Best Audio & Video Selector Boxes in 2020

HDMI Splitter 1 in 4 Out - ZACCAS 4k Aluminum HDMI Splitter 4 x 1/1 x 4 for Dual Duplicate Monitors Support 3D 4K@30HZ Full HD 1080P for Roku Fire Stick Xbox PS4 Blu-Ray Player HDTV Review:

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 There aren’t that many circumstances where you will need for TV is broadcasting the same HDMI signal, but for when you do – this is 100% perfect! If you’re in the market for a splitter at all, you might as well just get this one! Because it serves as a 2, 3, and 4 way splitter!

HDMI Switch SGEYR 5x1 HDMI Switcher 5 in 1 Out HDMI Switch Selector 5 Port Box with IR Remote Control HDMI 1.4 HDCP 1.4 Support 4K@30Hz Ultra HD 3D 2160P 1080P Review:

It's a simple 5 HDMI Input to One HDMI Output box. You don't even have to use the remote control if you are using one Input source at a time. I use mine for gaming consoles. So what happens is when I shut off one console and turn on the next console, the box will auto-switch to the input that is being sent to it. You will have to use the switch button or the remote control if you are feeding the box multiple HDMI inputs at once.

Keep in mind that the unit doesn't come with AAA batteries for your remote, or a USB Wall Power Supply. It will come with the correct cable to hook up to the unit, but either you need to supply a USB Wall Power Supply (cheap) or see if your TV/Soundbar/Receiver have an USB Input that outputs enough power. I use the TV method and I run the USB cable from the unit to the back of my TV and feed it to its only USB Input. It works great and unit shuts off when the TV is off. Keep in mind if you want to power off the unit by yourself, you will have to use the remote control. The unit it doesn't have a power on/off button.

The Red LED Light is brighter than I would like. I use a Lights Out LED Dimmer Sticker to reduce the brightness for me. I didn't noticed any input lag or video issues when using the unit.

For the price give it a shot, if looking for a simple HDMI switch box then this one works and it's at a good price. Yes there some quirks, but the value makes up for it.

HDMI Switch 4k HDMI Splitter-GANA Aluminum Bidirectional HDMI Switcher, HDMI Switch Splitter 1 in 2 Out or 2 in 1 Out, Manual HDMI Hub Supports HD 4K 3D 1080P for HDTV Blu-Ray-Player Fire Stick Xbox Review:

This HDMI switch works for the PS4 with no issues. If you are looking for an HDMI switch that functions correctly with the PS4, this is it.

The struggle of finding an HDMI switch to work with the PS4...
In general (not this specific switch), this style of unpowered HDMI switch uses power from the HDMI cable in input port 1 to power the unit. So, port 1 must be connected to something with power for the switch to function properly. So, to use port 2, whatever is in port 1 has to be turned on so the switch is powered, which is a hassle in of itself. Apparently, the PS4 doesn’t provide enough power through its HDMI for this style of switch to work properly. This is a common complaint for this style of HDMI switch. I purchased two other brands/models of this style switch and had problems with both of them. When the PS4 was connected, the switch would not detect it at all or it would switch the PS4 on and off. But, the switches worked fine for other devices.

This is not an issue with this HDMI switch.

I can verify that this switch works with the PS4. I have it connected so the Output = Television, Input 1 = PS4, and Input 2 = Empty. The PS4 works perfect when it is the only device plugged in.
I leave Input 2 empty 95% of the time. I like it available to plug in a tablet, laptop, Nintendo switch, …, whatever, as needed. It also works perfect when other devices are plugged into port 2.

4K@60Hz HDMI Switch, NEWCARE HDMI Switch 3 in 1 Out,3-Port HDMI Switcher, Supports 4K,3D,HDCP2.2,HDMI2.0,HDR,for Apple TV 4K, Fire Stick, HDTV, PS4, Game Consoles, PC and More Review:

I have a older Samsung TV that is currently mounted to our wall. There are only two HDMI ports on this TV. We wanted to be able to have our Amazon Firestick, DVD player, Nintendo Wii game system, and our laptop hooked up to our TV at all times, without replacing one cable with the one we want to use. You can see where my dilemma lies. When I came across this HDMI splitter, I thought it was reasonably priced. It is so convenient to be able to switch to any device with the touch of a button, and not worry about unplugging one HDMI cable in order to do so. I am planning on purchasing an additional splitter for our other TV as well. Nice product.

DotStone HDMI Switch Bi-Direction 4K HDMI Splitter 2 x 1/1 x 2 No External Power Required 2 Ports HDMI Switcher Supports Ultra HD 4K 3D 1080P for PS4 Xbox Fire Stick Roku Review:

This was the third switching device I ordered. I ordered two other products before this one and neither one would work with the TV and my laptop at the same time. I could not even switch from one to the other solo.I bought one of these bi-directional switches, tried it and was disappointed a third time and thought that it also would not work. Right before I was going to send it back for a refund, I decided to try a different HDMI cable. Viola, it worked. I was so excited that I ordered another one to see if I could get all that I wanted. I was going to give it the ultimate bi-directional test.

Here is what I have done. I have four monitors on my desk. Three of them using A Matrox triple-head hardware device which sends the computer signal to all three monitors using a DVI connection for one desktop experience. Then I have an HDMI cable running from the HDMI port on my video card so I have four monitors acting as one huge monitor.

I have the laptop hooked up to one of the monitors and have it duplicated on my 60" TV.

I now have the two switches set up that I can use the four monitors with one desktop computer. I can press a button on each switch and have the 60" TV act as my fourth monitor.

I can press the buttons on the switch again and have the laptop show up on one of the monitors while it is duplicated on the 60" TV also.

