Best Bathroom Vanity Sink Tops in 2020

Monarch Abode 19003 Classic White Hand Hammered Oval Drop-in Bathroom Sink (17 inches) Review:

I bought this sink to put into a bathroom vanity that I built. It looks exactly as pictured and was very easy to install. It came with a template for the cutout, so it’s as easy as cutting it out and dropping it in. It is surprisingly lightweight, but seems to be well made. I can’t attest to the longevity of it since it was just installed, but so far so good.

American Standard 0321.026.020 Declyn 4-Inch Centerset Wall Mount Sink, White Review:

This sink was a "drop in" replacement for a 50 year old version of the same sink. The old sink had a rectangular overflow and a tiny center hole for the drain mechanism that was too small for a modern three hole faucet. It was not necessary to change the old bracket. The old sink came off by disconnecting the plumbing and then wiggling while pulling up at the back (there were no screws through the porcelain).

Glazing on this sink was not completely uniform on top, mainly due to some surface irregularities on the top. Quality was about 15 to 20 percent lower than the sink it replaced, which was still useable after 50 years - good enough. For the money, this is an excellent wash-up station or "gas station lavatory" type sink. Modern 1-1/4" drain hardware and typical three hole faucet hardware fit fine with no leaks or mechanical issues.

If installing this, it would be a good idea to avoid putting the tile and grout (if any) above the sink top in the rear in a manner that prevents the sink from sliding up for removal. The people that installed the 50 year old sink of the same type grouted and tiled the siink in place, so we had to remove the tile to allow the old sink to come off.

We had to replace the shut off valves and snake the wall drain, if this is your first time dealing with it, you might want to check those items and of course measure the trap setup. Penetrating oil is good to put on the fittings the night before taking it all apart. We had to get the valves at a hardware store, but all went well.

KOHLER K-2356-8-0 Archer Drop-In Bathroom Sink with 8-Inch Centers, White Review:

My size requirements were exacting, so I read most of the customer reviews of this before buying it. One reviewer commented that, since it's porcelain, the actual finished size might vary. Turned out to be true. As received my sink was 3/8" smaller L-R and 1/4" smaller F-R than the advertised size. Not wishing to endure the hassle of sending it back, I "made it fit." The template included with the sink did not match, despite being correct according to Kohler's instructions, so I essentially ad-libbed the opening cut. Other than that, the sink is beautiful & I'd use Kohler again.

Resilia Diamond Plate Under The Sink Mat, 2' x 4', Black Review:

Hi, after reading the reviews I chose to cut it a couple of inches larger than was needed on each side and the back. Then I pushed the back corners in on themselves and duct taped the back to hold it. Now I've got a fully functional plastic cover with edges. I like the front open so when water drains out, I can spot it. What caused me to buy this mat was that I had I had a water filter leak. It just seeped a little drips about a quarter cup over 8 hours but it really got all the wood underneath the old shelf liner. I doubt I'll have any trouble with this mat. It is thick plastic that trims easily with a utility knife.

Nantucket Sinks UM-13x10-W 13-Inch by 10-Inch Oval Ceramic Undermount Vanity Sink, White Review:

This sink is pettite, but provides the functionality that's needed, and leaves ample countertop space. We only had a tight 6' x 7.5' space to build an en-suite bathroom in a basement apartment. I didn't want to spend a lot on a vanity, so I bought this sink used from Amazon Warehouse Deals. I already had a Crosley kitchen island ( that I wasn't really using. So, I had faucet and sink holes cut into the granite top and painted the cabinet white.

Monarch Abode Hand Hammered Oval Sink (17 Inches), Copper Review:

Great sink, simple installation by our plumber, the cutout template in the packaging made the fitting aspect super easy for us. Caring instructions were pretty useful since I wasn’t sure what I would use to clean it, but they clearly state to only use water and a soft cloth – so we definitely make sure we clean it after use (especially after brushing our teeth since toothpaste is corrosive). Excited to see how this patinas over time!

Really like the quality of this sink at such a great price!

Nantucket Sinks UM-16x11-W 16-Inch by 11-Inch Rectangle Ceramic Undermount Vanity, White Review:

Purchased two of these for our master bathroom facelift project where we're ousting a contractor-grade cultured vanity top that sat upon a beautiful, custom-built cherry vanity cabinet, and replacing it with a custom quartz top. Given the layout of the vanity base with cabinets left and right with a center stack of drawers, we needed a pair of smaller sinks in order to center them above the cabinet doors and so alignment could be made with new recessed medicine cabinets and lighting I'm doing. I found only 3 manufacturers with this size rectangular sink, one was 50% more expensive per sink and one needed 5 weeks to deliver, but Amazon came through with these Nantuckets with free Prime two-day delivery that helped me make the window of opportunity with the countertop fabricator!

First, these came in TRIPLE PACKED boxes - that's right, the sink was placed in a thick, perfectly sized box that was then placed in a larger box with solid sheet Styrofoam cushion around all sides and completely filling all air space between the inner and outer boxes, and then overpacked into a third super heavy wall box! To add on top of that, Amazon fulfillment dropped both of these well-packed sinks into a single, heavy duty box labeled up "fragile" and "heavy." When I dropped them off to the fabricator, they couldn't believe the packaging, and these guys handle at least a thousand sinks a year!

Second, the glazing was flawless on both sinks and the white was perfectly matched between them. I have the discriminating eye of an engineer, and there were no defects whatsoever! A nice touch was that each sink came with trim rings for the overflow.

Third, both sinks were nearly perfectly square and definitely in tighter tolerance than the big-name brand I put in 3 bathrooms of our prior home! Also, the undermount lip was of high flatness meaning it will bear against the quartz cleanly without a noticeable gap.

I couldn't be happier with these and am looking forward to having the new top set next week!

KOHLER K-2214-0 Ladena Under-Mount Bathroom Sink, White Review:

Just a note to confirm that the packaging on this item is questionable as other reviewers have implied. The first sink arrived in 8 pieces even though the box was intact. Thursday morning, I set up a return and sent a request to customer service that the sink be sent to arrive overnight . I got no response so that afternoon I tried to cancel. (My contractor had planned to install it the next day because he had another job scheduled the following Monday. We needed it Friday.) So I tried to cancel the shipment, but was told it had already been shipped that afternoon and that I could return it later.

It turned out my contractor was sick the next day and had to come back on Monday. And on Monday the sink arrived. The normal four day delivery had turned into a two - day plus weekend delivery.

Great job, Amazon. And I didn't have to return the second sink.

The sink itself is beautiful. It has great depth and is undermounted in a rough black granite counter top.

Home Style Fabric Sink Skirt Mosaic Stitch Platinum Silver Grey Review:

I ordered this to dress up my outdated bathroom when I sold my house. It was absolutly perfect! The fabric had the perfect design & texture....bathroom looked soooo nice!! The first one was ripped when it arrived but the next one was fine. Did the job, product exactly as described & shipping was fast, delivery perfect!

KOHLER K-2882-0 Verticyl Undermount Bathroom Sink, White Review:

I love the two rectangle sinks we purchased for our recent bathroom remodel. They look very Mediterranean in conjunction with the tile on the countertop. Absolutely gorgeous. Makes me want to brush my teeth more often, ha, ha.

The undermount is not easy to install however. But as long as you have an experienced tile professional, they’ll overcome that.