Best Bird Food in 2020

11lbs Bulk Non-GMO Dried Mealworms for Reptile, Tortoise ; Amphibian,Lizard ;Wild Birds; Chichens; Duck etc Review:

I'm new to the larger size (11lb) bag of this company/distributor - and I grind the dried mealworms for a wild bird formula. Unfortunately - this larger bag recently purchased also contains a number of small stones - about a quarter-inch in size, but enough to knick the mini-chopper I use to prepare them. If you are feeding these to chickens, outdoor birds, etc. the small stones WON'T hurt them to eat, of course - but if you are using them in any other type of preparation, please be advised!

Addition to this review - REALLY full of rocks - I'm near to the end of the bag now, and there are... a lot... of ... rocks.

And, of course - no one wants to pay for stones they didn't order, so there's that. These stones are light enough not to drop to the bottom of the sack of worms, I've used only a 4th of the bag, if that - so there's no good way to merely shake them to the bottom.

Also, this bag is rather stiff plastic, and rather than bending - it splits. So you might want to decant the worms into other containers - as mine split down the long way, sending worms cascading everywhere.

Wild Harvest P-A1907 Wh Daily Blend Parakeet 5# Bag Review:

Excellent deal. I think the best I've found so far that doesn't have nasty food coloring and other artificial crap in it. Most importantly my birds eat it. I wanted them to like this super nutritious (and expensive) brand called Dr. Harvey's Our Best Parakeet Food, All Natural Daily Blend for Budgies - but they wouldn't touch it. So far this is the best bang for my buck and isn't like McDonald's for birds. I do make sure to give them apples (one of the few fruits they will eat), broccoli every once in a while and put vitamins in their water though. Makes for happy birds!

Lyric 2647464 Peanut Pieces Wild Bird Food, 5 lb Review:

I bought this to feed the birds and squirrels during Winter. I put it in one of those cage-type feeders for the birds so the squirrels can’t eat it all. And I leave some piles of peanuts on the ground for the squirrels. It attracts downy woodpeckers which I love to see. It also attracted a Bluejay, which was great.

The bag the product comes in was thick and in one piece when it arrived. This product was well-priced, and conveniently sized, since peanuts can be heavy if you get the extra large bags from the farm store to get the bulk price.

My cat loves peanut butter and she could obviously smell the peanuts through the plastic bag because the first night I hadn’t put it away and she tried to open this bag. Thankfully, the plastic held up pretty well against her teeth. I could tell the product was fresh when I opened the bag because it had a very strong, peanuty smell.

Wagner's 62034 Greatest Variety Blend, 6-Pound Bag Review:

This is a great blend for a wide variety of birds. Since I've been using this, I'm getting tons of birds all day, every day. It's actually getting a little out of hand, as you may be able to tell from the picture! The house finches have been numbering about 20 at a time, I get 6-7 doves, 4-5 red cardinals, 2 blue jays, 2 red winged blackbirds, a couple of brown thrushes, and about 8-10 blackbirds. I put a squirrel baffle on (purchased here on Amazon) because the squirrels were wiping the feeders out on a daily basis, but now with so many birds, I'm having to refill them every other day just for the birds! In the picture, both hanging feeders and the tray are empty, and I just filled them up yesterday afternoon. I may go back to just the Cardinal blend that I was buying before. I was still getting a mix of birds, but not quite so many of the small guys. I originally started feeding them because I love the cardinals. There is a family of 4-5 that live close by and I wanted to encourage them. The rest of the birds were a happy result, but those finches are ravenous little suckers! I'm not sure I can afford them lol

Kaytee Spray Millet Review:

I'm not sure I'm qualified to answer this question. Let me go get my parakeet. Hello everyone, I'm Captain Drumstick and I whole heartedly endorse this product. While I'm here, I do have a problem with my owner : sometimes I like to get my groove on with my favorite lady( Mrs. McLuvin'), and I do admit that sometimes we get a little too carried away. Anywho, my owner (Marquis de Sade), tells us to get a room. I think he's just jealous. While I'm making sweet love to my sweet blow-up doll, the jerk brings a box of Shake-n-Bake into the room and sits it right beside my love nest. Talk about a mood killer! Not for me, but my luscious lady deflates (literally). So if anyone else thinks this behavior is unacceptable, please send the ASPCA to my home. I'll probably be under glass by then. And know... I don't taste like chicken!

Wagner's 18542 Cracked Corn, 10-Pound Bag Review:

I've been in my garden/patio apartment for about 8 months now. About 4 months ago, a pair of Muscovy ducks showed up in my fenced patio. (I didn't know they could fly since they're so ugly) ;) Anyway, I started feeding them my scrap and stale bread and they just gobbled it up. I started reading about the Muscovies and learned that bread, all the time, is not good for them.

Got my bag of Wagner's Cracked Corn in this afternoon. Drew back my patio shade and there were Ward and June waiting for their bread. I threw out a double handful of the cracked corn and I thought June was going to,,, well, you know. My Muscovy couple were happy as ducks eating corn. Imagine that.

I like feeding them corn better than something processed like bread even though I love a good sour dough bun every now and then. I will definitely buy from Wagner's again.

