Best Apple Cider Vinegars in 2020

Lucy's Family Owned - USDA Organic NonGMO Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, Unfiltered, Unpasteurized, With the Mother, (Gallon) Review:

My wife uses this stuff nearly every day and she insists that it's the best of all the brands we've tried. firstly, it's Organic AND Non-GMO, which is important. secondly, it tastes like something you should actually drink, in comparison to other brands that just don't taste like food. they can often taste like medicine, or something that's just not for drinking. LUCY's seems to care about stuff other brands don't care about. we caan't recommend it highly enough.

Dynamic Health Organic Cider Vinegar with Mother, Raw Apple, 16 oz Review:

Gotta say they are not kidding wth the “mother” in this brand. It’s got allllll kinds of nasty looking snot like substances floating around. I’m talking 6-8 inch loogie looking things in the bathtub. I’ve always used Braggs with the mother and never had such a dramatic mother lol. But this stuff def tastes the same as braggs. I drank it also and it’s as nasty as it’s supposed to be so that’s good. Good product, but if you get grossed out easy or don’t like the way snot fes in your bath, get Braggs.

Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar 32 Fl Oz - With The Mother - Usda Certified Organic - Raw - All Natural, W/Measuring Spoon Review:

And we all know the gazillion and one ways vinegar can be used, and how good for you it is. My favorite use for this product is for any type of itch. Before you go out and buy expensive itch creams, try this first! If you are sensitive you may have to dilute. Experiment. And for you LADIES (stop here if you don't want to read about feminine hygiene care!) Feeling irritated? Just not yourself? Take a paper towel, wet it, add some Braggs, clean up and...instant relief. In a few days most issues are just gone! And no, you don't smell like goes away in a bit and is great for your body's pH.
My moms generation was douching with vinegar but we all know douching is not a healthy practice anymore. But it is still an amazing freshener.

And that is one out the myriad of ways you can use this product!

Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar Unfiltered Bragg 1 Gal (128oz) Liquid Review:

I have an enlarged prostate and am taking tamulsin which has helped tremendously with urination. Imaging revealed three 5mm kidney stones in my bladder. My urologist had me drink lots of water with lemon. I was urinating frequently but not passing any stones. Muy urologist wanted to perform cystostomy surgery to remove the stones in my bladder. I put it off and tried this apple cider vinegar which I had heard could help. I had read that this type of vinegar can help to dissolve, break up and reduce the size of the stones to help pass them. I was I surprised when a couple of days after I began drinking the vinegar mixed with water I began finding stones in my urine! I have passed several stones ranging from 2 to 5mm that seem to correspond to when I drink the product. I had stopped and recently felt a stone passing from my kidney and once I drank about 5 doses over a few days and found a few stones had passed. I hate the taste but it sure beats having surgery! I can't be certain it is the vinegar but I had not been passing any stones since having the enlarged prostate until beginning to drink this product 2 months ago.

Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother - 32oz Glass Bottle Review:

We really like this vinegar. It is actually a little milder than the normal bottle we buy which is a good thing for me. It blends well in our homemade dressings and tastes good. I normally take one tablespoon of ACV diluted in water to help dissolve gallstones. I have drunk 1/2 cup of straight apple cider vinegar when I've had a gallbladder attack and just the smell of it brings back an unpleasant memory. Having a vinegar that is not so potent (both in smell and flavor) is a benefit to me. This is much better to drink - and cook with. If you are used to a strong flavor or prefer more potency like other vinegars with "the mother" then this will seem a little weak. But for me, it is just perfect. Let me clarify, it is NOT weak (it includes 'the mother'), it is just not as strong in flavor and smell like others. Works for me, it has all the right elements I need.

Product provided for reviewing purposes.

Heinz Distilled Apple Cider Vinegar (64 oz Jug) Review:

This is an even worse deal than the plain white vinegar!! I guess I don't know ounces or how to read, I was thinking this was a great deal and it's a pretty bad deal. This is white vinegar that has been flavored. Do not buy this thinking it is apple cider vinegar- please read better than I did.

Fire Cider, 8 oz, Original Flavor, Apple Cider Vinegar Tonic, Pure & Raw, All Certified Organic Ingredients, Not Heat Processed, Not Pasteurized, Paleo, Keto, Whole 30, 16 Shots. Review:

I am on my 3rd bottle of this! At first, I couldn't stand the taste but hearing all the good stuff about Fire Cider, I kept on with it. Now I actually crave my shots. I do 2 tsp of fire cider and 2 tsp of MCT oil with diet Mountain Dew in a 3oz Dixie cup 3 times a day! I love it! The only thing I wish they would change is the bottle style for easier pouring, I lose a lot of it when I am pouring it onto the teaspoon. They should have an easy pour spout bottle, but that doesn't change my 5 star review!