Best Bark Collars in 2020

PetYeah Dog Bark Collar-5 Adjustable Sensitivity and Intensity Levels-Dual Anti-Barking Modes-Rechargeable/Rainproof/Reflective -No Barking Control Dog Shock Collar for Small Medium Large Dog Review:

I have 2 labs both bark at everything that passes by and go nuts when my husband or I pull In the drive way from tearing up blinds and jumping on doors like crazy wild animals. Once we’re in the house there fine and act like the well behaved and mannered dogs they are. We bought these collars and on just day 1 they stopped the nonsense barking.! I love how the collar has the automatic intelligence and increases the levels as they bark automatically. I have tried others like Petsafe bark control collars., and bark deterents. They never worked. Once the pet safe collar was off it was on again. We have now had them for about 2 1/2 weeks., both dogs won’t bark even with it off as we have forgot to put it back on them in the mornings before we left. We have had 1 time where one of them decided to bark while we were home for no reason so we put the collar back on and left it on for 48 hours. And we had control again. Our dogs wear them from the morning when we leave until we get home from work. We take them off before they eat dinner and go to bed. Highly recommend

Authen Bark Collar Barking Control Training Collar with Beep Vibration and No Harm Shock(5 Adjustable Sensitivity Control) for Small Medium Large Dog Review:

I was going back and forth about using a barking collar on my dog who I'm obsessed with. I just knew I definitely did not want a "sock collar". This one offers the options to do a shock (which doesn't feel too harsh) or just the beep and vibrate. I have it on the beep and vibrate mode and it's working great! The vibrate really scared my dog the first few times but he is pretty much scared of everything. We took him on a walk with it on and he did not bark once at any person or dog we walked past which was a very welcome change! We also had the front windows and door open to the house so he could see outside and usually when people walk their dogs past our house (which is a lot) he loses his ever-loving mind but this time he just stood and wagged his tail! Every once in a while he still tests it out by giving a bark when he is overly excited but he quickly learns his lesson. I think eventually we won't have to use this because he will know when it is acceptable to bark but so far, this has been a dream.

The collar is a good size so it fits a lot of different neck sizes but the mechanical part is pretty small which is nice because it doesn't stick out like a sore thumb when he wears it. He doesn't seem to be bothered by it (no itching or trying to get it off) when he has it on. The collar has a reflective yellow strip which helps us to see that it is on. (We take it off when we leave the house or for bed time.)

Bark Collar [2019 Superhuman CHIP] Best for Small Medium Large Dogs, Most Effective Anti Bark Device 7 Sound and Vibro Modes, No Harmful Shock, No Pain for a Dog, Hypoallergenic (Black/Orange) Review:

I purchased this collar for my Yorkie shih tzu mix. Oscar is the most lovable dog but barks at anything that moves. Our Border Collie Cleo is older and doesn't have a barking problem. This collar warns Oscar on bark one with a high pitched noise that makes his ears go up but usually does not defer him from continuing to bark so in step 2 Oscar gets a vibration to his throat that he does not so much like. It doesn't hurt him we tried it ourselves just to make sure and the vibration actually stopped my husband from talking. Who could ask for more. Bottom line it's a great collar and serves the purpose it is intended for. So thank you for making a safe and effective product for our fur babies:)


Dog Bark Collar -7 Adjustable Sensitivity and Intensity Levels-Dual Anti-Barking Modes Rechargeable/Rainproof/Reflective -No Barking Control Dog Shock Collar for Small Medium Large dogs Review:

Two beeps on the lowest setting and my yappy Jack Russell stopped barking in his crate. I put it on him when he goes to his crate at night. After he barks once, then remains quiet, I take it off. He is silent until he yips for a bathroom break. I put it on every night just to remind him to remain quiet and then take it off. It is so simple to use. It is not something to keep on the dog all the time or to try to use in place of training but it is a great aid.

DogRook Bark Collar - Humane, No Shock Training Collar - Vibration & Sound Care Modes - Smart Adjustable for Small, Medium, Large Dogs Breeds - No Harm Deterrent Reflective Vibrating Control Collar Review:

UPDATE: This collar has CHANGED OUR LIVES! My dog has gone from a neurotic, aggressive, attacking, biting, non-stop barker to a quiet, well-behaved, sweetheart who can be in public situations, meet people, and handle new, potentially-stressful scenarios. Absolutely amazing. It has made all the difference for the correction to come from HIM, rather than from me - he fully understands that a beep means "no barking now", and he is able to be silent or use a very quiet voice without me even saying anything. This has enabled him to be relaxed and trusting instead of terrified. He never minds when we put it on him - it's as if it takes away his fear - and he knows he is allowed to run around and bark FOR A MINUTE after it's taken off. I know it won't work with every dog, but for mine, it is a lifesaver. (And he was perfect on the plane).
My 12 lb. terrier mix is a barker (to put it mildly), and is very protective of me. He has a huge attitude, based on fear, and I have tried everything to help him. I am getting on a plane in 4 days and was feeling really desperate that I would somehow have to ship him separately - every trial run to the airport in his carrier was a solid fail. I have had this collar for one day, and he caught on immediately that barking equals a beep (he got to the vibration level a couple of times and acted like he was being shocked). I will know more after my flight (oh, I hope hope hope he is able to get on the plane and be quiet under the seat) but so far, so good. I wish I'd tried it a long time ago.

Dog No Bark Collar with Smart Detection Vibration and Harmless Shock- Rechargeable Anti Barking Device for Small Medium and Large Dog (Green) Review:

As much as I hated to get a shock collar, I had to find a way to keep my dog quiet while I’m gone. (I was getting noise complaints in my apartment complex) I first tried this with no shock, which didn’t seem to change anything, but there are 7 shock levels and I set it to the lowest setting (#1) and that immediately fixed the problem. One of my roommates tested it on herself to see how much shock it was buy it wasn’t bad at all. I’ve had a couple other friends in the same situation buy this and they all have the same results. I can even put the collar on him without even turning it on now and it even fixes the barking because he’s learned what happens with it on.

