Best Automotive Replacement Valve Cover Gasket Sets in 2020

Fel-Pro VS50530R Valve Cover Gasket Set Review:

At 358,000 miles on my 2001 Toyota RAV-4, my old valve cover gasket was toast. It had a strange behavior of leaking at random. Sometimes it would be sealed up perfectly for thousands of miles, and sometimes it would leak out all my oil in a few hundred miles. I pulled the valve cover off and the old gasket broke apart like feta cheese.

This Fel-Pro gasket was not only a perfect fit but also came in a delightful blue color instead of pragmatic black. It is soft, supple rubber that feels like it should have no problem sealing things up. Like a hot fart, I took a gamble on putting the engine together without using RTV. So far it looks like it has sealed up well.

Fel-Pro VS13264T Valve Cover Gasket Set Review:

If your looking for a leak free gasket for your small block Ford look no further. I have a SBF with AFR aluminum heads and Ford Racing Aluminum valve covers. When I went to these heads (from E7TE iron heads) I went to these valve covers and some Earl's valve cover gaskets. The Earl's gaskets were very similar in construction but not the same. They had a steel core with a rubber seal on each side. Like these FP gaskets they had a thicker shim at each bolt hole to allow you to torque the cover bolts without over compressing the gasket.

The problem with the Earl's gaskets is that they leaked shortly after installation. I tried for a long time to figure out why they were leaking and was ready to go to a different cover when I found the problem. On one of the gaskets the rubber seal had delaminated from the steel core. I would have thought the pressure from bolting the cover down would have sealed the rubber to the steel core but it did not.

When I received the FelPro gasket and inspected it I found it obvious that this gasket is more robust than the Earl's gasket I was replacing. The Earl's had a thin rubber seal on each side where the FP was much wider. The width of the rubber seal is about the same as the steel core. This gives the sealing rubber not only more strength but also more surface area to bond to the core and surface to seal to the head.

Had the Earl's gasket not delaminated I'm certain it would have worked just fine (only one head leaked, the other had no problems.) The fact is though, the FP gasket is made better and cost less. A win win no matter how you look at it.

A big advantage to these type of gaskets is that no sealant is needed and it is recommended not to use any. That makes installation easier and also dissasembly if required (I have solid lifters so I must pull the covers to adjust the valves.) Just make sure your surfaces are flat and clean and put them on.

One very important thing to note, there is a "head" side and a "cover" side to the FP gasket. You won't notice it if you're not looking for it. Most SBF VC gaskets can be installed either way so be sure to pay attention when using these.

Fel-Pro VS50639R1 Valve Cover Gasket Set Review:

The engine light in my 2004 Mazda6 4-cylinder is turned on and the car will shake and hesitate while idle and accelerating. Autozone diagnosis is to get a tune up (spark plugs and ignition coils). While replacing the sparks plug, I notice some oil in the spark plug holes number 2 and 3. It seems like the deteriorating valve cover gasket is the source of the oil leak. I got this Felpro valve cover gasket to replace the old one along with the spark plugs and ignition coils. It has been two days, and the engine light is gone and so far no more oil leak.

I give four stars because of an issue during the installation of the outside gasket (blue color). While the three little inside gasket (black color) are rather snug fit, the outside one is a bit loose. Several times the outside gasket will always fell out of its groove and dangle because it is not a tight fit when the valve cover was being repositioned. Eventually four mini bungee cords are used to hold it in its groove. After that it is easy to install the valve cover back, the bungee cords are pulled out carefully, the bolts are torqued to 6 ft-lbs and it works great.

Kohler 20 041 13-S Valve Cover Gasket Review:

Arrived promptly in well-protected packaging (not bent or crushed or twisted). It is of a composite "cork" material, so I don't expect it will be any more durable than the original. I have not yet installed it (I made my own a few weeks ago and it is working fine; when mine wears out, I'll install this one). Advice: when changing a gasket like this, be sure to clean both mating surfaces very well. Try not to leave any old gasket or any "build-ups" one the metal. Then, for good measure, use a good quality spray copper adhesive/sealant (such as Amazon item ASIN: B000HBNUDQ) to coat each GASKET surface (Don't try to spray onto the metal). Let it get "tacky" then install your gasket (the copper sealant will get on your fingers, so handle the gasket carefully so that you don't remove any sealant with your fingers). Anyway, I hope this helps!

