Best Baby Stroller Travel Carry Bags in 2022

Last update: November 26, 2022

UPPAbaby MINU TravelSafe Travel Bag Review:

Recently, we took advantage of it on our first trip with our infant. It's pretty compact, and I enjoy how the stroller tucks neatly within the backpack. The stroller is well-protected by the bag's plush padding. Since we own practically everything made by UPPAbaby, we are aware of how expensive some of their products may be. However, considering how much we spent on the stroller and other items, I wish their accessories weren't quite as exorbitant. We are debating whether or not to buy the carseat bag as well, but we haven't decided yet.

Itzy Ritzy Reusable Snack Bag – 7” x 7” BPA-Free Snack Bag is Food Safe, Washable and Ideal for Storing Snacks, Pacifiers, Electronics and Makeup in a Diaper Bag, Purse or Travel Bag, Fox Hollow Review:

I've owned this product for 1.5 years and use it once to five times per week. I recently purchased a new one and scrubbed both of them from the inside out. The one on the right is brand-new, while the one on the left is 1.5 years old. As you can see, this backpack has endured admirably despite being used frequently. The interior of the used bag has a very little yellow stain, but it's not particularly noticeable in person. The outside is still in brand-new condition. This is the best brand of reusable bag I've purchased so far for sandwiches and snacks out of the four that I purchased. In this bag, I've included sandwiches, potato chips, fruits, and vegetables. This bag has primarily been gently hand-washed with soap before being dried over a glass cup. However, it has already been through the washing machine once without any issues.Super attractive and doesn't cause your food to smell strange are the pros (some of the reuseable ones stink despite multiple washes)- resists stains well (ALL of my other reusable bags are stained on the inside if not on the outside too)in comparison to my other reusable bags, it is easier to open and close and effectively holds wet fruit.Cons: A little more expensive.

VolkGo Durable Stroller Bag for Airplane - Standard or Double/Dual Stroller Gate Check Bag Review:

I adore this item. I find it incomprehensible that individuals check their strollers without covers onto a filthy airline. Perfect for this cover. Reasons why1. Simple to wash in a washing machine2. Resilient3. Practical weather resistance4. It has room for more than just a stroller; it also has room for other things! nice and spacious5. Comes with straps to use as a backpack6. I appreciate that there is a space for you to write your name and phone number in case the stroller gets lost or damaged, etc.7. Many people complimented us!

Stroller Travel Bag for Airplane Gate Check Bag - Large Standard or Double Stroller Gate Check in Review:

I got this backpack for my daughter who took a Southwest flight with my 5-month-old grandson from Arizona to San Diego and back. They had never taken an airplane before. I was attempting to ease her anxiety during the flight. I needed a bag that would shield the baby's stroller from harm and keep it clean. All of that was done by this bag. According to my daughter, the bag performed admirably! TSA and the gate attendants who assisted her in putting the stroller inside the luggage complimented her on the bag. Staff at the airport made a comment on the bag's strength. They claimed to have observed numerous bags, the majority of which are insufficiently strong and end up ripping in addition to failing to shield the stroller from harm. She was complimented by airport officials for having such a nice bag. They were able to stow and retrieve the item under the plane much more easily thanks to the bag. My daughter was ecstatic about the bag! She easily maneuvered the stroller down the loading ramp while returning home while carrying it on her back using the straps. Despite the fact that the description stated that a large standard or double stroller would fit inside, I wasn't convinced the bag's size would be adequate. Her single jogging stroller, which is fairly large (more wide and awkward due to the wheels), fit perfectly in the size. I observed her quickly folding the stroller and stuffing it into the bag with minimal effort. A twin stroller would fit snugly and take a bit longer to get inside the suitcase; however, I am unsure of its size. For families traveling with strollers or other large things that may require protection, we are really happy with the quality of this product and would strongly recommend the Stroller Travel Bag for Airplane Gate Check Bag. My daughter only had a minor issue folding the bag back into the pouch. But I don't see this as a drawback. Incredible value for the money. Ideas for upcoming models: 1) The bag should be in vivid neon colors, and 2) It should have wheels for rolling in addition to the shoulder straps, albeit the wheels might make the bag heavier. NY Retail is a small business competing with large corporations. The guy who requested a review and remarks was very courteous and was genuinely interested in my opinion. I'm hoping that by reading my review, other potential customers will feel comfortable making a purchase from this vendor on Amazon.