True bi-directional switching. I can route the signal and the sound any which way I desire.

Now I am in digital heaven.

I feel like purchasing a couple more of these switches so that I am never without for even a minute if one goes bad at least until I leave this earth and then I will not need my monitors any longer.

I have been in the computer IT business since 1985 and this is absolutely incredible. I still have my Tandy 1200 from 1985. It actually still works. I just wish I could get a 5.25 DOS 1.1 boot disk to be able to act like I can do more with it with its 16 kb of ram and 300 baud modem. What a long way we have come.

Can I sing any higher praise for this product? I will if you would like me to.

4K HDR HDMI Switch, Koopman 4 Ports 4K 60Hz HDMI 2.0 Switcher Selector with IR Wireless Remote, Supports UltraHD Dolby Vision, High Speed(Max to 18.5Gbps), HDR10, HDCP 2.2 & 3D Review:

Construction wise the device feels good. Its aluminium case, and the buttons are clicky. The power supply cable is a bit on the short side, so depending on where you use it, it may not be long enough. The power and OUTPUT line are on the left side, which increases the footprint of the device, making it take more space than its overall size. I tried a 90 deg HDMI adapter, but it was interfering with the power cable. Noticed a bug where the input would switch but no image would be displayed. A reboot fixed it. After that it worked fine even after multiple power downs. Not sure if the device does any DHCP with the line and "remembers" it.
Tested to work with a Lenovo laptop, HP X360 laptop, Samsung 4K BD player, Chromecast, PS3, PS4, HD DVD & XBOX. All worked fine.

HDMI Switch 4k HDMI Splitter-Techole Aluminum HDMI Switch 3 in 1 Out, HDMI Switch with IR Remote Control, Supports 4k@60HZ 3D HD1080P, HDMI Switcher for PS4 Xbox Apple TV Fire Stick Blu-Ray Player Review:

I purchased this HDMI switch to use with my Nintendo Switch, Wii U, and Sony PlayStation 4 on my television. I purchased the Techole model because it has a remote control and, honestly, we can be pretty lazy. It comes in a brown box with a sufficient label and includes the switch, the remote with batteries (pull out the plastic tab to allow the batteries to contact), and a way-too-short USB power cable. That's the only drawback I found with this product: the power cable is way too short. Most of my devices have USB ports, so it would be possible to plug it into one of those but I didn't have any available. I didn't subtract a star because it won't be a problem for everyone, and I had a long cable to spare that worked fine (a PS4 controller charger cable). The switch was easy to set up, you just plug 1 to 3 HDMI input sources in one side and the HDMI output cable to the TV or monitor in on the other side, then plug in the power cable. A light will illuminate 1, 2, or 3 on the top of the switch to indicate which one is active. When I powered on my PlayStation 4 on port 1, the switch swapped from port 3 to port 1 automatically, so it works with HDMI link perfectly, which I was surprised to see. I was also glad that my 4k PS4 worked with the switch. The remote simply has 3 buttons for choosing the port and is responsive.

Overall, I am very happy with my purchase of this Techole HDMI switch and highly recommend it to anyone who needs more HDMI input ports. 5/5 stars

HDMI Switch,GANA 3 Port 4K HDMI Switch 3x1 Switch Splitter with Pigtail Cable Supports Full HD 4K 1080P 3D Player Review:

I have 3 consoles (Switch, Xbox One, PS4) and a gaming PC, and my Cable box, all requiring HDMI ports, but only 3 ports on my TV. The solution was to buy this thing here, which I figured I'd put my 3 gaming consoles on and it would automatically detect and switch over to whichever one was turned on. So far, after a week of (admittedly heavy) use, it seems to be working wonderfully. No matter what system I have on, it goes right to it. The ONLY problem? There's 2: First of all, I do notice some image degradation. The picture is a little fuzzier when played through this than it is straight through the HDMI cord to my TV. I've taken the switch box out to test it and it's true. There's some picture static that is barely noticeable but there if you sit close enough (say, 5 feet away from the TV) Secondly, don't turn another console on while one is already running. It seems to send this thing into a catatonic fit and I had to unplug it and replug it several times before it started detecting any of my game systems again. Be careful.

Other than that, it's a good buy. I intend to get a 2nd TV for my game room which will solve this problem, but until I do, this will serve me just fine.

HDMI Switch, GANA Gold Plated 3-Port HDMI Switcher, Splitter, Supports Full HD1080p, 3D with High Speed Pigtail Cable Review:

I used this to connect my PS3 and Xbox 360 to my TV which only had one free HDMI port (the other is used by the Nintendo Switch). The device works as intended and even has an automatic switching feature when video input is detected. This feature works pretty quickly, but there's only one minor gripe. By default, the PS3 has CEC enabled and you will need to disable it in order for the Smart Switching feature to work correctly. To do this, follow the below instructions:

1. Go to the system dashboard.
2. Go to the Settings tab.
3. Scroll down to "System Settings".
4. Scroll down to "Control for HDMI".
5. Turn this function OFF.

Once I did this, the HDMI switch seamlessly switches between my Xbox 360 and PS3 without any work from me.

Now, if you are wondering what happens when you power on two systems simultaneously, I have an answer for you! With the PS3 on, I powered on my 360 with the controller. The switch remains on the PS3 input, even after shutting down the system. Interestingly enough, the 360 powers on, but won't even go past the initial boot screen until you manually switch the input for the HDMI switch. Once you do, the 360 will begin the boot process.

Ultimately, I couldn't be happier with my purchase and would highly recommend this item for anyone trying to expand their HDMI inputs on a budget.

EDIT 09/17/18: Decided to add the Nintendo Switch to this thing and it works perfectly. Now there is zero HDMI fiddling on my TV.