Best Aquariums in 2020

Python Hands-Free and Spill Free Aquarium Hook, Green Review:

Do people not know or realize that this is JUST for refilling the tank after using the python to suction the gravel?

I bought one of these to try and make my life easier when tending to water changes on my 40-gallon aquarium. To use this, you simply unscrew the end where the suction tube (mine is 24" long) resides and couples into the hose, and screw this hook in. The hook attaches to the side of the tank meaning you can free up BOTH hands to adjust the water temperature or work on other things while the tank refills with fresh water from the tap.


Sure, you can use the tube to refill, and you can stand there and hold it until the tank refills. Is this attachment completely necessary? No. But it certainly makes refilling way less of a headache.

Aqueon Princess Castle Aquarium Kit Review:

Cute, small and easy to clean. I use this for the tiny fry my betta fish had, it’s perfect for a very tiny fish, or guppy.

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Jungle TB630W Tank Buddies Fungus Clear Tablets, 8-Count Review:

I only write a review when something has worked above my expectation -so that my review might help someone to decide. Jungle Fungus Clear worked wonders for my little betta. He had been acting oddly, swimming and staying to the bottom, so I first placed him in a hospital tank and did water changes, kept him extra warm and used a different medication. He recovered from that ailment, and was looking better, so I placed him back in his 5 gallon tank. After about 1 day, I noticed that tank was cloudy and a little white fuzzy dot on his side. That completely threw me, and sent me to look for a remedy for what I believed (and looked up) was a "fungal" infection. I bought this product after reading reviews and hoped it would work. The product comes with tablets in packets. Each tablet treats about a 10 gallon tank. I did a water change to about 2.5 gal in my tank and divided up the tablet for that amount. I placed it in, it fizzed and did turn the water a pale green color. The tank did clear. I left it for 3 days, as per the instructions. My betta was looking and acting better, and his fins were looking very nice, but the little white fuzzy dot was still there. I did another water change and added another partial tablet. The very next day, I was happily stunned to see the white fuzzy dot on his side was completely gone! It took 2 treatments, but my betta was recovered, the added bonus was that his fins look so much better, in addition to the fungus being gone. I've also learned to keep an arsenal of remedies on hand for betta ailments. This is one to have on hand.

Aqua Culture 10 Gallon Empty Aquarium Review:

Received my tank yesterday and transferred my fish in it immediately. I was leery to order when I saw so many reviews stating they received there aquarium broken but mine came well packaged and in perfect shape. No breaks!! Was clean with crystal clear glass. What else can you say? I'm very happy with my purchase and would order again. AND the original delivery date was 7-10 days and I had my aquarium within 3 days. Nice surprise!!

STERILITE Large Nest showoffs Tote, Pack of 1, Clear Review:

Easily hold hanging folders. Lids fit well. Lightweight. Stack sturdily on top of one another, even 3 or 4 high. I like that they’re clear and I can see what’s in there before opening. One arrived broken. I would have preferred to be sent a replacement but instead was reimbursed for 1/6th of the price.

Tetra GloFish 3 Gallon Aquarium Kit Fish Tank with LED Lighting and Filtration Included Review:

Betta lovers please read..... This tank is perfect for your Betta. It's roomy but not too big. The look is modern and stylish. There are a few things Betta keepers need to do with this unit - VERY simple things. I knocked off a star because the filter is comical.

1) Throw away the filter that comes with this unit. It's junk and will only cause you unnecessary issues. The filter I use for all my Betta's in a 5 gallon or less set up is the Aqueon Model AT10 (internal filter). Make sure you rotate the flow knob to the lowest setting and aim it towards the corner of this tank. It's powerful for a 3 gallon unit but if you set it up correctly the water will seem practically stagnant. I purchased this one from Petco - so I paid an extra $10 for the instant gratification. Amazon has it for much less. $21.99

2) Purchase a Betta heater - this tank is plastic making the inexpensive Betta heater worthwhile. MAKE sure you take the temperature a few times over the first 72 hours to avoid Betta soup. I find it keeps the water at 80 degree far. $9.64

3) Substrate - use something that is very easy to clean - I use accent rocks that you can find at Petco for $4.99 a bag - 2 bags is plenty (even though they are kinda small) $9.98

4) Get a few Silk plants - you can of course do real but NEVER plastic. They will shred up their fins. Also Petco - 3 pack for $11.99

5) Get a small floating log - your Betta will love it! $9.99

6) Make sure you clean the tank out - NO SOAP - before filling. And you MUST cover the gaps and feeding hole. I used some plastic (hard) from a packaged item. $0

7) Make sure you condition the water - I use Reverse Osmosis Water. Misc supplies - Omega Betta Water Conditioner $5.94 & Omega Betta Buffet pellets $6.65

8) My Betta's thrive with Indian Almond Leaves. 1/2 leaf left in the tank replaced every 3-4 weeks. This will naturally soften the water and create condition very similar to the wild. $7.95

Total investment to set it up correctly is about $142 plus the Betta - This is a set up that will last you years.