Stroller Bag for Airplane Travel – Save Money/Travel Easy - Stroller Travel Bag by Oowap - Stroller Bag & Gate Check Bag - Fits Single, Double & Jogger Baby Strollers Review:

I knew a stroller bag was a must-have when we made travel arrangements for our Disney vacation. Airports are known for damaging luggage, and I wasn't going to let this happen to my double stroller, which cost well over $600. We received a ticket of a different hue since there weren't enough gate check passes for our return trip. We were shocked to learn that our stroller needed to go in the plane's belly when we got to the gate. All because the person who checked us in initially was too lazy to get the right tag. Knowing that I wouldn't have my stroller and that I would also have to juggle two little children while carrying a carry on made me dread getting off the plane in Cleveland. I was extremely grateful for the stroller bag as we waited at the luggage belt. Fortunately, my stroller arrived undamaged and didn't seem to have any problems. I strongly advise purchasing a bag for any travel needs. Anytime my stroller is out of my car, I use this bag as well. It's a fantastic daily tool.

Stroller Travel Bag for Airplane - Large Standard or Double Stroller Gate Check Bag Review:

The stroller bag is really large. I needed a stroller bag that would easily fit my stroller, and this one has plenty of capacity! It can hold my UppaBaby Vista stroller, a BabyBjorn bouncer, a few packs of diapers, a baby play mat, and other miscellaneous items. It also travels for free when you check a stroller bag with a flight. - When using other types of bags, either the stroller's wheels must be removed in order for it to fit, or two people are required—one to hold the bag while the other juggles the stroller inside—to fit it. My only complaint is that after the first trip, it already got dirty and covered in burn marks from being checked as luggage, but that is the airline's fault—they are not very careful with luggage! With this stroller bag, you can load the stroller in by yourself and it fits not only the stroller, but also any accessories or secondary seats, etc. The luggage has been used by me on five flights, and it probably has a few more flights left in it. Although it's not a bag you can use indefinitely, I truly appreciate it and suggest it to anyone taking a child on a trip!

Gate Check Pro XL Double Stroller Travel Bag for Airplane - Premium Quality Ballistic Nylon - Featuring Padded Backpack Shoulder Straps for Comfort and Durability (Made by The #1 Specialist Brand) Review:

I wished I could rate this bag five stars. The cloth is sturdy and seems to hold up while my extremely hefty BOB Revolution was being bounced around inside the plane's belly. The bag had scuffs, but no tears or holes. The bag did not completely cinch shut, which was my issue. Its opening measured 4-6 inches. The drawstring's clasp is weak, so even when you do get it as closed as you can, it won't stay that way. When you have to take the wheels off something like a BOB to get it in there, this is a major problem. To make it work for us, we had to modify it. Overall, it did protect my pricey stroller with the necessary changes.I was called by the company to provide my opinion on the product, and I informed them of the problem. A new model with an improved drawstring and a flap to conceal the opening will soon be available. The opening shouldn't be so large, they added. They put a lot of effort into making things right for me, and I appreciate that.

Zohzo Stroller Travel Bag for Standard or Double/Dual Strollers Review:

You guys, this bag is awesome! Let me start by mentioning that I have traveled in the past with quite inexpensive umbrella strollers and have only had to stow them in one of those red gate-check sleeve bags. They worked perfectly and prevented my stroller from being dirty at gate inspection. The bag that Zoe sells for their double Zoe XL2 v 2 stroller costs $$$$, and I recently bought one. My children are already 4 and 2, and I just needed this stroller to last us on two more outings over the course of the following year, so I couldn't afford it. I just needed something cheap to keep the stroller tidy for gate inspection. I couldn't believe it when I found this one because the sleeve-style nylon bags I found cost $30 . And now that I've received it, I'm really impressed! It resembles a camp chair because it is composed of sturdy nylon. It includes a great padded carry strap and two lovely padded handles, one on top and one on the side. I don't care if it is NOT a backpack style bag. This is ideal for my needs because I intend to use my stroller around the airport before putting it in this bag when we arrive at the gate. You can just place your stroller inside and zip it back up because it zips open. Additionally, it has two adjustable straps that link together on the top, allowing you to alter the bag's size to fit your stroller. I like how the straps can be left set at the size you need so you don't have to resize them every time you use the bag and that there isn't additional fabric flapping around. I can't comment on its durability because I haven't used it on a flight yet. I believe it will hold up well, though, just based on how it looks in person and how it compares to other bags I've used in the past. One caveat: Because it's not at all padded, I probably wouldn't check my stroller in this bag (like I would with standard checked luggage under the plane). I don't understand how it would shield your stroller from objects being hurled at it or from having large bags placed on it. but ideal for gate inspection! Update: The cushioned carry strap may be unhooked from the backpack and attached to the carrying hooks on your XL2 v2 so that it can perform two functions when you arrive at your destination.

