Best Bike Taillights in 2020

Ascher USB Rechargeable LED Bike Tail Light 2 Pack, Bright Bicycle Rear Cycling Safety Flashlight, 330mah Lithium Battery, 4 Light Mode Options, (2 USB Cables Included) Review:

These work perfectly for me - I ride a recumbent tricycle, so finding tail lights that I can use is a bit of a challenge. The mounts, being soft rubber, were able to fit around parts of my seat, at about shoulder height as I ride, one on either side. They are very pleasingly bright, and being able to recharge them via USB is very convenient.

My sole complaint is that they are also quite SMALL - the part that lights up is about the size of a AA battery.

Still, as bright as they are, and using _both_ of them, I'm quite pleased with how they're working out.

Seakcoik 4-Pack LED Safety Light Strobe Lights for Running Walking Bicycle Dog Pet Runner, Best Flashing Warning Clip on Small Reflective Set Flash Walk Night High Visibility + Free Bonuses Review:

Five stars for hopefully saving lives. While out and about at night in our car, we inevitably see a runner, biker, even walkers walk right out in front of us but in the lack of light and them also wearing only black has given us a scare more than 5 times. We purchased these to hand out when we see a runner or biker in the late evening or night. So far we are batting 1,000 as all are pleased we care and have opuplaced the light on their body or bike before we even leave. We wil continue to give these out to those “in the dark.” These are are not only powerful and gives the ability to use different settings of light (steady or various ways of flickering), they are priced low enough to gift to strangers.

KEYWELL USB Rechargeable LED Safety Lights (2 Pack) - Clip on Strobe Running Lights for Runners, Joggers,Walkers,Kids,Dogs,Bike Tail Lights - High Visibility Accessories for Reflective Gear Review:

Update #2: After some switch issues on two lights and a lower review, Amy with Keywell contacted me to send replacement units with improved switches. Fantastic customer service plus the new switches feel much more positive. These lights are now perfect for me.

Update #1: Switches on 2 out of 3 units have pushed in after only a few weeks of use. The lights still work but are very difficult to switch on and off, esp. with full-finger gloves. It's a shame that such an otherwise great product has such a basic flaw.

Overall: Exceptional lights. I wish I'd come across these first. I cycle 2 hours a day in the dark. I clip these on my socks/cuffs depending on the weather and as extra lights on my backpack.

* Very compact, smaller and less weight than other rechargeable clip-ons I've used
* Long lived (I get at least 6 hours of blinking)
* Super bright
* Convenient on/off/mode switch, no need to hold the switch down for 3 seconds to turn on and off
* Only three light modes: steady, blink, and SOS. Two clicks and I'm blinking. Another two clicks and I'm off. I don't need to cycle through three speeds of blink and three levels of steady brightness.
* Easy to use, secure clip that you pinch between your thumb and finger like an old-fashioned clothespin (other clip-ons I've used have overly tough springs and awkward clips that are nearly impossible to use with summer gloves on and that actually break)
* Micro USB chargers are everywhere

Cons: None yet.

Volcano Eye Rear Bike Tail Light 2 Pack, Ultra Bright USB Rechargeable Bicycle Taillights, Red High Intensity Led Accessories Fits On Any Bike or Helmet. Easy to Install for Cycling Safety Flashlight Review:

These are great attention getting lights but they dont take up much room at all. They have several options for solid, blinking or chasing. The chasing mode is my favorite for drawing attention with out being annoying and strobing for other riders that might be behind you in your group.

They come with a very short charging cable (Im guessing but under 6") but no wall plug. They use the normal wall plugs most phones and other accessories use that have a USB port and put out 1 or 2 amps. They do have a red led to indicate they are charging and then it goes off when fully charged. They last all day on the chasing mode. I havnt tested exactly how long they last but I forgot they were left on after a morning ride and went again for a evening ride and they were still on when I got back.

They slide and clip into the mounting bracket both horizontally or vertically and stay in that possition.

All and all they are handy little rechargeable lights wirh lots of options for mounting them to bikes, strollers, and so on.

