Best Automotive Performance Electrical System Switches in 2022

Last update: November 22, 2022

Pilot Automotive PL-SW26 Performance Toggle Switch with Red Safety Cover Review:

These have been my three Amazon orders.I ordered a switch twice from Amazon and each times received exactly what I wanted at a fair price.The third instance comes next. IPodCarParts, not Amazon, was my choice. Different switch. The lid rattles and doesn't click into place as cleanly because it is of lower quality. And the cover plate is removable in two sections.Though similar, it is not the same.

Daystar, Universal Rocker Switch with Blue Light, 20 Amp, Single Pole, KU80011, Made in America, Yellow Review:

I wanted to add a switch for an accessory to my 2013 Kia Forte EX. Unfortunately, the Kia Forte only has space for stock applications in the switch panel; you can't just pop them out and drill a hole in them because they were designed for a specific use.I ordered it on a whim since I thought, based on the measurements given, that it could be a little too small. It does not snap into place, but it does fit snugly, thus I was right. Even when I attach the wires, I think it will mostly stay in place; I may add a drop of glue, though.Know that this will ONLY fit in the centre of your switch panel if you own a 2013 Kia Forte. Without making changes to the switch and/or panel, it won't fit in the left or right slot.

Firestone Ride-Rite 9039 Firestone WR17609039 Electric Paddle Switch Review:

This was purchased to swap out the original that a hacker had placed to power the compressor without a relay. Of fact, the original switch had already suffered the dreadful electrical death that results from the horrific misuse of electrons. Its replacement (this one), which activates the compressor while opening the air-flow passage, performs as it should, earning it five stars. No leaks, air bags are once more content. Since I had already correctly rewired the old switch, I did not utilize the supplied wires. Connect and play. I'm fine with the wires being very tight and difficult to remove. ensures that they won't rattle off when mounted. Barb fittings are used for air connections, which was similar to what it was replacing for me but should be noted. To make the old ones easier to remove and reinstall, I gently heated them using a heat gun.

ACCEL (ACC 181101) Stoplight Switch Review:

This switch appears to be an exact replica of the prior two switches I tried, which both failed with DOT 5 silicone brake fluid after roughly a year. Although they may have had different brands, I'm confident that they were all produced at the same place. This one will likely likewise need to be replaced in a year unless the internals are different, even if the outside is identical down to the markings, size, spade lugs, etc. I will report back after giving it some time.

Standard Motor Products US70LT Ignition Starter Switch Review:

I purchased this and fitted it quickly, believing that my ignition barrel was stuck. However, I later discovered that my Bronco's ignition barrel could be opened by releasing a steering bolt under the wheel. But at least I have a fresh Key and more recent components now.So just so everyone knows, before you go replacing the ignition barrel on your Bronco II (or other older car), check the Release bolt beneath the steering wheel!

Mopar 5149062AA Engine Oil Pressure Switch Review:

Installing on my 2013 Dodge Durango with the 5.7 hemi wasn't too bad. Through the vehicle's underside oil change hole, I inserted it. It's possible to replace and remove the angle in a funny way. Would advise doing that after draining all of the oil. My oil had recently been changed, so I assumed the trickle would be minimal. Not at all. It was messy and similar to removing the drain plug, but it ultimately works well.

Daystar, Universal Rocker Switch with Green Light, 20 Amp, Single Pole, KU80012, Made in America Review:

This switch is compatible with the side A-pillar switch pod from Rugged Ridge. Similar switches are made by Rugged Ridge, but I prefer the design of these. The switch comes with explicit instructions, making it simple to connect. The cable leading to the relay supplies power for the lamp's illumination. One connector on the back must also be connected to a ground connection. Therefore, there are three terminals on the back: Lamp ground, Power In, and Power Out. The terminals are easily connected because they have a common size. There is no wiring harness for the switches; you will need to purchase your own connectors and wire.These switches' material seems a touch thin, but other reviewers have said there are no long-term issues.

Hurst 2480003 Back-Up Light Switch Review:

My Muncie M-21, a four-speed vehicle, needed a backup/reverse light switch. If one wishes to keep an authentic look, the stock OEM switch and mounting kit costs well over $100. However, for this particular car (1972 BB Camaro), I only required functioning. This switch fit flawlessly into my Hurst Competition Plus 4 Speed shifter. The installation was straightforward; I connected the two wires (mine are green and pink) to the terminals using the rear shifter stop bolt, and now I have a working reverse light switch for a lot less money than buying the OEM replacement. Highly suggested.