Fel-Pro VS50614R Valve Cover Gasket Set Review:

Installed this valve cover gasket yesterday on my 2006 Honda Accord 4 Cylinder. The Fel-Pro kit came with the valve cover gasket. 6 new gasket for the valve cover itself along with the chrome caps, the original 10mm acorn nuts have to be used since this kit does not come with them which is no problem the originals worked without problem. This is a great kit for the price and worth your consideration if you are in the market for a new valve cover gasket and spark plug tube seals.

Fel-Pro VS50458R Valve Cover Gasket Set Review:

This is accepted as one of the very best valve cover gasket kits you can buy for the Jeep 4.0L engine. It comes with the little plastic spacer grommets in the package. VERY handy, to be sure. The gasket is of very high quality and fits perfectly. Watch some YouTube videos and do some online reading about this job. It is easy, but there are things you NEED to know before doing it or you could break something. So buy this, do your research, and get to work. This is a two hour job for me. One hour for a mechanic friend of mine.

I normally recommend this when someone also has to do the oil pan gasket or the rear main seal. I recommend that they do all three at the same time. It will take most of your weekend if your exhaust is really rusted in place. You will have to cut and remove the pre-cat bolts to get it off. Look up the part numbers for the originals and buy a complete set of new ones because you will probably have to destroy the old ones to get the exhaust off. Once it is off you are clear to pull the oil pan and RMS. Then the valve cover gasket is a snap by comparison. Your 4.0L engine will be very happy afterwards.

Good luck. Use the Fel-Pro stuff. It is top quality.

Fel-Pro VS 50504 R-1 Valve Cover Gasket Set Review:

Why would you only sell one secondary air injection gasket when you sell two valve cover gaskets????
The 99 Pontiac Trans am LS1 have 2 valve covers and 2 secondary air injection lines. Each of the 2 lines get 1 gasket, but you only give one in your kit. Now I had to purchase a full set from another person so I could install both of the valve covers you sold me. What we need is 2 valve cover gaskets, 8 round gaskets and 2 secondary air injection line gaskets. Thank you, HTF TKD

Fel-Pro VS50599R Valve Cover Gasket Set Review:

This gasket is just the best. As you know, 3.8 Town/Country is a bear to put on the back of the engine, little room and visibility even with the wiper bay removed. But this set cannot be over tightened. In the rubber grommets is a metal spacer that stops you from overtightening (within reason) and breaking the plastic valve covers. I used 1/4" six sided socket with a wobble extension to get in the tight spaces without removing the intake plenum. Stopped leaking a quart every 1,000 miles, definitely worth the trouble. NOTE: I tried to do this years ago and stopped because I could not get the wiper arms off. Most pullers are pointed on the end and walk off the tip of the stud as you tighten. Dawned on me this time, just put a small bolt on the top of the stud to center the point and it pulls it right off. Duh! After that nine bolts and a couple of connectors and you lift the whole wiper tray off and gain easy access to the back of the engine.

MOSTPLUS Engine Valve Cover with Gasket For 07-13 Nissan Altima Sentra SE-R 2.5L Replace 13264JA00A 13270JA00A Review:

I had 2 spark plugs that were fouled because the seal around the spark plug tube had gone bad. The simplest and most cost effective way to solve this was to purchase the MostPlus Valve cover and replace it. There are plenty of good YT videos to walk you through the replacement. I now have a leak free Altima that is running like a champ. This Valve cover was one of many things I replaced on the altima. I can assure you that the quality and fit of this cover was perfect. I will end with one special note. It was VERY easy to cross thread the bolts that hold the valve cover down. Make sure you keep the bolts perfectly vertical when hand screwing them in. If they get cross threaded then 1) You will see that the bolt is at a very slight angle (not 90°) and 2) You will most likely break the bolt off when you try to tighten it down. If any of the bolts are cross threaded they will not properly tighten down the valve cover and you will be leaking alot of oil. This is not a difficult job, just go slow and pay attention if this is your fist time doing something like this.

Fel-Pro VS 50522 T Valve Cover Gasket Set Review:

I’m very happy I chose this gasket over the cheap ones that you have to unroll. Once I had the valve cover off and cleaned it was as simple as just setting this in place and putting everything back together. Comparing the original gasket to this one immediately makes the original look like a joke. It’s obvious just looking at them why standard automotive gaskets eventually fail. In a perfect world gaskets of this quality would be standard on vehicles. I’ve had no leaks whatsoever since my replacement and it’s been several months now. The gasket is still clean and blue and I doubt from it’s quality that I’ll ever be replacing it again. I’m sure this gasket will long outlive my Jeep at this point in its life.