you’re doing, is that in order to change the video quality and to put the proper date, it is set to the year 2000 by default, you have to change text in a text file that is provided on the Dr. built into the glasses, this is all explained in the instructions somewhat. But the problem is then you have to take that file copy it and move it directly into the drive. Initially when you plug the glasses into your computer, there’s a folder that says settings and then the init.txt file is in that folder. So then if you need to make changes, and I’m sure you’re going to want the correct date at least, you type that in, save it, close the file, then, this is not in the instructions, copy the file go up one folder to the drive letter and paste that init.txt file in there. I wrote the company, and hopefully they will provide proper instructions in the future. But this is one of those products coming directly from China, and the directions are not that clear. This is the main reason that I am writing this review.

BOBLOV 1080P Mini Body Cameras with Audio Wearable Video Recorder Back Clip Easy to Operate for Teaching/Tour/Lecture/Interview/Baby Monitor Record (Without Card) Review:

I actually like this camera. I use it as a handheld and just walk around taking videos with it with an occasional picture here and there. It is nice because it is so compact and I primarily use this in the daytime. I admit, the low light videos are grainy, but because I primarily use it for well lit situations, this doesn't affect my review of the camera. Settings are a bit tricky since you have to use a text file for it, but it is simple enough with a configuration that is simple to, time, motion detection, showing the time on the video, video resolution and looping. Sounds like a lot, but when you see it, you will see it is simple. Also, this is not a wide angle camera so don't expect wide shots like a GoPro...this is best used as a body cam to give people who watch it your point of view. Other perks of this camera include a lamp for those darker lit situations, photo capability while you are recording videos, and you can use it just as an audio recorder...great for a classroom lecture. You can also angle your camera 90 degrees which is cool depending on how you are recording...making it versatile. It supports up to 32GB micro SD Cards and it has a nice sturdy housing. Worth the price to me.

Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 Action Camera Review:

I really like this camera overall.

Originally I bought a Hero 5 Session from a box store as we were going on vacation (cruise) and I wanted a camera to take some video and to use while snorkeling and time lapse videos. While it worked well but the more I thought about it I was concerned about long term use as it doesn't have a replaceable battery. I took it back and debated between the Hero 5 Black and Virb Ultra 30. I ended up getting the Virb because they support 3rd party products. I ride motorcycles and have a Sena 20S Bluetooth headset which will pair to this and not the GoPros. Also support for OBD-2 dongles.

The first thing I tested was OBD-2 in my car. While this camera does have GPS and can calculate speed based on this, it is nice to be able to compare the two. I couldn't find any information on what OBD-2 adapters were compatible with this camera though. Garmin's website and manual really didn't say anything. I happened to own one already that I use with Torque Pro so I thought I would just test it out and it paired right up and logged data.

Here is the one I am using:
ScanTool 426101 OBDLink MX Bluetooth: Professional OBD-II Scan Tool for Android & Windows

I went into Bluetooth selected Add New then pressed the pair button on the OBD2 tool and it immediately connected and I was off driving. When I imported the video into the Virb Edit software I went into G-Matrix and it dropped in several gauges but you can add/remove/relocate them as you want. There were a couple gauges that didn't display data like fuel consumption and torque but those don't display anything in Torque Pro either. Keep in mind not every car will display every field. So I wasn't shocked about this. With my 2015 Subaru WRX, it displayed quite a few of the gauges that I was looking for like Tach, Speed and Engine Load. In the attached photo I used the Virb Edit software to drop a few of the various gauges available and used it to export a still image to show what it looks like.

I still need to test it out with the Sena 20S Bluetooth Headset but it is a nice to have feature not really something that I won't use a lot. There is too much snow to take a motorcycle out right now to give it a good test. It is nice to have the option.

Overall video quality and ease of use are along the lines of others. I have had no issues. It seems in line to anything I got from the Hero 5 Session. While it is a much larger camera the specs in terms of video are the same as Hero 5 Black.

I have a coworker who built an experimental airplane with a Garmin panel. He is going to test my camera out with the Bluetooth in his plane and I will post a review of that once we get results.

If there is anything negative to say it is that it is Mini USB. I haven't had a cell phone or tablet that uses this connector for many years so now I have to carry a cable just for this camera. It takes a really long time to charge but the battery is also bigger than the Hero 5 Session. I bought a couple generic batteries for this so I can swap them out. I really liked the USB-C port on the Hero 5 cameras as you can plug them in either way. You don't have to look which way they are keyed. Also my wife's and I have Nexus 6p phones which also use USB-C so if traveling and we want to carry a battery pack we only need one cable. This won't apply to everyone out there but it was a feature I miss. I also liked the remote that GoPro has which has a display to actually get feedback on what the camera is doing.