LE LED Bike Light, Bicycle Rear Light, 3 Lighting Modes, Clip On Cycling Taillight, Batteries Included Review:

These are excellent lights for a bicycle all around. I started with wanting to have a taillight on my bike for safety. Soon I was putting them in other places on the bike, until I had 61 functional LE LED safety lights pretty much all over my bike. I have them going around the frame. I have them on the smaller frame tubes in the back. They are all over my handlebar, in the bottom of the mesh on the outside of my saddlebags. I have a basket in front and it has them also.I have them on my tail trunk all around and on top. It really stands out at night. I can't go for a ride to the local Walmart at night without getting at least one compliment. I have these lights supplemented by LED flat lights, which fit under my trunk and from basket, and under my saddlebags to give it a neon look. These lights are attractive, especially at night (but they even look good during the day). My bike really stands out from the crowd. The lights are waterproof except in an extreme downpour, then 1 or 2 might get wet inside, and there is an easy cure for that. Just take them apart and dry them off, then they work like new again. I use the 1st and 2nd strobe positions, alternating them and also constant on. The battery life is surprisingly good, and when the batteries need changing, it is a quick and easy process. It's helpful to have a magnetic screwdriver but no necessary. I would highly recommend these lights, even 61 of them.

EverLightFX USB Rechargeable LED Safety Light (2 Pack) by Apace - Super Bright Bike Tail Light Works Brilliantly as Running Light for Joggers, Pets, Bicycle Strobe or Rear Clip On Lights Review:

Bought these about a week ago. Was a little unsure initially since there weren't too many reviews for the product, so I did a little digging and saw that the company makes similar products, specifically for use on bikes, that had a large number of positive reviews so I thought I would give it a try. Have only used it a couple of times on early morning runs but so far it is exactly what I have been looking for. I clip them on my reflective vest. The clips are strong and keep the lights securely in place. They have three levels of intensity of solid lights and three rates of blinking (my preference). Based on the reflections I can see on the street signs in front of me, these easily can be seen from 200 yards away (probably more). The fact that I don't need to replace watch type batteries every couple of weeks is the biggest benefit I see to these. I recharge them when I recharge my Garmin so its not a hassle at all. Even though they are rechargeable, the lights themselves are no bulkier or heavier than any similar product I have bought and used in the past (I've been through plenty). Right now, I gave it four stars because I can not yet speak to the long term durability, otherwise they would be a 5. That said, I wouldn't hesitate to buy these again. So far they perform as promised, seem to be well made, are bright and stay firmly in place.

Nkomax Smart Bike Tail Light Ultra Bright, Bike Light Rechargeable Auto On/Off, IPX6 Waterproof LED Bicycle Lights, High Intensity Rear Accessories Fits Any Road Bikes Review:

Please see bottom for update:

Really really wanted to like this tail-light as it is a great design. I don’t carry a saddle-bag, so this under-saddle mount was perfect for me. Unfortunately, the reality of this on the road is VERY different.

First off, the brightness. It is probably one of the dimmest taillights I’ve used in some time, making it dangerous to use on the road. I would rather not use a taillight at all, then to be lured into a false-sense of security.

Second, the ambient light sensor in auto-mode is pointless. On my first test ride, I was riding on a typically rainy (I live in the Pacific Northwest) morning and the light kept turning itself on and off. I get the idea that not everyone wants to use these for day-use, but the fact that you trust that it’s on and you find out from your cycling buddies that it’s not on half the time, is not the way to discover this “feature”.

I love the CNC machines aluminum housing. I feel like this thing is destined for greatness, but the weak LEDs in this thing have got to go!

UPDATE: The company reached out to me to make this transaction right. I have to respect a company that does that, so I'm voluntarily changing my rating to reflect the outstanding customer service. Given this development, I'd say it's pretty safe to, at least, give it a try. The brightness, in my opinion, is not sufficient for day use, but it might be okay for others that ride at night.