Wagner's 76025 Four Season Oil Sunflower Seed, 10-Pound Bag Review:

I got this 25 lb bag of black oil sunflower wild bird seed for only $15/98! FAB price her on Amazon! I have paid this same amount for much smaller bags on Amazon before (5 lb bags, 8 lbs, etc). What a super find for this HUGE bag! The birds all seem to love it! As long as the price remains this low, I will always buy my black oil sunflower seeds from Wagner on Amazon! They seem very fresh and it gets a ton of birds to my feeders each day, all day long! The only drawback is that where the smaller Wagner seed bags had a great velcro closure, this huge 25 lb does not. I wish they would add one, as it really helps to keep the seeds fresh for a longer period, and it avoids accidental spills.

Originally in our feeders, I went with only striped sunflower seeds (which cardinals and bluejays are said to like, and house sparrows are not supposed to like at all), plus I went with safflower seeds (which cardinals are said to LOVE, and which house sparrows are supposed to dislike, as well as are the squirrels). WRONG! The house sparrows either ate the safflower, or they would kick them down to the ground, trying to get to the other seeds in the mix (namely the black oil sunflower ones). The squirrels LOVED finding and eating the safflower seeds that fell on the ground. The cardinals, on the other hand, seemed to hate the safflower seeds. They would eat for a few seconds, and then leave. As for the striped sunflower seeds? Well, the bluejays weren't thrilled. They only ate them when all of the peanuts in shell were gone. lol The cardinals didn't care for the striped sunflower seeds at all. ugh The sparrows were too busy kicking around the safflower to really pay attention to the striped ones. The only birds that loved the striped sunflower seeds were the fat doves. They loved to sit on them in the tray feeder! lol When they flew away, a trail of striped sunflower seeds would fall to the ground, which of course the squirrels LOVED to munch on. Wow, what an ecosystem I had going --- but I was not attracting the birds I wanted most: Cardinals and Blue Jays. I finally gave up and gave in to giving all of the birds what they wanted -- Black Oil Sunflower Seeds! Everyone seems happy now: Cardinals, Purple Finches, Doves, Squirrels, Crows, and an array of other birds. They all visit the bird feeders many times each day. I love watching them. It's especially funny as we have one feisty squirrel who plays "bouncer", and will run off the other squirrels and doves when he feels there are too many around. lol Everyone seems happier now that the black sunflower seeds are the main seed on the menu. The Blue Jays and Titmice, however, seem to love only the peanuts. :) And the cutie pie goldfinches (and purple finches) are happy that they get their thistle seed all to themselves.

Wagner's 62047 Nyjer Seed Bird Food, 2-Pound Bag Review:

2/20/19 I am on my 9th bag of Wagner's finch nyjer. I put up my first feeder 1/10. It was found in an hour by the first finch. I have 12 feeders that have 20 perches each (Droll Yankee's DROCJTHM36Y 617407660883 Hanging Tube Bird Feeder, 36 Inch, Beige from Amazon). I have had all perches filled and the air filled with fluttering finches, fighting to get a perch. At the same time I counted 75 finches eating the seed on the ground below the feeders. I am estimating easily another 60 in the air and on the tree limbs surrounding the feeders. I will include links to a couple Dropbox videos later today. One video, with sound, will show all the perches filled. Another taken this morning will show how much the finches ate before 1100 this morning, and them fighting for the remaining perches. Wagner is welcome to use my link or the video for advertising (want to chip in on the nyjer, Wagner?) I plan to take more videos as the males turn more gold and before they migrate north.

Wagner's 57075 Safflower Seed, 5-Pound Bag Review:

The quality is compatible to what I have found at specialty shops for birds.

After reading through reviews of this brand, as well as others, I wanted to just make note of a couple points that should help others. ( not so much having to do with this brand, as with safflower seed in general)

First, mixing it in with other seed types, such as sunflower seeds or millet, is pointless, and defeats the purpose iif one's goals are to deter certain birds or animals from being attracted to the feeder.

Secondly, although it's not the preferred seed, sparrows WILL eat it. Some squirrels MAY eat it. (Chipmunks love it! But who could begrudge a chipmunk, right?)

GRACKLES won't eat it though. And that is why I buy it, and use it in the tray feeders from late March through August. Sometime in August each year, the grackles leave for the cornfields, and we don't see them in the yard again until the following spring.

We live in Maryland, and there is an open field behind our yard, which is probably why we have more of a problem with grackles than someone who lives in a more "condensed" suburban neighborhood.

Year round I keep one of those little globe type feeders for clinging birds, and it is hung inside a metal squirrel proof cage. This feeder has the black oil sunflower seeds in it. That way, the chickadees, titmouses, and other clinging small songbirds have safe access to their favorite seeds. Sparrows do eat from it some, but they can only do it one bird at a time, so they don't go through it like they will in a tray feeder, its kind of a pain refilling that little globe so frequently, but, it's worth it to me to have a dedicated feeder for the small songbirds.

Back to the Wagner's brand... It's good, seems fresh, not a lot of debris in the bag. Hope this helps :)

Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Parakeet Food Review:

I love this seed for my parakeets.. My older one was looking rather poorly, and went into a protracted moult. I got him a male cage mate, and they loved each other right away. However, I decided that he needed a dietary change. I love Kaytee seed products, even for wild birds. Since digestion is the key to immunity, I decided to try this probiotic formula. Both birds are livlier, more vocal, and just seem happier. My older bird perked right up. This is my second order of the seed from Amazon. I was upset, though, to find that one of the bags of seed had torn open from a book, and two CD's packed on top. There is loose seed all over the inside of the box. I would like to suggest that you double bag the bird seed, in an outer plastic bag. Other than that, I am pleased with the product, the price, the speed of shipping. Just please protect the bags of seeds better in packing and transit. Thank you.