J.L. Childress Gate Check Bag for Single Umbrella Strollers, Durable and Lightweight, Water-Resistant, Drawstring Closure with Adjustable Lock, Webbing Handle, Includes Stretch Zipper Pouch, Red Review:

Given that I think the opposite, I was forced to write this review after I noticed that the last few reviews for this product had been rather negative.Just to set the scene, I have two children and own three strollers and three car seats. Three to four times a year, my wife and I take vacations with our daughters. I've previously bought several bags to protect my strollers and car seats, but I've settled on this "gate check" bag now.As parents are aware, taking a trip with young kids involves a lot of patience and preparation. If you wish to use it more than once, you must have something to secure your belongings. I bought a bag for each of my strollers and the car seat I used when taking a plane because of this. It is evident to me that if you don't utilize a bag, your belongings may easily become damaged or unclean.Purchase the brand's hard bag if you have an expensive stroller or car seat and want to keep it in tact. No need to embellish this. This bag is excellent for the purpose for which it was designed, but since it is still made of common materials, don't expect it to live up to your expectations if you're looking for something that is bulletproof.This bag is excellent for protecting your typical stroller from everyday wear and tear while keeping it clean. It won't safeguard it against a careless or terrible bag taker. The only method to avoid those folks is to have a hard bag, which is impossible to do when you are gate checking. In other words, this is the best you can do for luggage checks at the gate.Check the appropriate size for your stroller and car seat to ensure a good fit. Every need has its own bag. The umbrella stroller size that I bought properly matched my Uppa Baby stroller. For my youngest, I recently bought another umbrella stroller, and it fit that one as well. Sorry, I can't recall the name of the stroller's manufacturer right now, but it's probably "first something." Three Graccos serve as my automobile seats. The other two are toddler car seats, and one is an infant car seat. On the three occasions I bought the bag, it was the right size for a car seat.I must admit that there have been some unpleasant flights where my bag has been torn, but those are more the exception than the rule. Generally speaking, the bag will get extremely dirty throughout a flight. After washing, that is all there is to it.I'd have to say that getting the entire bag back into the small self-contained bag doesn't need you to be a scientist, in terms of how simple it is to store. After folding it back up, I keep it inside the stroller at all times. I won't have to look for the bag while traveling if I do it that way.putting strollers or child safety seats in the bag at the gate. My rutile is quite easy. Normally, I board the plane first and leave my wife and daughters at the entrance. I return to the entrance after leaving the bags in our seats. I then folded and bagged the strollers before boarding the aircraft with my wife. It is not difficult to pack the strollers into their individual luggage. It shouldn't be a problem if you bought the correct size. Since I already knew all the tricks, it only took me a few seconds.I hope this review was beneficial to you.

J.L. Childress Gate Check Bag for Standard and Double Strollers, Durable and Lightweight, Water-Resistant, Drawstring Closure with Adjustable Lock, Webbing Handle, Includes Stretch Zipper Pouch, Red Review:

We purchased this bag to use with our Britax B-Agile stroller on a trip to New England this summer. The luggage made it through the flight up perfectly well; it only had a few minor scuffs. I wasn't concerned about that because, as other reviewers have stated, I'd rather the scuff marks were on the bag than on my stroller. On the return journey, the bag didn't fare as well and began to tear around some of the harder portions of the stroller (wheels, joints, etc). I'm pleased we have the bag because it wasn't a big deal and our stroller wasn't hurt. If we board another flight with our stroller, I may just purchase a new bag and treat these as one-time use items. I would definitely advise getting something a little more sturdy if you travel frequently. When not in use, we might cover our stroller with this bag (being stored in the attic since we have 2 littles in a double stroller now).The bag did suit our stroller well in terms of breadth, and there was extra room in terms of length. I enjoyed how easily this bag folded up into the carry case, and I appreciated another reviewer's advice to tuck the string inside the bag while it was in use (that just got tossed under the stroller for convenient transport). The white label area for printing your name and contact information and the sturdy-looking carrying handle were both handy when lugging the stroller. It's not very simple to get on while you're also managing a kid and all the necessary gear, so if you have a little child who is old enough to run off on you, you might want to ask for help. This is definitely a two-hand job.