Best Bike Racks & Stands in 2020

Bike Nook Bicycle Stand The Easy To Use Upright Design Lets You Store Your Bike Instantly in A Space Saving Handstand Position, Freeing Floor Space in Your Living Room, Bedroom or Garage Review:

I purchased this stand as a "like new" offering (saving about $5) from Amazon stating that the package was damaged but contents were ok. I have done that in the past with numerous other items with no issue. This one did come missing a screw and the strap for the front wheel. I assume this was lost from the damaged box. Not a big deal, I went to the hardware store and got what I needed. The metal for the stand is adequate, not super heavy, it does have some flex. The tool provided work but you would be better off using your own tools to assemble. Since my box came with out the strap for front wheel, which is important for this stand's sturdiness, I bought a roll of velcro to secure the front wheel and I made a strap for the frame to secure it to the stand. This really made me feel confident the bike will stay up right. I have the stand and bike on my balcony with both straps, and it is standing there solid, even in the wind. So far so good.

WaterLuu 20 Pack 2.9 Inches Ceiling Hooks Vinyl Coated Screw-in Wall Hooks Plant Hooks Kitchen Hooks,Cup Hooks Great for Indoor & Outdoor Use (10 Black+10 White) Review:

06/24/2019 - I was looking for some "decorative" hooks as I have curtains with straps, (curtain holders), to hold them back but no hooks for the straps. I purchased these primarily for this reason even though I initially only used 3 of them. These arrived today after a 7 day wait from ordering them. I was a bit surprised as they were larger and heavier than what I really wanted. These would be excellant for holding heavier items such as pots and pans as well as awkward tools that just don't fit into a toolbox.
There are 10 white hooks and ten black hooks. I used a drill to establish a hole, using a smaller size drill and not going in as deep as the screw. This plan worked fine as the hook screw had something to bite into thus assuring a more secure fitting.
I will probably find uses later on for the other hooks. I would recommend these for heavier use although they do the job that I wanted fine. They just are a bit large and stand out. Another plus is that they have a lining on the hook itself to protect whatever it is used for.

Steadyrack Classic Bike Rack Review:

Great for saving space without compromising accessibility. No more ‘ceiling hoist’ racks requiring Dad to get the bikes down. Now everyone, including my kids, get their own bikes down AND put them away

- Easy to use
- Quick access saves time
- saves space
- Allows bikes to swing or pivot against the wall
- Bikes can be mounted as close as 14” apart and still pivot against the wall
- Relatively simple installation and online videos available
- Simple to put bike up and down
- not the cheapest solution
- Drywall anchors included are inadequate (try and use a wall stud)

I use the fender racks to hold two 26” beach cruisers with large front fenders. The bikes are held vertically with the rear tire just off the ground. Just tip the bike up on its rear wheel and roll it onto the rack. Then swing the bike to the side until the handlebar is against the wall (tires remain against wall while bike rotates side to side).

Installation considerations:
- Installation instructions state bikes can mount as close as 14”. This works for similar bikes (two beach cruisers or two mountain bikes), but with different types the handle bars can interfere with each other. You need to move them farther apart or stagger one higher off the ground (impacts ease of storage/retrieval)
- Drywall anchors included are totally inadequate. Do not use these to mount into Sheetrock without a stud. I used Snaptoggle anchors (Home Depot, etc.).

One reviewer marked this product down for the poor wall anchors. This isn’t unique to this product, included anchors are usually junk. Weight bearing items usually mount to a wall stud for support. I prefer not to pay extra for a product to include quality anchors, and if needed I purchase my own.

If your priorities are space and convenience I strongly suggest you look at this rack. The ceiling racks I used were hard for my wife and I to use, and way too difficult for my kids. The bikes just weren’t getting used. I hope this review is helpful in selecting a bike storage solution.

Impresa Products 4-Pack Bike Hook/Hanger - Heavy-Duty, Fits All Bike Types, Wide Opening, Easy On/Off - Perfect Hooks/Hangers for Garage Ceiling and Wall Bicycle Storage and Hanging Review:

Installation took 2 minutes once I located the stud: drill a 1/4" hole into stud, countersink drywall with 1/2" bit so threads can penetrate all the way to the shank, and then hand-screw in the hook. Hook is strong enough that I was able to almost lift off the floor before I felt the hook starting to bend (and I weigh just over 200 lbs) so no worries holding a bike. And there is plenty of clearance in the opening for me to slide my 2.25" tires in. I've noted that a couple other reviews mention that the threads aren't very long when used through drywall but as long as the whole screw part goes into wood it will be fine, just make sure to cut a whole through wallboard big enough for the shank to slide into until it gets all the way to the stud (1/2" was a tad large, 3/8" would probably be about perfect)

Dirza Bike Rack Garage Wall Mount Bike Hanger Storage System Vertical Bike Hook for Indoor Shed - Easily Hang/Detach - Heavy Duty Holds up to 65 lb with Screws Black Review:

These hangers are sturdy and well built. I’ve got four bikes hanging from them in my garage now, and will add a fifth as soon as the final hanger is delivered tomorrow. The hooks don’t move - thus as several reviewers have noted, the top screw (nearest the hook) is hard to put in because the hook blocks access with a screwdriver or electric drill. I drilled a pilot hole into the cleat I mounted on the wall, then used a small hex head screw instead of the deck screws provided. I tightened that screw into place with a small wrench. BTW, I would strongly recommend against using the provided drywall anchors. Screw into a stud or a wooden cleat that’s screwed to the wall instead.

