Best Alto Saxophone Stands in 2020

Hercules DS531BB Soprano Sax Stand w/Bag Review:

This thing is sturdy and super-secure. I'm never worried about my precious instrument toppling over-- this isn't going anywhere. Love the cute yellow travel bag, too.

We also have other Hercules stands for a Bari and our Tenors, and they are also absolutely rock solid.

The yellow and black design of Hercules products reminds me of an old-skool Tonka truck, and that makes me happy. :-)

Buy this, and you'll have one less thing to worry about on stage.

Eastar EST-004 Portable Alto Saxophone Stand Sax Stand with 2 Detachable Pegs for Flute and Clarinet Peg and Bag, 3 in 1, Black Review:

Lightweight and as sturdy as my budget guitar stands. I like having the ability to strap the the bell down for extra security if I'm walking away from my saxophone for more than a few seconds. The pegs for flute and clarinet are angled forward slightly so those instruments wabble a little on the stand. Unless you're looking for heavy duty equipment, I would recommend this stand.

Hercules DS537B Double Alto/Tenor Sax Stand Review:

I've been using the Double Alto/Tenor stand for about three months...and love it! My normal setup is with the Soprano Sax peg in the middle, tenor on left, alto on right, alto flute peg outside left and soprano flute peg on outside right. Very easy to quickly grab a horn when a quick change is needed. I've been using a single hercules sax stand for a few years, and really like this new version, where they have add a little "bend/tip up" in the bell "U" piece which makes the horn really a lot safer in the stand. Also, it folds up quite nicely, so easy to transport. If you need a multiple sax stand, I cannot think of one that is the equal of this stand, considering ease of setup, ease of use, and how effectively it holds all your instruments! Built like a ROCK and works GREAT!

String Swing Saxophone Hanger - Wall Mount Holder for Alto or Tenor Sax - Stand Accessories Home or Band Room Studio Wall - Musical Instruments Safe without Hard Cases - Made in USA Review:

I did what the other guy suggested in his review and mounted it upside down, so that the weight of the sax is supported closer to the wall mount, and the long arm extends up to the bell. It seems perfectly stable to me. The bell and body arms have a nonslip surface to them that keeps it from tilting out of how I have it positioned. Was easy to put together. Can hardly see it behind my alto. Also, the package was missing a bracket screw when it first arrived. They had a replacement screw mailed to my house. It arrived within a week of me contacting them. I use this brand for hanging guitars and am equally pleased with those items. When I have instruments to display in the future, I will check out this brand first to see what they have available. Thanks!

Hercules DS533BB Alto/Tenor Sax+1 SOP SX ST w/Bag Review:

After years of using other stands, I finally decided to go with this recommendation from a friend after my tenor got knocked off the stand by a soft bump at a gig. This thing cradles my horns. I tried to push my tenor off the side (while holding it) and it would barely budge on the stand. The soprano peg is awesome, too. There is a little fastener at the bottom that lets you slide the base up or down until the ball and the base line up and keep your soprano secure as well. I only tried it with my soprano, so I am not sure what else it may hold securely. The pieces extend and lock into place with small ball bearing snap locks. You press on the ball to release and collapse the stand.

I wish I had bought this stand years ago. It would have saved me some repair bills over the years! I have been playing for over 20 years, and this is the strongest, most well-constructed stand I have encountered. It breaks down easily and the small carrying bag wits in my backpack or other packs I use.

Alto/Tenor Sax Stand - Foldable(12") & Adjustable - Triangle Base Design by KUWAN Black Friday Review:

I've been playing for a long time now, and I've never had an actual alto stand, so I figured now would be as good of a time as ever. This stand folds down pretty small, although not small enough to fit in my case, which is fine for me. I carry mine in a separate bag, and the size of the stand is really rather quite small when folded, but when unfolded, it seems very sturdy and solid.

LOLUNUT Saxophone Stand, Foldable Alto/Tenor Sax Stand, Adjustable Metal Triangle Base Design Review:

this stand is pretty sturdy and folds up neatly . did have to use a different screw on the adjustable bell section, but no problem.
so im using it for a alto sax and its a little sloppy inside the holder. good thing it has the rubber strap to secure it in place. its not as tight as i would like and think its better suited for a tenor sax.

ammoon Holder Tripod Stand Metal Leg Detachable Portable Foldable for Tenor/Alto Saxophone Review:

Excellent stand, has padded U shaped parts to protect the instrument. Has a nice black finish so it not only holds the saxophone nicely but it also makes for a nice display against the gold sax. It has rubber feet to prevent slipping and to protect floors such as hardwood. The seller is outstanding and I recommend. Originally I received it without one rubber foot, but an single email to the seller and they shipped me new feet. Well worth the money.