Best Ammunition & Magazine Pouches in 2020

MTM 50 Round Flip-Top Rifle Ammo Box WSSM, 500 S&W Review:

I bought this ammo case on the recommendation of a youtube creator W*. I am so very glad that I did. I have reloaded ammo for many years and at one time I was shooting 3000-8000 rounds a month in preparation to attend a police academy. During that time I used midway and Frankford arsenal ammo cases exclusively. They worked great for a while but eventually the folded plastic hinges gave up and broke on many of them or we sat something heavy on them and they collapsed. They also seem to absurd powder, oils, lubricants, and skin oils which makes them all turn gray eventually. I really didn't enjoy using those other brands.
But I remember from my childhood my dad using Case-Gard hard green cases to hold his 30-30 and 38spl bullets and he is still using them today for those calibers. I have special memories of his old guns and the green cases he kept his ammo in. I still don't know why he took 50 rounds of 30-30 to the woods on opening day. Those old vintage cases still feel and look great for being 45+ years old!
I didn't make the connection of this brand before I ordered these. W* said he uses them to hold AA batteries and I needed a box for batteries. SO I just bought them on his words alone. Imagine my surprise to see and feel the quality of the old Case-Gard brand on this box! clip on hinges and rugged durability are the main characteristics of this box and I am extremely confidant this box will last for generations in my house. The thickness of the materials just feels solid in the hand. The design of the lid and base are very rugged sincerely inspire confidance.

MTM AC3C 3-Can Ammo Crate (.50 Caliber) Review:

First of all, I absolutely LOVE that these are made in the good old USA!! Sometimes I think that Amazon is exclusively selling cheap, low quality items made in China. That being said, I replace a bunch of clunky, super heavy, sharp edged metal 30cal boxes with these. The 30cal boxes are the longer, narrow, double handled metal boxes that weigh around 80lbs each when properly packed with rifle or pistol ammo. To give an idea of the amount of these cans required to replace the large metal cans, 3 sets (9 MTM boxes and 3 carrying crates) were required to replace 6 large, completely filled, 30cal metal boxes. I actually had about a half of a MTM box worth of room to spare when I completed the transfer of all of my ammo including 2 cans of 50 BMG, 2 cans of .223/.556, 2 cans of .308, 1 can of rim fire (probably 5000 rounds) and 2 cans of assorted pistol caliber ammo 45ACP, .40 9mm and .380.. Since they are smaller, they end up being much lighter. However, they are very sturdy and all have a double set of latches at one end. Loaded, each crate or 3 cans is still manageable, and I do not worry about them breaking any time soon. Each 3 can crate also stacks perfectly on another. They end up being VERY STABLE while stacked and travel well in the back of my full size SUV. Unfortunately, I am sad to say that the 4 can MTM crates do not stack on the 3 can crates and vise versa. I came across these cans after ordering my second MTM magazine case. I saw one at a local retailer, and Amazon was $7 cheaper per can. I had been looking for a lighter, more pre-teen friendly alternative to the metal boxes. These really fit the bill. I have no regrets. I can now use the steel cans for lighter items that I still want to maintain in waterproof containers. But now the kids can help load ammo into the car instead of it being a one man and one “straining back” show. Buy one... I think that you’ll be pleasantly surprised. On a side note; I think that they would be even more useful to store lighter things that you want to organize and/or that you might have to use or access often. I have now recognized several other reasons that I could buy a few more.

MTM 100 Round Rifle Ammo Box 17, 204, 223, 5.56x45, 6x47 Review:

I use these to store 1ml perfume samples (BPAL, NA, etc). They fit absolutely perfectly - but with room on top so if you turn upside down they'll fall out/etc. If you do travel with them just stuff bubblewrap or something up top. Ideal for me so that I can store extra stuff on top of the vials (plumbers tape in my sales box, for example). And it has room for the taller vials you sometimes get. Does not fit the 2.5ml spray samples, I haven't poked around to see which size ammo box would.

Product itself is really solid and durable, great for how often I open/close the boxes daily. Comes with labels, I used to organize which are sales/try/keep and can take off/replace easily. I do wish they had all black or solid (not semi-transparent tops) for the box just to help keep light out. But no complaints since I'm using ammo boxes to store perfume! They stack well and have been a huge help to managing my collection.

MTM 380/9MM Cal 100 Round Flip-Top Ammo Box Review:

This is a pretty common brand ammo box. They work pretty well. At first, I was upset because I tried loading them primer side down. When I got the range they were hard to get out of the box. (the round nose bullets were slippery and hard to grab) I later decided to load them primer up. That makes them wobble around a little. (9mm, I haven't tried 380 in them) The trick is that once you have it full, you just shake it a bit. The bullets all line up and look uniform. The cover closes nicely. Once you close the cover shake it a bit more. They now look perfect.

I bought some green ones that are not translucent. I don't' care for those as much. You can't tell if they are full or partially full without opening them. I may be overthinking it.

They come with some stickers to put information on if you reload. I don't use this so far. I just fill them with factory ammo. I like how compact the MagTech ammo is in its factory packaging. These are almost that compact. One of these is ever so slightly larger than 2 boxes of MagTech 9mm.

Oh, they also stack very nicely. Even a tall stack is unlikely to fall over without being pushed pretty good. The clip on the box is nice and tight so they aren't going to fall open. I was saving cardboard boxes from MagTech and filling them to take up less space but those cardboard flaps are a pain and they wear out pretty quick. The Federal Ammo comes in packaging that uses a lot of space for some reason.

