Best Automotive Replacement Torque Converters in 2020

ARP 2307304 Torque Converter Bolt Kit for GM Review:

IMHO ARP bolts are the best you can get. Don't use anything else. Not his project, when I took the transmission off the engine, the torque convertor was only being help on by one bolt. The other had come loose years ago and were sitting in the service pan. There were scars everywhere from the loose bolts, and I'm surprised the didn't get shot out of the bell housing. They weren't ARP bolts... I can guarantee the new ARPs will hold and not break or come free (of course some lok-tite might help as well).

Fast shipping, arrived on time!

Mophorn Torque Converter Go Kart Clutch Go Kart Clutch Set Torque Converter Kit Three Fourth Inch 10T 40 or 41 Chain Review:

I have only rode with this torque converter for about an hour. I love it! First time I have ever had 1, things to note are that I'm not sure if it's the install or this torque converter. The belt is not 100% aligned so it rubs and try to take off a tiny bit. The bolt I got that screws into the jack shaft was the wrong 1, I got a course thread type and it needed to be fine thread. For the coleman install the engine had to be raised an inch to make clearance. But so far this torque converter operates as it should once I'm driving. Hope this helps, will buy again for my other mini bikes.
Update 1/5/2018 torque converter is still going strong, only issue that i have has it that the brash bushing has been turned to dust. so now it is hard to push when off and wants to pull a little while holding still with engine running. i will be getting a new bushing so to not destroy the belt.

New 30 Series 6.5 HP Go Kart/Mini Bike Torque Converter Clutch Driver Pulley Replacement Comet Manco 212CC 3/4" Bore Max Torque (3/4" Torque Converter Clutch) Review:

Great deal great service this is the same torque converter I got from go Powersports for three times the price the Only difference they gave me a few extra pieces of hardware and 1 inch spacers which you need to install on Coleman minibike highly recommend this part and this company if you’re looking for a torque converter and if you really want your minibike to run well this is it

AW Go Kart Torque Converter Clutch Kit TAV2 3/4" 5/8" Bore 12 Teeth for #35 Chain Review:

We bought this one for use on a predator 212. It's been working perfectly so far. Seems very close in parts and design quality than more expensive one (which we also have) however for predator you'll need 5/16-24 bolts for mounting and clutch bolt. The included ones fitted our LIFAN motor but not the predator. You also have to shear off the oil dipstick knob and bend or cut a little notch in the sheet metal shroud. Pretty sure we're buying another soon. Vroom vroom.

Torque Converter Go Kart Clutch Set 3/4" 10T 40/41 and 12T 35 Chain for Manco Comet TAV2 (30 Series) Review:

 Overall great torque converter. No issues there.
Install was a bit tricky tho. It came with incorrect bolts, no big deal. HomeDepot is close so non issue. The setup claims works with 40 chain. Yes after a bit of mods. Had to add a set of shins between back plate and engine. Also had to add several shims on both pulleys to space it away from the backplate due to 40 chain rubbing. Also had to grind down a few ridges in the backplate to allow clearance for 40 chain. Again not a big deal for me since HomeDepot is close and I am good at these types of custom fits. For the average user it might be slightly difficult.

All in all an effin awesome product. Works great. Lots of torque from a bone stock predator 212. No more burning up centrifugal clutch(es).

Would gladly buy another if needed!!!!!!

Torque Converter Go Kart Clutch Replacement Kit For Manco Comet TAV2 3/4" 10T #40/41 and 12T #35 Chain Review:

this torque converter works very well, my Coleman CT200U mini bike got an additional 15 or so MPH top speed and a much smoother ride by switching from the centrifugal clutch to this. The workmanship seems solid and with a little bit of time and some problem solving I was able to install it. I would say some sort of instruction manual or at least a guide to what each component is could be helpful, especially to those who aren't mechanically inclined or handy. I needed to buy some additional 5/16-24 bolts to attach this to my Predator 212 engine. Also, the cover for the apparatus does not have an opening for a chain to go in and out of which confuses me, easy enough to cut though.

Bullet Lines Torque Converter Go Kart Clutch Replaces Comet TAV2 1 inch 30-100 Manco 10t & 12t #35,40 or 41 Chain Small Engine Belt Drive (1" 10T 40/41) Review:

Does not fit predators from harbor freight. I made mine offset 1/4 inch with slotted bolt holes. And you have to turn it to dodge motor for idler. I think clockways if i can remember. I used there 309cc just fine ungornern. and 420cc finally burned belt up. be aware it will wear belt faster bc offset if you do

30 Series Torque Converter 5/8" Driven Clutch 6" Asymmetric Go Kart Mini Bike Review:

Seems to hold up so far after several hours.