Best Automotive Performance Exhaust Mufflers in 2022

Last update: January 8, 2023

Are Flowmaster Super 40s loud?

Flowmaster Super 40s are very loud. If you are looking for a muffler that will give you a deep, throaty sound then the Super 40 is the muffler for you. Keep in mind that this muffler is not for everyone, if you are looking for a quiet muffler then you should look elsewhere.

Are two mufflers better than one?

Are two mufflers better than one? If you're looking for better performance, two mufflers may be the way to go. By having two mufflers, you can take advantage of the scavenging effect. This is where exhaust gases from one cylinder are used to help expel exhaust gases from another cylinder. This can lead to increased performance and power.

Do cherry bomb mufflers increase horsepower?

Cherry bomb mufflers are said to increase horsepower by as much as 5%. This is because they allow for a better flow of exhaust gases, which in turn increases the engine's efficiency. There are many different types of cherry bomb mufflers on the market, so it is important to choose one that is compatible with your vehicle.

Do performance Mufflers make a difference?

Mufflers are one of those car parts that you don’t really think about until they’re not working properly. But when they are, they can make a huge difference in terms of performance. A performance muffler can help your car to run more efficiently by reducing engine noise and vibration. It can also improve your car’s fuel economy and make it more fun to drive. If you’re thinking about upgrading your muffler, it’s definitely worth considering a performance muffler.

Dynomax 24250 Race Bullet Mini Muffler Review:

Dodge Charger 392/6.4/SRT in 2016: This automobile is now filthy. The best $50 I've ever spent on a car. If you can't do it yourself, a bespoke installation at an exhaust shop will cost you between $150 and $200. (they will have to add some pipe). NOTE: You can set the track pack mode on the 392/6.4/SRT Dodge Challenger/Charger to DEFAULT in your area and the car should not annoy your neighbors. Due to the increased RPMs and shift outs in TRACK or SPORT mode, the car transforms into a beast. The car was already noticeably louder than usual before these mufflers were even put in because of a resonator delete and an AES simulator configuration (which removes active exhaust so the valves stay open constantly). Driving in DEFAULT is therefore required for my automobile to get at work at 530 AM. Stop reading the reviews and press ADD TO CART instead; you won't regret it.

Flowmaster 8430152 Super 10 Muffler 409S - 3.00 Center IN / 2.50 Dual OUT - Aggressive Sound Review:

Do not be misled by the fact that when I attempted to purchase this item, it stated that it did not fit my 2005 Ford F-150. If a product is labeled as not fitting your car, it simply indicates that the factory exhaust pipes are not compatible. The inlet and outlet connectors of the muffler can be attached to the factory exhaust pipes with the help of a variety of adapters that you can purchase at a nearby hardware or auto part store.Next up, a product review. My family members can now hear my truck coming down the block, so they all know when I'm on my way home, which was one of my expectations when I installed the muffler on my truck. There is no sound more pleasurable than turning on your car or truck in the morning with a flow master super10 fitted, or driving through a tunnel and hearing the sound reverberate for everyone to hear. If you want your car or truck to sound angry, aggressive, and loud, this is the muffler for you. I'm delighted I gave it five stars.

Flowmaster 8425152 Super 10 Muffler 409S - 2.50 Center IN / 2.25 Dual OUT - Aggressive Sound Review:

installed on a 2008 Ford Fusion V6 after the resonator, cat, and cold air intake were removed (header cats still in place) Install 2.5 inch pipes from the flowmaster to 3.5 inch tips out the back in place of the rear Y pipe. Tone is unexpectedly deep, louder, and has more undersea rumbling than you'd expect the 3.0 to be able to produce. Not as loud as most muscle cars, but comparable to a v8 with a flowmaster 40 or such. Performance typically becomes better after the initial launch. Since I haven't tried either, I can't say if any real power has been added or if it has improved at all, but it definitely seems like it pulls you into your seat more firmly. Most folks looking for a pleasant sound with a reputable name without getting a raspy ricer buzz or fart can should try this, in my opinion. When you can do the task here without dropping as low as the 19.99 thrush sale deal, I feel like you're purchasing a name with something like Borla.

Thrush 24214 Glass Pack Muffler Review:

I therefore purchased these to quiet my truck. I have a 1994 Bronco that was once straight piped, and while I enjoyed the sound in "my day," when I outgrew the "I want the loudest exhaust possible" phase, it was simply too irritating sounding. This was perfect, perhaps a little too perfectly, since my truck is now quite quiet but still has a pleasant note at start-up and at full throttle. Keep an eye out if you're seeking for an aggressive sound because you could be slightly disappointed, but for $25, who can complain? I didn't weld these on, and I advise against doing so until you are certain that you like them. I simply purchased some exhaust clamps and an exhaust adapter pipe, fastened them immediately, and made sure that nothing was going to escape. I also copper antiseized the threads so that they might escape IF I wanted to in the future.