BV Bike Rear Light, Bicycle LED Taillight, Quick-Release, Weather Resistant, 1 Year Warranty, Easy to Install Cycling Safety Flashlight Review:

A nice bright light that is easy to attach to a bicycle seat post. I bought them for my kids bikes. They ride around the neighbor hood and I want them to be safe while riding around. They stay on the sidewalks, but I am still concerned for their safety. You can see the lights from about 150 yards away, they will attract your attention; if you aren't playing with your phone. The charge lasts awhile and they charge quickly. I don't know how waterproof they are yet, they haven't been exposed to any hard rain yet, just a sprinkle or two. They are a small enough size as to be out of the way and large enough to still easily handle when mounting them on the bike.

Cygolite Hotshot 2-Watt USB Rechargeable Taillight with USB Cable Review:

I have a boneyard of bicycle tail lights strewn around my garage. I commute year round in Central Oregon, 45 minutes each way. In the winter months, when the sun comes up around 8:30 AM, and goes down by 4:15 PM, that means I'm riding in the dark, coming and going. Though I choose my route carefully, there are a couple of "tight spots" along the way where I really want to be seen. During the last year or so, a variety of truly bright tail lights have come out, visible during daylight hours from quite a distance. The Cygolite Hotshot 2-Watt USB, in my mind, is the best.

Is there a noticeable difference between a 2 watt LED and a single watt? My wife, who overtakes me in her car on the way to work, says "YES!". She notes that the Cygolite is easily the brightest tail light I've ever used.

What's to like? Easily detachable/attachable. Multiple modes. Very long life on a single charge, well over 24 hours even at the brightest setting. Gotta love the USB rechargeable battery: at the end of my work week, I pop the light off my bike, charge it (2-3 hours), pop it back on, good to go for at least another week. No prying covers off, no batteries to dispose of.

What's less to like? If you belong to a group of night riders, you'll have to tone down: this light is obnoxiously bright even to some cars, much less to a fellow rider right behind you. The light intensity, in fairness, is very adjustable. Mode selection is easy, adjusting the intensity of the light took me a bit of practice, and cost me a bit of frustration.

I've been using this light for five months. I'm loving its ease of use. I'm loving that it's so bright that cars often give me far more room than I need to feel safe. It's high daytime visibility is a real plus on my recumbent. This item is a winner that has made my half dozen other tail lights obsolete. Job well done, Cygolite.

GearLight S1 LED Safety Lights [4 Pack] for Boat, Bike, Dog Collar, Stroller, Runners and Night Running - Clip On, Strobe, Warning, Flashing, Blinking, Reflective Light Accessories Review:

Second update 2/8/19: I unexpectedly received a replacement set of lights from GearLight. They included a MUCH longer screwdriver. Nice suprise, but I was still skeptical. The screwdriver worked with the replacement lights, but I didn't know if they'd hand-picked a light set to send.

But I had one light left from my original set, and the screwdriver worked well with that. I took the back all the way off and put it back on to be sure the whole process would work and it did. (One review talked about the clip being an issue, but it wasn't at all.)

So, IF the new screwdriver style is included, I'd definitely give these a five star rating. They're super bright and the two flashing options make me much more comfortable that my dog and I will be seen when walking on dark streets.

Update 1/12/19: I've had these a little less than four months and the batteries are now dead. I tried to change them with the screw driver included and the screws simply won't turn. Tried a different screw driver with a longer handle, pushing hard while turning, etc., but still no luck. So basically these are over-priced throwaways,

prior review:
These are under an ounce each, but nice and bright for being seen while running or walking in the dark. The clips grip well and are easy to use.

Each light is 2 1/4 inches high and comes with its battery installed, but you get four extra batteries too. I like having a choice of steady light, slow flash and fast flash (but I probably won't use the fast one).

I walk or run my dog twice a day, plus take runs without him. There are no sidewalks in my sub, so visibility is extra important. I have a reflective vest, and so does my dog, but I feel a lot safer with two of these on each of us!

I don't normally order things on Amazon that only have a few reviews, but these were cheap enough that I thought I'd give them a try. Glad I did!