Best Automotive Replacement Ignition Coil On Plug Boots in 2020

labwork RED 8PCS 1200° Spark Plug Wire Boots Heat Shield Protector Sleeve SBC BBC Review:

I used a second set of 1800 degree closer to the header pipes because my motor runs hotter on the exhaust than a cast iron stock header.
These solve a problem I never knew about because the engine is covered up on a motor home and all I knew was it was misfiring sometimes. Spark plug wires were burned all the way through on 3 cylinders.

Car 1200 Degree Spark Plug Wire Boots Heat Shield Protector Sleeve Cover fit for SBC BBC 350 454 8PCS by Shinehome Review:

I will buy these spark plug heat boot protectors for all my 4 cars. Originally I bought it for my 89 Mustang GT because all those foxbody Mustangs create a lot of heat that affect all electrical components and wires. However, I actually used them on my newly rebuilt engine for my 1991 4runner v6 whose spark plug wire design is very close to the manifolds which melted the boots on the original spark plug wires including some of the wire insulation. The boot hole entries has a thick metal wire that is difficult to slip into the boots. I used 3M silicone grease that I also bought here in Amazon to lube the whole boot on each spark plug wire & I also lubed the inner boot entry of the boot heat protector. Even after doing this, it was still hard to slip in the boot heat protector on to each boot of the spark plug wire. I admit, it's a little pricey but it's worth it cus if you had the experience of burning & melting a spark plug boot or the wire rubber insulation, to figure out what is malfunctioning in your car can have you chasing your own tail. In addition, water and moisture will creep into each boot or the wire itself leaving you stranded on your car on foggy days, rainy days, or in the summer heat.

labwork Titanium 1800° Spark Plug Wire Boots Heat Shield Protector Sleeve SBC BBC 350 Review:

I bought a BBC Motorhome and finally decided to check the tune-up a previous owner had done.
4 out of 8 spark plug wires were burned through. Maybe that was the cause of intermittent misfire??
I bought an Amazon Vendors distributor kit complete with plug wires, and a spring kit for advance timing.
This high heat bootie went on those new wires and I cannot envision any problems like I found where the plug wires were smokey dust and crumbled silicone.
I did add a set of 1200 degree boots above just for safety since some wires have a long run back to the distributor.
The factory headers are not cast iron on the 1988 High Performance 7.4L motor. I have a heavy wall steel header and those produce way more heat when the motor is running. So, the burned wires was no surprise.

Denso 671-8163 Coil-on Plug Boot Review:

Could not tell them apart from the originals, i think Denso might me the OEM supplier for these things. Dealer wanted to sell me the entire coil pack at 100 bucks a peice. Install was a breeze and i would defiantly by again. Package included all 16 needed for the 5.7 HEMI® and a small pack of dielectric grease.

Taylor Cable 46057 Socket Style 90-Degree Distributor and Coil Spark Plug Boot and Terminal Kit - Pack of 10 Review:

I bought a set of Accel 8mm spark plug wires for my truck and the terminals that they supplied were not large enough to completely wrap around the wire to be crimped back into itself. After numerous attempts, I broke down and bought these as I ran out of terminals. These worked perfectly. The 90 degree elbow provided a great stop for the wire to seat into and the terminal wrapped completely around for a proper and professional look. I would recommend these to everyone looking for 90 degree terminals.


I seldom leave 5 stars: they arrived quickly as expected. They fit my wires perfectly (straight). They appear to be sturdy and suited to its application. Others have left reviews that said they burnt up but I think that is for a different product with a different application. I purchased 8 spark plug wire boots for high temp in a tan/beige color. I used them in a 1997 Chevy 454 motor home. The previous wires suffered severe heat damage by melting and cracking. I replaced the cracked wires with the same wires new and added these boots. The boots are installed by pulling the wire off the spark plug and slipping the boot on with the ring on the toe-side/on the bottom/on the outside/never over the wire. I read many folks who had a problem with the ring. The ring is there to keep the sock from riding up the wire. The ring never goes over the wire folks, it is the end of the sock, not the beginning. Do not try to install the boot from the distributor/coil/spark side. This product is genius and should work well and although may touch engine parts should have no reason to burn. Only time will tell. My option was to replace my spark plug wires with $200+ ceramic and silicone wires. I think these $20 boots will serve their purpose. In high temp environments one has to change the plug wires often anyway. I am not changing $200 wires as often as I should but I will change out $55 wires and if the boots r wearing well I will keep using them.