Best Angel Food Cake Pans in 2020

Wilton 2105-1827 Angel Food Pans, Mini, Set of 2 Review:

I ordered the mini angel food pan set because my amazing apartment in los angeles doesn't have a stove/oven. Which for an avid cook like me is what some would call a major setback, but I liked everything else about the place so much I figured I would improvise. So I bought an awesome countertop convection oven, made a few little switcheroos in my cake pans etc, and have come out with some amazing concoctions.

These little pans (I bought two sets to have a total of 4 which all fit nicely into my gourmet toaster oven) work great! I made angel food cake from scratch for the first time and was a little confused because I didn't know how to adjust the temp/time for my little mini oven and mini angel food cake pans but it all came out perfectly. I just always place my oven temp 25 degrees lower and then I just kept watching the tops of the cake and took them out when they were lightly browned and still bounced back.

Tasted perfect. Cleaned well. Haven't seen any rust yet (I've seen that in a couple different reviews on other products). The bottom pops out for easy release of cake and clean up.

Great product. Great price. Who doesn't love little individual cakes? I am planning to use it for a type of bundt cake soon!

Angel Food Cake Pan - 10" Diameter Review:

I had an old pan (about 20 years old) and decided to replace it with I new one. I chose this one because it had the size and features I was looking for. I always wash it by hand and never put it in the dishwasher.

Calphalon Nonstick Bakeware, Angel Food Cake Pan, 10-inch Review:

I'm glad I chose this angel food cake pan. After the cake cooled, it came out of pan so easily that I could hardly believe it. The quality is very good. I am very satisfied with it. Chose Calphalon after reading the reviews and am sure I picked the right pan to buy. I would recommend it to my friend or anyone that is looking for a well made angel food pan.

Fat Daddio's PAF-8375 ProSeries Anodized Aluminum Angel Food Cake Pan, 8 x 3.75 Inch, Silver Review:

"Now this is an incredible pan! WOW!!" ... That was my very first thought and I actually said it aloud to myself as I opened the box and took out the pan... (then very quickly looked around to make sure no one had seen me excitedly talking to myself about a PAN -- ha ha ha) It is heavy and very sturdy; just as shiny as the pix shows it; it seems much larger** than anticipated; and overall, it looks & feels like it will last for generations!

**The inside diameter of this pan is slightly more than 10" and the depth is 4 1/8" on the outside edges with the center funnel a full 4 3/4"... The outside diameter of the pan is 10 1/2", which makes it visually larger than I expected... But I am DELIGHTED with it, not complaining... EDIT Sept 2013: This pan holds exactly 18 cups of whatever you put in it... That fills it to the very TOP rim, obviously not how high you'd ever fill it, but that's how big it is...

I cannot wait to actually use it... This is THE perfect type of metal pan to make "old-fashioned angel food cakes" in ... Most modern pans have that "non-stick" coating or they are made of heavy molded oven-safe plastic... NONE of which make more than only a "half-way decent" angel food cake because the heating properties of those types of pans isn't "right"... An angel food cake depends on minimal stirring/folding of the batter so as to leave as many "air bubbles" as possible (for moistness, something commercial bakeries cannot seem to copy) and for the pan, itself, to heat up and cook the outside of the cake to a 'golden brown' color without burning it or overcooking the inside of the cake, which is what also ruins them... In my humble opinion, ONLY this type of metal pan can get that right ...

Sept 2013 EDIT: I have used it multiple times now and it is AWESOME and makes a perfect angel food cake!

My Mom had a pan very similar to this one when I was growing up that made the most wonderful angel food cakes imaginable! She used it hundreds of times over the years to make unbelievably delicious & incredibly moist cakes with absolutely perfect browned color on the outside of the cake... No frosting required, I ate it plain as it was so moist that it almost melted in your mouth!... and, unlike most modern cookware, her pan outlasted her )-; ... I expect that mine (this new one) will do the same! In fact, mine will probably fare better as it even sturdier than hers -- which had its share of dents over the years...

It is a ONE PIECE CONSTRUCTION... That is very important because that means that there is none of the nonsense of the "spring pans" where the bottom comes out... (and they leak all over the oven when well used)... This will never leak as it is clearly molded into its design so there are no seams inside or on the base of the pan...

I bought 2 of them, one for myself and one for one of my daughters who'd asked for one as a gift... and now, I plan to buy a third one for my other daughter now that I've received it... My second daughter is working as a professional baker / caterer while working through med school and, I can tell by the feel of it that she will definitely consider this a pan worthy to use professionally!

EDIT Sept 2013: Both of my daughters have used and love theirs too!

YMMV, but I am very pleased with mine! If that changes for any reason, I will EDIT my review accordingly... But I totally doubt that it will change as this is precisely the "right feel" of a perfect angel food cake pan!

EDIT May 2013: The pan is everything I expected it would be... and also a warning... DO NOT PUT THIS IN THE DISHWASHER... EVER... It ruins its looks/finish (but not its use)... Otherwise, this is one amazing pan, worth every penny charged!

Bakerdream Angel Food Pan Tube Cake Pan with Removable Loose Bottom Nonstick Bakeware Angel Food Cake Pan, 6 inch Review:

This pan was easy to use and easy to clean! It comes in 2 pieces, but it’s fine. My husband and I made a chocolate banana bundt cake (well, actually two since we didn’t fill the pan up as much as we could have). We flipped it upside-down to get the cakes out; they slid off effortlessly, after buttering the pan first. I was worried that since it’s in 2 pieces, the cake batter would seep through and pour out onto my counter, but it didn’t. It did leak a tiny bit but it stayed contained and stuck to the bottom (but easily came off). Great pan for the price and it looks exactly as it is advertised.

Fox Run 4795 Loose Bottom Angel Food Cake Pan, Aluminum, 10.75-Inch Review:

I had a few concerns when I ordered this pan: light weight, weak feet, leaking. But I've had good luck with the Fox Run brand and largely discounted them. All were short lived. The reviewers voicing the concerns must have been reviewing a different item.
This is a good quality pan. It is as heavy as any others I own.
I wanted a pan with feet, so I wouldn't have to find a bottle to support the cake when inverted. The feet are heavy duty and would be difficult to bend - 1/16th inch aluminum and riveted to the pan - but they were of no use. My cake rose past the ends of the feet, making them too short. I found my self scrambling for a glass bottle or anything not plastic to support the cake when it was time to come out of the oven.
The pan does not leak. I filled it with water to soak it clean. A non-stick might be better for this reason, but I wonder if it would give me the same great rise.