Best Bass Guitar Beginner Kits in 2020

Pocket Guitar Practice Neck, Upgraded Version 6 Fret Portable Guitar Chord Practice Tool for Beginner Review:

Just started taking guitar lessons, and I was looking for extra tool to help me learn chords, fingering positions, and being comfortable with the fret board in general. This has been a great addition that helps me practice all those things, especially when I'm traveling when I don't have my guitar with me or late at night when I don't want to disturb the household on my guitar. The frets resemble the ones on my guitar in terms of spacing and string tension, so very nicely done there. It's no substitute for needing to practice on the guitar itself -- it's one thing to practice chords and another to finger them and transition from one to another while picking or strumming and needing to keep up with the music. But it's still a very helpful tool to pick up for a few minutes and work on muscle memory.

Ibanez GSR Mikro Compact Electric Bass Guitar (Black) w/ Free Ibanez Gig Bag Review:

I Bought this combo as a guitar player wanting to dabble with bass for home recording, and once I set up the bass it plays well. It is a fantastic value for the price. Fit & finish on the bass are well done. I might upgrade some of the electronics... we'll see...
Only reason I'm not giving it 5 stars, is because the gig bag (which otherwise fits the instrument like a glove) is actually too short. The headstock sticks out of the end of the bag by a couple of inches. odd, given that the bag purports to be specifically for the Mikro bass (its labelled with the Ibanez Mikro logo...)
Fortunately for me I live where there's no snow, but if it's raining, I guess I'll resort to a plastic bag & an elastic band over the top... a little inelegant...
Kudos to Matt at Gear Tree. I contacted him to let him know about the gig bag's size issue, & he says they must have sent the guitar version of the bag (so there's a Mikro guitar too!) by mistake & he is shipping the bass bag now. Also, they let me get the dark walnut finish instead of the black for this deal.
Great customer service!!

Ibanez IJXB150B Jumpstart Bass Package Walnut Sunburst Review:

This is my first bass guitar, so do not expect me to have an ear out for anything a more experienced musician would notice. Straight out of the box, everything worked and I saw no issues. Within 5 minutes of getting home and seeing my bass had arrived I was tuning with the very user friendly tuner and ready to start playing.

I have now been practicing for about two weeks and can say for sure this is a fantastic purchase for anyone wanting a beginner's kit. There are just enough accessories to get started, but not enough to get confused. I would not recommend using the included amp for any gigs, however it is great for fooling around, practicing, and would be fine in a jam session or during lessons. Everythng included is useful and has kept me encouraged to practice daily. My only complaints are a couple very minor defects in the finish around the hardware on the body and a bit of rattling in the head. Both could be fixed easily, and in fact I was already planning to paint the body, so I'll find whatever is loose in the head when I take it off.

Guitar Practice Neck, Ohuhu Pocket Guitar Fingerings and Chord Changes Practice Tool Review:


This is for practicing your chords or fingering for a guitar, and does not make a pleasant sound if strummed. This is a neat tool to use on the go, if you're waiting in line at the DMV, passing time in a waiting room or something like that. It's great in the sense that you don't have to disturb other people around you while pracitcing.

Also would recommend if you want to teach your kid how to play guitar, this is a great way to start. No need to buy them an instrument if they don't have the dedication to learn chords. So you have them practice on this until they learn muscle memory of the main chords and then you can buy them a guitar.

I gave 4 stars because the outside is a little cheapy feeling plastic. But for what it is, it works great! Also comes with an extra set of strings in case you break one.

Squier by Fender PJ Electric Bass Guitar Beginner Pack with Rumble 15 Amplifier - Black Finish Review:

I suffered a TBI in Afghanistan years ago and lost all my memories of how to play bass. This set is pretty high quality and I enjoy this bass amp kit. It is as advertised. Great value for the price!!! Great for beginners... I should know, I started learning or relearning as soon as I got it. Well packaged and high quality all the way around.

Pocket Guitar Practice Neck,Beaucares Finger Exercise 6 String Portable Guitar Trainer for Beginner MUST-HAVE Chord Practice Tool Review:

Good for it’s intended purpose. Practicing Chord forms and Scales. String spacing is off. Action is a tad too low. Not enough tension for callus building even if you tighten the strings. I believe if you lengthen the strings when you change them, it’s possible to keep tension on them longer. For the price, they’re likely mass produced/machined; Therefore, they lack craftsmanship. If you intend to give it to a child.... Make sure you have a file. The frets are somewhat sharp at the ends. Nothing a file and 30 minutes won’t take care off.

Pocket Guitar Practice Neck, EONLION 6 Fret Portable Guitar Chord Practice Tool for Beginner Review:

I'm a complete beginner on guitar, playing about two months now. I've found this item to be pretty handy, particularly when I don't have access to my instrument. And speaking of instruments, this product is not one! It is a soundless tool that gives you a basic simulation of a guitar neck. It's something to place your fingers on and run through chord shapes. The spaces between the strings are a bit wider than my own guitar, but that's not too much of a bother. The strings themselves are steel, and can be adjusted with the provided wrench. The nut is flat, so even with tightening, the strings lay flat against the fretboard - there is no height, so there is no "action." Still, I think this is a useful tool for finger placement and chord memorization.....

Ohuhu Bass Guitar Neck (B01DVI48AU) Review:

This product is awesome. I can practice for dexterity and muscle memory anywhere. It's light and does NOT make sound in public. Basically made for people who are serious about practicing. Do not buy if you just want a super tiny guitar for fun. It's not a guitar.

What this product is not:
-As mentioned, is not a product that produces sound. It's meant for finger placement exercising.
-Is not tunable. The wrench is to tighten strings for tension to make it more realistic feeling. Again, does not produce sound.

-Good quality. Esp for the price.
-Comes with extra strings, wrench, and case! Again for the price, awesome!
-The frets are a little spaced out, more than my guitars, but I guess it's good for dexterity... Don't know if it's a pro or con, but I'll choose to make it a positive thing.
-Super light. Very portable. Extends long enough to hold comfortably, and not too short so that it's awkward.

-The frets are a bit sharp on the edges... I don't have a metal filer to file it down, so I'll have to figure something out.
-Initially difficult to open. Just have to push slightly downward and away with thumb really hard the first time to loosen its grip. It's easier afterward.

Ohuhu Pocket Guitar Practice Tool (1-Pack) Review:

First, this is NOT a “pocket guitar”, so if that’s what you’re searching for, you are doomed to disappointment. It’s a practice tool, pure and simple. Mine seems reasonably well made and for whatever reason includes a very nice little velvet storage bag. Its wires are thin and much harder on the fingers than actual guitar strings, which is arguably a good thing as it should more quickly build calluses (or maybe scar tissue lol). My only real criticisms are that it takes two hands to hold (due to the short length, which is necessary for its portability but greatly limits its use while driving) and the difficulty of being able to tell whether one is fouling adjacent strings. The first can’t be solved without negating its main advantage, portability, and it’s possible that the second too is strictly a function of its short length. Regardless, this is a reasonable tool for building finger strength and callusing fingers, but hardly an essential tool. I am not overly impressed, but if I lose it, I will probably buy another. And if so, I will stick to Ohuhu since this model seems to avoid many of the quality complaints of its competitors.