Best Bird Seed in 2022

Last update: December 1, 2022

Can birds eat cheerios?

Yes, birds can eat cheerios. In fact, many bird enthusiasts recommend cheerios as a healthy treat for their feathered friends. Cheerios are low in sugar and fat, and they provide a good source of vitamins and minerals. Plus, the circular shape of cheerios makes them perfect for picking up with a beak.

Can birds eat uncooked rice?

There is a common belief that feeding uncooked rice to birds will make them explode. This is not true! While uncooked rice isn't the best food for birds, it won't kill them.

Can I make my own bird seed?

You can make your own bird seed, but it is important to make sure that the seed mix is appropriate for the type of birds you are hoping to attract. Some birds prefer different types of seed, so it is important to do your research before creating your own bird seed mix. You can find many recipes online or in birding books.

Do birds tell each other where food is?

Yes, birds tell each other where food is. They do this by chirping and tweeting to each other. This is how they communicate where they found a good food source.

Lyric 2647445 Sunflower Kernels - 5 lb. Review:

There simply isn't a comparison. Believe me, I was initially dubious, but the favorable statements about switching to straight kernels that have been examined are all true. More birds, less mess, and fewer visits to replenish the feeders. Hey, did I say there were more birds? WOW. When I was giving unshelled sunflower seeds to the birds, I noticed a Gold Finch occasionally stopping by—probably once every other day. I just counted 15 Gold Finches (male and female) on or around my two feeders, and they are in full frenzied rotation two weeks after switching to these shelled kernels. Some of them are hanging around on my thistle seed feeder, which they have never visited, while others are waiting their turns on the nearby fence and bird bath (total waste of money). If I could, I would give 6 stars. Absolutely NO drawbacks, excluding perhaps price. If you are considering switching to sunflower kernels exclusively, don't hesitate—just do it. Your birds will be overjoyed, and you'll be astounded.Updated on 12/22/2018 - Still, without a doubt, the best bird food. Like I said before, very clean and clutter-free. even invites the Red-breasted Nuthatch to spend the winter with us here in Georgia. My mother doesn't have any RB Nuthatches, and she lives a few miles away (she isn't feeding these kernels). I made an effort to return at a lower price, but the frequency and volume of the birds started to wane. It lasts about a month, so I soon ordered another 25 pound. bag. Come spring, I have no doubt that it will be a bag every two to three weeks.Update (4/16/2019): The Gold Finches have returned with the arrival of spring. I just counted (29 GFs) at once, either on my feeder or lined up on the nearby fence and perches. WOW. The distinction that these sunflower seeds with shells produce really astounds me. There simply isn't a comparison. I've always been taught to give Nyjer seed to birds in a thistle seed feeder, but gosh, these really blow my mind. Except for the GFs perching on it while they wait their turn at the sunflower seed feeders, my Nyjer/Thistle feeder is left empty. 3–4 Weeping Doves typically pick up the chaff and other debris that the finches and other birds drop under the feeder. Including Cardinals, Tufted Titmice, Purple, and House Finch, I have a nice assortment on the way. Strangely, since switching to these shelled seeds, the squirrels no longer bother my feeders. I'm not sure why it is, but hey, it's a win-win. Still a 5-star.

Wagner's 62034 Greatest Variety Blend, 6-Pound Bag Review:

This mixture works well for a variety of birds. I've been receiving tons of birds every day since I started using this. As you may notice from the image, things are actually getting a little out of hand! The number of house finches has been around 20 at a time, and I also see approximately 8–10 blackbirds, 6-7 doves, 4-5 red cardinals, 2 blue jays, and 2 red-winged blackbirds. I installed a squirrel baffle since the squirrels were regularly emptying the feeders, but now that there are so many birds, I have to refill them every other day just for the birds! The hanging feeders and the tray are both empty in the image, but I just filled them up yesterday afternoon. I might start purchasing only the Cardinal blend again. I was still seeing a variety of species, but fewer of the smaller ones. I initially began supplying them with food since I adore cardinals. Nearby, there is a family of four or five, and I wanted to cheer them on. The fact that the other birds survived was good news, but those finches are vicious little suckers! I doubt I can afford them, though.