2-Pack Universal Magazine Holster IWB Clip | 9mm .40 .45 | Mag Holster For Glock 19 43 17 Sig 1911 S&W M&P | Fits Any 7 10 15 Round Clips For All Pistols | Gun Ammunition Holsters | Handgun Ammo Pouch Review:

Saw this 2 pack of magazine holders that looked really well made for the $10 asking price! Well you get 2 really nice well made neoprene holders with heavy duty clips that can be worn IWB. I think for the cost these can't be beat!!! Other maganetized holders sell for $50 apiece which is just crazy as far as I'm concerned!! Then your mag needs to have metal somewhere or they don't work!!! What I really like about these besides the price is the fact you can carry a knife or flashlight in one of them as part of your EDC!!! Now the only thing I would change and it's minor is maybe have a little half moon cutout to make it a little easier to grab your mag if it's a smaller size and fits a little deeper into the neoprene! Maybe the manufacturer will read my review and consider that as an option! Other then that if your on the fence about these pull the trigger and get some cause once the word starts getting around about these idk if their gonna stay at the current price!!! Hope this helps if anybody is interested in these. I don't usually take the time to bother with reviews but this is a vet owned little start up and since I'm very pleased with his product, I think the least I can do is take a few mins to let people know about them! Thanks.

Plano Ammunition Field Box Ammo Storage Green Review:

So I ordered some MTM 50 Cal ammo cans from Amazon a couple months back thinking they would be great to store the ammo in my safe. Got them in and they did not fit. My gun safe has a center divider and the entry to the right side of the safe is thinner than the left (due to how the safe door opens). So I figured I would just find some smaller ammo cans at a local shop but the ones I did find were $20+. I saw these posted on a site and immediately ordered the max. I had my friend order 4 more on his prime account. Got them in and they are great. I have them all stuffed to the brim with ammo. They go in the right side of the safe easy and stack up nice. They seem very sturdy even with about 460 rounds of loose 556 ammo in them. You just have to get creative on how to stack the boxes (thanks Tetris...). Only boxes I had difficulty with were bulk ammo packs. I just decided to break them open and dump them in, much easier and you can store a lot more that way. The handles seem sturdy even with the ammo can full. Lids do not seem to bend when lifting full ammo can. The seals seem fine. Cans were packaged well for shipping. I would recommend if you were/are having the same problem that I was.

Link to picture.

2 Pack Universal Magazine IWB Pouch Concealed Carry 9mm .40 .45 .380 .357, Mag Holster For S&W M&P Sig Sauer Ruger Glock, Fits Any 7 10 15 Round Clips All Pistols, Handgun Ammo Gun Ammunition Holsters Review:

For $8.50 for two mag holsters, these are definitely a good value for the money. They are nicely padded, sturdy clip, and are much slimmer and run less risk of printing through your clothes than the Blackhawk mag holster I’ve had previously.

That being said, I feel that people need to acknowledge the fact that this is a universal holster for most mags that can also work for knives pepper spray etc. and they are $4.25 a piece so do not expect a perfect fit like ones specifically made for your brand and model of mag. I carry a 9mm Springfield XDs, and the XD slim used a single stack mag. My Loaded mags will easily fall out if I hold the holster upside down, however they are much more snug when worn in my waistband which is what they’re designed for. If for some reason I was hanging upside down, I don’t think they would slide out, but how often do we hang upside down? My Blackhawk mag holder is all plastic and metal has a springy tension clip inside so the mag definitely doesn’t fall out but it’s also much harder to draw the mag from.

Overall, I would recommend these mag pouches, probably a better fit for calibers larger than 9mm or a double stack mag but they are quite nice for a single stack 9mm unless you want a very snug fit.

ONE COMPLAINT: more mag holsters, and even handgun holsters, need to have a less aggressive curve on the clip, or at least have a rubberized tip or something.. the majority of holsters have this style metal clip that flares out at the end to make it easier to remove from your belt. For those of us who carry while wearing suits or other less rugged clothing, these metal clips snag and put a lot of wear and tear on suits etc. I switched my EDC holster to the Galco brand that has a heavy duty plastic clip that curves inward instead of outward so it actually hooks my belt much better, and doesn’t cause ANY damage to my suits. Probably not an issue for most people but something to be aware of.

Vivoi 3 pc Drop Leg Gun Holster W/ 3 Magazine Pouches Pistol Pouch Tactical/Airsoft Review:

I was really impressed with this. I bought this as a costume accessory so I can't review it for actual utiility purposes, but the straps are of good quality, not made of cheap costume material these types of accessories sometimes come in. These straps will hold up. I was also surprised at how fully adjustable this is. You can adjust the width on each thigh holster, you can adjust the length of the drop, you can adjust the size of the belt, so you can really customize this to fit right and comfortably. And then you have the pockets hold things, these are also easily removable.

ETS Elite Tactical Systems CAM Universal Speed Loader Magazine Loader for 9MM.40.380 and .45 Calibers Made in The USA Review:

Tricky to figure out exactly how to use this as there aren't many guides/tutorials online and the picture guide on the packaging is almost useless.

To load, follow these steps and you will be able to fill a 15 round mag in under 15 seconds.
ALWAYS hold the loader rail parallel to the ground. The loader will jam if you allow the bullets to slide towards the mag before depressing the plunger. Never load more than 10 at a time. If you have a 15 round magazine, load 10 and then load the other 5.

1. Insert Mag. This might be difficult the first few times but the magazines will get easier to load.
2. Scoop/slide the rounds from the tray into the loader, making sure to keep the loader parallel to the ground.
3. Rotate the loader on the x-axis so the bullets are now standing straight up on the rail.
4. Insert the plunger piece, set the base of the mag against your stomach, and depress the plunger towards the mag.
5. Remove the magazine. That's it.

If you ever try to depress the plunger piece and it feels like its stuck, then it probably is. You'll need to clear the loader and start fresh. Ever since I started using the above method, I've never had this thing jam on me. If it jams, its user error.