Best Automotive Replacement Fuses in 2020

240 Pcs Blade Car Fuses Assortment Mini Truck Kit (2A/3A/5A/7.5A/10A/15A/20A/25A/30A/35A) Review:

Great product.. I needed a single fuse to get windshield washer pump working. After seeing prices at auto parts store I went with these. A lifetime (hopefully) supply, delivered quickly. They work great and with the convienant boxes I now have extras in both vehicles for slightly more than what 12 fuses would have cost locally.

Abn 120-Piece Small Fuse Assortment – 5, 7.5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 AMP – Mini ATM/APM Blade Fuses for Cars, Trucks, Boats Review:

I did a quick search for ATT type low profile mini fuse for Toyota and this product was in the results. A fuse is a fuse right? When they arrived I noticed they are a bit different. ( See pic, OEM dark blue and below is Abn light blue. I will still give it a try and rate later but the strange thing is if I do a search from " My Amazon Garage " It say's this will not fit my Toyota and shows me a bussman fuse. The bussman does look the same and also gives full specs. The strange thing is both the Abn and Bussmen are listed as low profile mini fuse. Update, coving 5 stars the fuse fits and seems of solid construction.

242 PCS Blade Car Fuses Assortment Kit - MuHize Car Truck Standard & Mini (2A/3A/5A/7.5A/10A/15A/20A/25A/30A/35A/40A), Boat Car RV SUV Truck Camper Automotive Replacement Fuses Review:

I bought these fuses after going into several stores and gas stations trying to find fuses AND the FUSE REMOVER. I was able to find a small variety package of fuses for a couple dollars, but had a REALLY hard time taking the fuse out. The package that I bought in the store didn’t include the remover.
This box of fuses and the fuse remover was purchased the next day. The box AND remover (which is included with each box) stays in My glove compartment now. Thank you for a large quantity of fuses for such a great price!

Littelfuse 0ATO003.VP ATO 32 Volt 3 Amp Carded Fuse, (Pack of 5) Review:

I blew a fuse (not realizing I needed to turn the power off when I changed my thermostat to a nest) on a very cold day.

Thank god for the internet because it didn't take me long to realize my thermostat had no power because of a blown fuse in my furnace/forced air hvac system.

This 3 amp fuse fit my control board perfect!! I don't know if car fuses are the same or not, these look a tiny bit smaller but that may be my imagination. I bought this one because someone else mentioned AC unit in their review. and I want to say that I too was able to replace my control board fuse and not to mention who knows if it would be sold locally or not.

3 amp fuses are not common, I looked in my car they were all 15 amp 20 amp etc.. It cost me 6 bucks to have it overnighted so 24 hours after loosing heat the mail man had my fuse!! Thanks for a great product and great company/vendor.

Nilight GA0004 5Pack 12AWG Inline Wiring Harness 12 Gauge ATC/ATO Automotive Holder with 30A Fuse Blade Standard Plug Socket-5 Pack, 2 Years Warranty Review:

This is a well constructed unit with the cap sealing down over the fuse, and the inner conductor covered by a very resilient material that will withstand abrasion and heavy use. It is a very heavy conductor too; listed as 10 gauge, I work with wire every day and would guess it heavier than that. Having said that, being heavier isn't a bad thing, when you are looking for circuit protection, you certainly don't want your fuse holder melting! My problem was that I was looking for a small circuit protection device. I didn't care that it was 10 gauge; I have connectors for that. When I got this though, my connectors did not come close to fitting (the conductor was too large), so I did not use it. I used a small in-line holder instead, but this is still in my toolbox, because it will certainly handle a bigger (higher amperage) project in the future. I would recommend it if you need something for higher amperage circuits requiring upwards of 30A of protection. Otherwise, keep in mind that you will need to have correct connectors for this large conductor. PLEASE do not do like another reviewer and trim strands from the conductor to make it fit your connectors! Just keep in mind the size of the circuit you need to protect and get the correct parts. This part WILL work fine for lower amperage fuses and projects, but you will need to find parts to fit it into your existing circuit, unless you settle for simple wire nuts, and that would negate the waterproof/water resistant factor. Enjoy!

GlowGeek 100pcs Assorted Auto Car Truck Standard Blade Fuse Assortment 2A 3A 5A 7.5 A 10A 15A 20A 25A 30A 35A Car Boat Truck SUV Automotive Replacement Fuses Review:

Container is great, the fuses are great and the price is excellent. Only thing I did not like about the fuses was that the Amp. values were not marked well on the fuse itself. What I mean by that is that the value is embossed on the fuse but not highlighted by any contrasting color like white as I have see on other fuses. It only means that the fuse is a little harder to read especially if your older or are trying to identify value in low or poor light. This is the only reason I do not give the product five stars. The value is there and I would buy them again.

Bussmann Division BP/AGC-15-RP Agc-15 Auto Fuse Review:

I thought I was buying a fuse to replace a broken one in a portable air compressor in my car. The price was good. The package came so quickly, but, there were five of them for the price, not just one. I put in the new fuse, and the compressor was ready to air the tires again, with four backup fuses.