Wagner's 18542 Cracked Corn, 10-Pound Bag Review:

I've been living in my patio/garden apartment for about eight months. A pair of Muscovy ducks appeared in my enclosed patio around four months ago. Since they are so ugly, I had no idea they could fly; however, I started giving them my leftovers and stale bread, and they ate it all up. I started researching about the Muscovies and discovered that eating bread constantly was bad for them.This afternoon, I received my bag of Wagner's Cracked Corn. When I turned back to look at my patio cover, I saw Ward and June waiting for their bread. When I dropped a double handful of the broken corn into the trash, I assumed June would—well, you know. My Muscovy couple were as content as corn-eating ducks. Consider that.Even while I occasionally like a delicious sour dough bun, I prefer giving children corn over processed foods like bread. I'll definitely make another purchase from Wagner's.

Wild Harvest Wh-83540 Wild Harvest Advanced Nutrition Diet For Nutrition Diet For Parakeets, 4.5-Pound Review:

My bird and I both adore this stuff. When I ran out of this food, which I had previously purchased, I bought a different brand. That was a grave error because my bird refused to eat it. He refused to touch his food for three days. It was fortunate that he could eat millets and goodies. He's devouring the food I just recently bought him, too. I'm overjoyed! I'm very grateful that this meal comes in 4.5 pounds. Since I only have one parakeet, I know this diet will keep my bird alive for a very long period. Additionally, I adore the packaging. It's simple to store, and I'm confident that insects won't get inside thanks to the interior's tight seal and upkeep. He seemed to like eating it, thus it must taste pretty wonderful. I'm very happy I was able to find it on Amazon and that it arrived to me so quickly. When I'm out of this food, I'll go back to Amazon and get more.

Wagner's 62047 Nyjer Seed Bird Food, 2-Pound Bag Review:

2/20/19 I'm currently on the ninth bag of Wagner's finch nyjer. My first feeder, a 1/10, is up. The first bird spotted it after one hour. I have 12 hanging tube bird feeders with 20 perches each (available from Amazon as the Droll Yankee's DROCJTHM36Y 617407660883 Hanging Tube Bird Feeder, 36 Inch, Beige). All of the perches were occupied, and finches were vying for perches in the air. On the ground beneath the feeders, I counted 75 finches eating seed at the same time. In the air and on the tree limbs surrounding the feeders, I am confidently guessing another 60 birds. Later today, I'll post links to a few Dropbox videos. All of the perches will be filled in one audio-enhanced video. Another photo taken this morning will show the finches battling for the remaining perches and how much they consumed before 1100 this morning. Wagner is free to promote using either my link or the video (want to contribute to the nyjer, Wagner?) Before the men migrate north and as their gold color intensifies, I intend to record more recordings.

Wagner's 57075 Safflower Seed, 5-Pound Bag Review:

The quality is comparable to what I have discovered in bird-specific stores.After reading reviews of both this and other brands, I just wanted to note a few things that could be useful to others. (more so relating to safflower seed in general than this particular brand)First off, if one wants to prevent specific birds or animals from being drawn to the feeder, mixing it in with other seed kinds, such millet or sunflower seeds, is useless and negates the aim.Additionally, sparrows WILL eat it even though it is not the favored seed. It MAY be eaten by some squirrels. (Chimpanies adore it! But who could complain about a chipmunk?However, GRACKLES won't consume it. And for that reason, from late March through the end of August, I purchase it and utilize it in the tray feeders. The grackles depart for the cornfields at the same time every year, and we don't see them back in the yard until the following spring.We reside in Maryland, therefore we definitely have more of a grackle problem than someone who lives in a more "condensed" suburban neighborhood because there is an open field behind our yard.I maintain one of those little globe-shaped feeders for clinging birds all year long, and it is hung inside a metal cage that is squirrel proof. The black oil sunflower seeds are in this feeder. Chickadees, titmouses, and other little songbirds that cling to things will have secure access to their preferred seeds in this manner. It's a hassle to keep that little globe topped off so frequently, but I think it's worth it to have a feeder specifically for the small songbirds. Sparrows do occasionally eat from it, but they can only do so one bird at a time, so they don't go through it as quickly as they would in a tray feeder.Returning to the Wagner's name It's tasty, seems to be fresh, and there isn't much trash in the bag. Hope this is useful:)

Kaytee Nyjer Thistle Seed, 3 lb Review:

This seed was in a special finch feeder when we initially placed it out, and they didn't appear to like it. A little later, we made the decision to simply mix it in with the other mixed seed in the other feeders. The tiny finch holes in that feeder were drilled by my boyfriend to make them large enough to accommodate all of the small birds and all of the mixed seed. Now, a lot of birds consume it. Not the seed, perhaps, but the feeder. In any case, I doubt we'll get this seed again—not because there's anything wrong with it, exactly—just because it doesn't appear to affect the number or kind of birds we observe.