Thrush 17650 Welded Muffler Review:

With my Thrush Welded Mufflers, I'm really happy. They have a Flowmaster 40 series-like sonic similarity. Through four different sets of mufflers, I searched for a particular exhaust noise. used Flowmaster Super 10s to begin. Really cool, but just for a short while. They are quite loud! Thrush turbos then decelerated before my rear axle. Although I was pleased with the sound, the cab had a terrible resonance. Changed to Jones glasspacks and added tailpipes. These were so loud—almost as loud as the super 10s—and when you let off the gas, they cackled like a 4x4 truck. These were just what I was hoping for when I ordered them. The classic muscle car sound from the pro street era of the 1980s. I love the way they sound with my 428 Ford.

Cherry Bomb 87522 Glasspack Muffler Review:

My exhaust was adjusted, and the stock resonator was removed. I added this tiny sound at the end just before the departure because I didn't like the raspy one at the tailpipe. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out; it lost the raspy drone and became pleasant-sounding without losing the throaty rumble.The finish appears to be quite robust, and I enjoy the distinctive "Cherry Bomb" red. This was simple to weld on. Where it is mounted, this will be misused, but I have faith that it will hold up.

Cherry Bomb 87510 Glasspack Muffler Review:

Installed on my 2015 Tacoma, it provided the ideal sound and a lovely, mellow tone. It wasn't difficult for me to install and isn't very loud. The only drawback is that the paint could have been more resilient because it is already flaking off.**update**: I've had the muffler installed for a year and eight months, and the other day a baffle on the interior of the muffler came away. Now, while the vehicle is idling, it sounds like a tin can is rattling about. Install a new one once more and give it another go before giving up; presumably the new one will be more resilient.

Walker 21544 Quiet-Flow Stainless Steel Muffler Review:

mounted on my 2006 Grand Cherokee 3.7L. Low vibration and very silent operation. After a muffler shop installed a "OEM" replacement, I purchased this. My jeep now sounds like a redneck pickup thanks to what they added. I just want quiet operation because I'm not into that stuff. Make sure to get the intermediate pipe needed for installation if you purchase this. Either purchase one or remove one from your current muffler. Since the intermediate pipe is welded onto OEM mufflers, cutting it will likely result in having to weld it on because there won't be enough spare pipe to clamp it with adapters.

Lawson Industries 72772 Rush Performance Diesel Muffler Review:

I connected this muffler to a Flo Pro 4" exhaust on my 2006 LBZ Duramax. Last year, I switched to a single S369SXE turbo, and compared to the OEM VGT turbo, the vehicle became incredibly noisy. High idle and loud 2000–2500RPM rapping were irritating. Although I enjoy noisy toys, this was excessive. I needed a muffler that will reduce noise without reducing my power (flow through design). That was extremely well accomplished by this. It is lot quieter at high and frequent idle, and cruising is much better because all of the rapping has been removed. I won't use a drone. Since it isn't chambered, it will inevitably be louder than your stock muffler. Despite this, it is much quieter than a straight pipe. My muffler didn't have the stamped "rush" on the exterior, therefore it wasn't as aesthetically beautiful as the muffler in the photographs, which is the only reason it only received four ratings. I can't speak to durability, but after 500 miles, I'm quite impressed.

Walker 18568 Hose Review:

My 1998 Cherokee Classic's muffler was rotten out and unbearably loud.Was unwilling to spend a lot of money at an exhaust shop. To remove the muffler from the old clamp, which had broken off due to rust, a chisel was required.The new one fit wonderfully, and when I start my Jeep in the morning, it doesn't disturb the neighbors.

Do straight pipes give more horsepower?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on a number of factors, such as the engine size and type, the vehicle weight, and the driving conditions. However, some people believe that straight pipes can give a small increase in horsepower, as well as improved acceleration and fuel economy.

Does a cat-back increase hp?

A cat-back exhaust system will not typically increase horsepower by itself. A cat-back system includes the pipes from the catalytic converter back. It does not include the headers or anything before the catalytic converter. Installing a cat-back system may help increase horsepower if it is part of a larger plan that includes other modifications, such as a cold air intake or engine tuning. It may also increase horsepower if the stock exhaust system is very restrictive. If you are looking for a way to increase horsepower, a cat-back system is not

Does a freeflow exhaust increase power?

A freeflow exhaust will generally increase power, especially at higher engine speeds. This is because it allows the engine to breathe more freely, and also because it typically weighs less than the stock exhaust.

Does a performance muffler increase horsepower?

A performance muffler can help increase horsepower by allowing your engine to breathe more freely. Most stock mufflers are designed to muffle noise, not increase performance. A performance muffler will usually have less restrictive internals and a larger diameter piping to help reduce back pressure. This can lead to an increase in power, as well as improved fuel economy.

Does flowmaster increase HP?

No, a Flowmaster exhaust will not increase your horsepower. However, it will make your car sound more aggressive, which may give the impression that your car has more power.

Does removing the catalytic converter increase horsepower?

A catalytic converter is designed to reduce harmful emissions from a vehicle's exhaust system. However, some people believe that removing the catalytic converter can increase a vehicle's horsepower. There is no scientific evidence to support this claim, and in fact, removing the catalytic converter can actually decrease a vehicle's horsepower.