Best Bath & Shower Sets in 2020

Spa Luxetique Lavender Spa Gift Baskets for Women, Premium 10pc Gift Baskets with Spa Tote Bag, Best Gift Sets for Women - Luxury Home Spa Gift Set with Bath Bombs, Body Butter, Lotion, Bath Puff. Review:

This gift set is absolutely gorgeous!! I’m serious, I would expect to pay a lot more for everything you get!!
First the tote it comes in is beautiful 💗. I want one in all colors!! Then the products, oh my, they smell sooo good!!! I LOVE the Body Lotion, Hand Cream and the Body Butter! Let’s talk about the shower gel.. I felt like I was in a room full of roses! It did not make my skin dry or itchy at all. I can imagine the bath salts, bath bombs and bubble bath would be the same (just haven’t got to them yet)
I am totally getting more of these as gifts for my daughter in laws.

Ultra Gentle Sensitive Skin Body Wash by Tree To Tub - pH 5.5 Balanced Fragrance Free Body Wash. Eczema Body Wash for Women and Men, with Wild Soapberries Organic Aloe Vera 8.5 oz Review:

While on my quest to reduce fragrance and artificial products, I ran across this brand. I am happy to say that this is no trial and error product! I have never heard of this brand prior to Amazon and unlike most household name companies, Tree To Tub’s products are truly for sensitive skin. There is zero fragrance besides the mild, natural scent of the soapberries (which they give you along with your package as pictured above). This is my second time ordering, as you can tell from the empty bottle and my skin is thanking me; my bank account is just a little angry. This soap is definitely on the pricey side, especially for a struggling college student, but for the sake of reducing unnecessary chemicals in my daily life, it is worth it.

Bath Set for Women - Body&Earth 8 Pcs Gift Basket with Cherry Blossom & Jasmine Scent, Includes Bubble Bath, Shower Gel, Body & Hand Lotion, Bath Salts and More, Perfect Gifts Set for Home Relaxation Review:

This cherry blossom gift basket exceeded my expectations. I Purchased this for my sister’s birthday and I had a budget. I was thrilled to see that there were seven full sized cherry blossom Beauty products! My sister is going to love this! I subscribe to several subscription beauty boxes that cost way more than this and do not have as many full size products as I had in this basket! This is a great value because I feel like I received many quality products for the money!

Bath Gift Basket Set for Women: Relaxing at Home Spa Kit Scented with Lavender and Jasmine - Includes Large Bath Bombs, Salts, Shower Gel, Body Butter Lotion, Bath Oil, Bubble Bath, Loofah and More Review:

The scent is just lovely — Lavender and Jasmine. The bath bombs are non staining like others I have used that have heavy dyes used that stain the tub. I bought one for my daughter-in-law who really loved it! So I bought another for my best friend’s birthday. It has a small cosmetic bag included that is very nice. Bubble Bach, shower gel and so much more make this a pampering spa experience!!

Purely Northwest Foot and Toenail Kit with 16 oz Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak, 9 fl oz Antifungal Tea Tree Oil Foot & Body Wash and 1 fl oz Tea Tree Nail Blend. Review:

For YEARS I have struggled with toenail fungus. I have tried everything to get rid of it, including home remedies, prescription medications, and having my toenails completely removed at the doctor’s office. Nothing ever helped to get rid of it. Recently I decided try another product basically as a last resort. I came across this and didn’t have much to lose, so I purchased it. Since I have never had any luck with tea tree oil in the past, I wasn’t expecting much, but decided to try it since it also included the soak and the soap with the oil. I started using the soap and the oil daily on my nails. In addition I filed down the top of my nail a bit before washing every day, so the product could penetrate my nail even more to fight the fungus (tip I learned from my foot doctor). By filing my nail, washing it with the soap, and putting the oil on once daily, I have already noticed a world of difference from before I started using the product! I have only been using this for about 2 months, but I plan on continuing as long as it keeps helping! For someone who had never had any luck with treating toenail fungus in the past, I can not say enough good things about this product! It is reasonably priced, so why not try it? I was close to giving up and had lost all hope, and now I have hope that my nails will actually get clear in the future! I even recently went to my foot doctor and she noticed how my nails actually look like they are clearing up! Highly recommend!!

Bath and Body Gift Basket For Women and Men – 9 Piece Set of Vanilla Coconut Home Spa Set, Includes Fragrant Lotions, Extra Large Bath Bombs, Coconut Oil, Luxurious Bath Towel & More Review:

I bought this for my daughter who just became a teenager. She’s growing up and wants more grown up things so I decided to buy her a gift basket so she can have plenty of girly toiletries at her dads house. She absolutely loved the amount of items included in the basket and she loved the smell even more.

Dove Men+Care Everyday Gift Pack, Clean Comfort, Review:

I'm a (straight) female + i just love the scent of all of these products. Idky i just like the smell of guy deodorant + cologne etc. I smell great. the body wash has beads in it which i love for exfoliating the skin - and it's not even abrasive, like yessss, please remove my dead skin dove.

ugh, adore. super cheap. shipping was pretty fast. will def purchase again.