Also, as others have pointed out, the deck screws that come In the package are cheap and made of soft metal. Substitute better quality screws, drill pilot holes, and you’ll have a better time putting these on the wall. My only criticism of these hangers is that if you use them to hang multiple bikes side by side, you’ll need to leave enough room between them to jockey a bike to the right when putting it up or taking it down. If your bikes are hung too close to one another, you’ll hit the bike beside the one you’re moving as you hang it or take it down. I have the hangers up sixteen inches apart, and then hang the bikes alternating between handlebars up and handlebars down. This is a little tight, but definitely navigable. All in all, these hangers are sturdy and I love how they create more floor space in my garage!

Delta Cycle Michelangelo Review:

This bike rack is incredible and here's why:
1) It leans against the wall and requires no bolts or screws to hold in place (although it comes with anchoring hardware).
2) It's designed so it leans against the wall and the more weight you put on it, the more secure it is against the wall. This is a very sturdy bike rack.
3) Not sure where it's made, but it's very solid. The paint is thick, the arms are robust, and the rubber protectors are thick too. Once the screws (they seem like stainless steel) holding it together are fastened, it feels very secure.
4) It's nice to get the bicycles off the ground. I have 2 bikes on this rack and the tires on the bottom one are about 6-8 inches off the ground. That doesn't seem like much but having the tires elevated makes cleaning under the bikes very easy and convenient.
5) The price is great.
6) Setup is very simple and quick.

StoreYourBoard Cargo Box Ceiling Storage Hoist, Rooftop Carriers, Hi Lift Pro Garage Pulley, Hanger Rack Review:

This is a slick little product and totally worth the price. I was going to build my own rack to store my cargo/ski carrier but luckily decided to look on Amazon and found this. Quality is good, pretty easy to install (several video tutorials are available). It's so nice being able to hoist something up from the ground vs. having to lift it into place.
Do be aware that between the ceiling mounts and the hanging pulleys, even when fully hoisted whatever you are lifting up will still be about 8" from the ceiling. So the height of your object + 8" is about how far from the ceiling the bottom of your object will be....something to consider if you plan to walk under it and have less than 9 foot ceilings. Side note, since the upper shell of my cargo rack has a fiberglass lip overhang, I shimmed 2x4" under the hanging straps at that point so the straps would not depress the lip and deform it if stored that way for a long time....I had the green straps super tight as I wanted it to hang as tight to the ceiling as possible so I could walk under it.

FLEXIMOUNTS Add-On Storage Hook Accessory for Ceiling Rack, 2-Pack (Utility Hook x 2, Black) Review:

Bought 8 of these, they attach easily in 2 seconds, and am using them to hang bikes and a few other items. Exactly what I needed to add even more storage organization to my garage, and even have room under the bikes to place small items out of the way.

Convenient, easy to use attachment to the solid overhead storage.

RAD Sportz Bicycle Hoist Quality Garage Storage Bike Lift with 100 lb Capacity Even Works as Ladder Lift Premium Quality Review:

This is a excellent hoist. As mentioned in other reviews, the hooks on this hoist are not quite J shaped. On some seats they may shift and move as you try to raise the bike. To remedy this just use a small piece of rope, place the center of the rope under the front of your seat, then push both ends thru the hole on the hook assembly, pull the loop snug and tie a knot. Whenever you start to hang the bike just place the loop over the front of seat, and place the hooks on back of seat like you normally would. now, even if the bike gets bumped hard it's not going to slip off. I added pics to show the loop.

Take your time, use a 2 x 4 or 2 x 6 that you can mount to the studs in ceiling for an easier setup. Make all your measurements and mark and setup the board on the floor , and save your self some time on the ladder. The mounts are as wide as a 2 x 4. Remember to leave enough room for the bike to clear the wall. I you are mounting multiple bikes leave enough room or stagger for handlebar clearance from each other so that all bikes can have their rear tires toward the release pulley. This will allow you to easily make the angle necessary to release the pulley and lower the bike, as you will need to be towards the front of the bike. Don't cut the rope until you are completely finished and can tell how much slack is left when the bike is on the ground. Overall the setup is very simple, after the first one you will be a pro.

The only real issue I had was that the included screws tended to strip when using powerful drivers so either pre drill holes or use some screws of higher quality.