Dog Bark Collar - Effective Bark Collar for Dogs Sound Vibration & Automatic 7 Levels Shock Modes Training Collar w/LED Indicator Easy to Use Dog Shock Collars Review:

This collar is fantastic so far. Using the vibration and sound feature alone, I saw that there was a significant change to the barking problem within the first three days. I had a 7-month old, almost 50 lb golden puppy. She used to bark at everything: sticks/acorns hitting the house, people entering/leaving the house, anyone opening the door or windows, hearing noises from downstairs or other rooms, the mail person leaving mail in the box, a package being delivered, etc. but now she doesn't bark at all. This device immediately calmed my dog down because she didn't want to get shocked. There is the occasional attempt to bark and whine at times, but it ends quickly thanks to the collar.
Now people can come into my home without being barked at or jumped on. They no longer bark at people walking past my house. I can take them for walks without them barking at every stranger. My life has truly been transformed. It's like a godsend to me. If you have an annoying barker, then this is the answer to your prayers.

UPGRADED Q6 Rechargeable Bark Collar - Smart Barking Detection Module w/Triple Stop Anti-False Modes: Beep/Vibration/Shock for Small, Medium, Large Dogs & Breeds - IPx7 Waterproof (15-120 LBS) Review:

First thing I did was put the collar on level 5, placed it on my hand and barked. I would never put something on my girl Sydney that I haven't tried myself. It wasn't a shock that hurts...if you've ever used a tens unit it was more like that. It was more of a muscle contraction and different levels of contraction. Though it made me feel better, I started with the no shock option. That didnt work. She could care less about the beep/vibrate! So, I set it at level 3 beep/vibrate/shock to begin with as recommended by the package insert. The 1st time it went off, I heard a spastic move in the kitchen and she ran into her crate! It was such a strong move that I dropped it to a level 1. This has been a life saver! My Australian shepherd has boundary anxiety meaning that when she is kept back from items she wants to play with or experience, she goes nuts! Walkers, runners, dogs, squirrels, cars… you name it she barks at it while running up-and-down and up-and-down the stairs. This made working from home quite difficult when you're on multiple conference calls a day. At 1st I felt like I was silencing her voice. Because when she would run outside she would run in circles at top speeds barking to say hello to all of her neighbor friends. What I thought was cute I realized could be a horrible annoyance to neighbors. Now, she'll bark once, hear the beep/vibrate and not bark again. She knows a when that beep goes off, she needs to stop. This only took her the day or 2 to learn. Because it's on a level 1 (least sensitive) within the house, she is still able to let out a little woof and grumble without the collar going off, but that's it. When outside, I up it to a level 2 increase the sensitivity. When the time comes we use power tools or the leaf blower, we will probably have to set it to a 5. When on a level 1 inside the house, she still able to bark repeatedly at anyone who approaches the front door, essentially barking through the collar bit I would expect her to do this. Once I know she has been retrained, I will put it back to the beep/vibrate mode only then hopefully stop use after that. Others may judge you for using this tactic, but you have to do what's best for your (mental sanity) family and your dog. It has really made the world of a difference for us.

Small Dog Bark Collar Rechargeable - Anti Barking Collar For Small Dogs - Smallest Most Humane Stop Barking Collar - Dog Training No Shock Bark Collar Waterproof - Safe Pet Bark Control Device Review:

Our Jack-Chi’s constant barking at us for us to throw her toys was making our house a hostile environment. We were very strict with her and were constantly scolding no because we didn’t want her to continue with such annoying behavior, the kids were getting stressed because we were on them to keep the training going, our get togethers with guests at our home were becoming less enjoyable. This collar basically fixed the issue in the first day and a week later the habit seems to be completely broken! Best investment EVER! My ONLY complaint is that with a hard shake of the head, the collar moves to the side, so I have to fix it 20x a day... and that’s with it as right as it could go, without choking our dog to death. If they could coat the inside of the monitor with something slip resistant, that might fix the problem and make this a 5 star, flawless product.

DogRook Dog Bark Collar - Humane Care Anti Barking Training Collar - Vibration No Shock Dog Collar - Stop Barking Collar for Small Medium Large Dogs - Best No Barking Control Dog Collar Review:

My daughter has three dogs who bark at every little noise. We’ve tried everything. I ordered one of these for each dog. Let me describe what happened to the worst of the barkers: I put her collar on first. She started barking as usual. The collar beeped, then beeped again, then beeped again .....she was still barking. Then the collar vibrated. She immediately stopped. Then a few minutes later she started barking and the same thing happened. The third time she barked it beeped and she stopped immediately. WHAT? We put collars on the next two, that was yesterday and they’ve had them off here and there. I foresee not needing the collars in a short amount of time. We’re all so happy. I actually think the dogs are happier too.
UPDATE: It has now been 3 weeks. The two dogs who weren’t as bad barely bark. They used to bark for no reason at all. The bad barker knows when her collar is off and takes advantage of that sometimes but then her collar goes on so hopefully that will train her. I’m changing the number of stars from 5 to 10.....if there were such a thing.
Update 8/17/18: My daughters dogs chewed through 2 of the collars. The component was unharmed BUT....getting a collar to go through those small slots on the component was impossible. Very literally we were unable to do it. I even went and bought the very thinnest collar I could find. It wouldn’t go through. Sooo. Love the collar but they might want to make bigger slots for the collar. I don’t want to spend $60 to buy 2 new collars so her dogs are back to barking.🤨