Pennington Ultra Songbird Blend Bird Seed, 7-Pound Review:

Although I haven't personally tried this bird seed, it seems great. I'll make an effort to speak for the birds and other animals in our yard who *have* tasted it, though:)The brief five-star rating: After experimenting with a number of seed mixtures in our bird feeders, we've discovered that our birds and squirrels prefer our "Ultra Nut and Fruit Blend." It has a good combination of components that the local fauna like eating.The "optimal" bird food mixture for your yard will differ depending on the species of birds that inhabit the area. Discover this first, and you ought to be able to locate a superb bird feed. For instance, this feed appears to meet the dietary requirements and tastes of all of our birds, even though we live in the Pacific Northwest.This mixture is a favorite with all the animals we feed in our yard. Additionally, compared to other birdfeed we have distributed, this blend appears to draw a wider range of birds.What makes this combination so good? Never millet! Prior to using this combination, I would frequently discover a significant amount of leftover millet in the bird feeders after the excellent stuff had been consumed. There are never any seeds, nuts, or dried fruit nuggets left in the feeders when using this blend.This blend is more expensive than many other seed blends, but that's partly because many other blends contain so much damn millet, a less expensive ingredient that many of the birds in my area don't like. You can see how many peanuts, sunflower seeds, pecans, and fruit pieces are in the bag, and the combination has a really wonderful balance of components that our animals really enjoy. The pricing is reasonable as well.In conclusion, we no longer look around for bird seed; instead, we consistently purchase this mixture.

Lyric Fruit & Nut High Energy Wild Bird Food - 5 lb Review:

Not for the birds, but for the squirrels that live in the enormous oak trees in our backyard, I purchased this Lyric Fruit

Wagner's 62011 Eastern Regional Blend 8-Pound Bag Review:

I frequently buy this seed for my Maine bird feeders. Birds simply adore it. It's remarkable how many various kinds of birds it attracts; I've been using it for approximately two years. Who knew this area was home to such a wide variety of birds? The seed is of high quality, devoid of any waste (such as paper or twigs), and it draws a variety of lovely songbirds. In addition to typical sparrows, doves, and other birds, I frequently see cardinals, goldfinches, blue jays, chickadees, grackles, and woodpeckers. When the weather becomes colder in November, I convert to 100% black oil sunflower seeds till spring. I utilize this seed during the hot months (although this seed has sunflower seeds in it also). This seed makes me very happy because the birds adore it (and the crows and chipmunks pick up what falls to the ground). Give it a try if you enjoy observing birds; you'll soon be visited by some lovely, colorful creatures.

How often should you replace bird seed?

The general rule of thumb is to replace bird seed every two weeks. This ensures that the seed is fresh and hasn't been contaminated by mold or other toxins.

Is it OK to put bird seed on the ground?

If you're looking to attract birds to your yard, you may be wondering if it's okay to put bird seed on the ground. The answer is yes, you can put bird seed on the ground, but there are a few things to keep in mind. First, if you have cats or other animals that may eat bird seed, it's best to put the bird seed in a feeder that is out of reach. Second, if you live in an area with a lot of squirrels, they may also be attracted to the bird seed on the ground and eat it all

What bird food should I put out?

The best bird food to put out is a mix of sunflower seeds, peanuts, and dried fruit. This mix will attract a variety of birds to your yard, and they will all enjoy the different foods. You can also add a little bit of millet or cracked corn to the mix if you want to attract more ground-feeding birds.

What color bird seed do birds prefer?

Birds generally prefer black oil sunflower seeds. However, they will also eat white proso millet, safflower seeds, and nuts.

What human food can I give a wild bird?

There are a variety of human foods that can be given to wild birds. Some of the most popular include: birdseed, bread, crackers, fruits, vegetables, and even cooked pasta or rice. It is important to remember, however, that not all human foods are safe for birds to eat. For example, birds should never be given chocolate, caffeine, or alcohol as these can be poisonous. In addition, any food that is moldy or spoiled should be avoided. When in doubt, it is always best to consult with a local bird expert or wildlife rehabilitation center to find out

What is best seed mix for birds?

The best seed mix for birds is a mix of sunflower seeds, peanuts, safflower seeds, and millet. This mix will provide the birds with the necessary nutrients and energy to survive and thrive.