Aqueon Aquarium AAG29030 Versa Top, 30-Inch Review:

There's nothing more annoying than a huge hunk of cheap black plastic obstructing your total view of a gorgeous aquarium setup. With this Aqueon All Glass canopy, I've achieved an elegant aquarium without paying a fortune.

Inside the well packaged box are two panes of somewhat thick smooth edged glass, a brown pull emblazoned with Aqueon's emblem and an optional plastic guard running the length of the rear glass. Yes, you need to affix the pull to the product...this won't prove difficult or frustrating at all. Also, I strongly recommend integrating the rear plastic guard to prevent the onslaught of splashing water above the glass thereby leaving water deposits. Cutting the rear guard may prove an exercise in patience.

Now comes the the maintenance part. I've noticed within 24hrs a slight film of white residue from dried aquarium water will start to build up atop the glass. Not an issue if you spray the glass with vinegar/water and thoroughly rinse/dry before replacing it. I do this fairly easy routine during each and every weekly water change. Now I've heard that if you allow this build up to go unchecked for too long, then you'll need to use S.O.S pads,Mr. Clean eraser pads, and hot water to effectively expunge the water deposit build up.

I've coupled this glass canopy with a 30" Marineland led light fixture which rests above the top of the aquarium in front of my HOB filter. My only niggling problem is my Penguin 150 protrudes up against my led. So, whenever I lift the glass, I have to slightly and gently pull it forward in order for it to rest against the led fixture during feedings. Afterwards I notice the glass will not return to its original position without a little correction. This has absolutely nothing to do with the product, it's just the nature of my personal setup. I'm merely sharing this as a precaution to anyone with a 29L tank with a HOB.

All in all, I'm not unhappy with this purchase. I fully expected the glass to be somewhat medium maintenance; but then again all aquariums require diligence for optimal results. I will certainly purchase this for my next tank!

Lightahead Artificial Tropical Fish Aquarium Decorative Lamp Virtual Ocean in Motion Review:

 Fish never fail to fascinate me but honestly I do not like to see them trapped in small fish tanks. This beautifully crafted Aquarium from Lightahead is the answer to my prayers. I now have the pleasure of watching daily these teeny-weeny, colorful fish swimming around in the exquisitely lit up tank on my table in the office.There is no mess to clean up and I don't have to feel guilty about trapping living beings in a closed space. Every time I am stressed out I just observe the Fish quietly moving about and Gosh this has become my favorite stress-buster. Everyone who visits my office is equally fascinated by the fish,the smooth, sturdy tank, the led lights and the great quality of the product. They all want one now

Aqueon Betta Falls Kit Review:

((Update below original review))

Prior to purchase and after reading some reviews, I thought I would have to put blockers in between the tank outputs to prevent the bettas from getting into the other tanks... To prevent this KEEP THE LIDS ON - the lids have built-in grates that prevent this. Water flow - TURN that little pump all the way DOWN (default is all the way high, low & high marked on the pump). Put a small submersible heater in the bottom (unless your room temperature is 76-80), it fits and there is an opening for the cord - pump cord fits through it as well. The tank is quiet - initially, I was worried because of the "waterfall" in the last compartment, but as long as the water level is at the "Max" line - all is quiet! Note that initial filling was done by adding water halfway to each compartment and the filter reservoir, turning on the pump and then raising water level until Max reached (Max water level indicated on the front of Betta Falls). The filter cartridge is "Aqueon QuietFlow Filter Cartridge, Medium," (available for purchase on Amazon or at Petco). I added live plants and I'm letting the tank cycle before adding bettas (about a week). The water flow (dialed down to low) is not pushing the plants around, so it's enough to keep the water circulated with the heater. I'll edit this review after adding bettas if there are any problems, though I don't expect any.
7/16/18 Update
Made some modifications to the tank (photos attached). I took some thin plastic grate (purchased from a home improvement store, very cheap), cut it, and secured it over the grates with small zip ties. I did this because the betta in the first tank was getting his tail sucked through (he was staying in the tank, but unable to move). This modification fixed that. I went ahead and moved this particular betta to the last tank because he's small and the flow there is the least. I also affixed the plastic grate in the last tank. The middle betta is perfectly fine and did not have any trouble, however, I added the plastic grate to his tank as well just in case. I trimmed his grate to just below the water release point though because the longer grate was creating more of a suction and he spends more time at the top. I recommend putting a larger betta in the first tank. The older betta I moved there is completely happy. I do turn off the filter to feed them (left off for about five minutes). The leaves in the photos are Indian Almond Leaves (beneficial to bettas and lowers the ph naturally).

STERILITE 19638606 Large Clip Box, Clear with Blue Aquarium Latches Review:

Arrived as advertised ... good quality boxes that close easily and appear to be tightly lidded. Only thing that I didn't like was the price, seemed high and although I could use more, I don't want to spend that much.