Best Air Tool Hose Reels in 2020

Jam-Bar toilet bolt lock wrench Review:

I ordered this wrench about two months ago, it arrived quickly and I tossed it in my tool bag where I would have it if there was a need for it; Well, that need came up yesterday.
Once again I came across a set of toilet bolts that the installer ( will not call him a Plumber), decided to take the lazy way out and break the toilet bolts as opposed to cutting them with a mini-hacksaw; If you have come across this then you know what that does and for those of you who haven't it ruins the threads and will not allow you to remove the nut.
As soon as the bolt started spinning I thought "now will be a great time to test this wrench", and honestly on my first impression of having the wrench in my hand I wasn't convinced that it could do the job but I wedged it under the washer and grabbed the bolt with it then using my nut driver I began the attempt to remove the nut. To my surprise it came off effortlessly.
If you only ever need this wrench one time it is well worth the money but as for me I am going to order another one just in case I accidentally lose the first one.

Tofu Press - a unique and stylish tofu press to transform your tofu by Tofuture Review:

For anyone interested in a comparison between this tofu press and two others sold on Amazon, here's my take. I'm not that thrilled with the tofu presser -- looks like two small cutting boards with wing nuts and springs to do the pressing. It does the job of getting water out, but squishes my tofu out of shape and leaves it with cracks. No bueno, if you eventually want to cut nice little squares or slabs from your pressed tofu. Also, it requires a dish under it to catch the water that's being squeezed out, which makes it a real estate hog in the fridge.

The Tofu Xpress works like a charm. I love it, and I've had mine for about 6 years with no problems. It's very easy to use. I must admit though, I worry about possibly breaking the handle like things that are used to hold the presser down. I'm very careful with mine, because if just one breaks, my press will be useless.

Because I'm a vegetarian and eat quite a bit of tofu, I wanted another press, so that I could press more than one slab at a time. I did not want to shell out another $55 (with shipping) for the Tofu Xpress. I decided to try the Tofuture, which at $30 is still pricey, but $25 cheaper than buying another Tofu Xpress. I used it for the first time yesterday, and as far as I can tell, it does just as good a job as the Tofu Xpress. The tofu keeps its nice rectangular shape with no cracking. I end up with a nice dense block of tofu.

The Tofuture press seems sturdy enough, and the rubber band things seems like they will hold up for quite some time. If you're on the fence about which tofu press to get, I'd get the Tofuture and save a significant amount of bucks.

Trijicon AC32064 RMR Mounting Kit For Glock MOS and Springfield OSP Models Review:

You need this if you are putting on a GLOCK MOS. (worked on my G19) This should be included with the RMR for the hefty price tag they put on it. Per Trijicon tech center torque screws to 9-11 in-lb. They also recommend Sony 2032 bats. My RMR would flash off every once in a while. I put a Sony battery in and bolstered the side contact with a very small piece of rubber. No more flashing after 200 rd test. They should use multiple contacts like in the Aimpoint micro. If your micro flashes add a few layers of tape to the bottom of the battery to help force the battery up as the micro is tightened down.

Primos Hunting PS222 The Gobbler Turkey Shaker Call, Black Review:

 Here's what it sounds like. Seems realistic. Will write another review after spring hunting season.

Tiki Toss Hook and Ring Toss Game Short Board Edition - 100% Bamboo Party Game for Indoor or Outdoor Family Fun (All Parts Included) Review:

I didn’t realize it was a mini sized toss game.. until it arrived on the the day I meant to gift it... lol.. it was a gift, for my very petite brother in law.. (so, giving it to him - felt silently awkward - & maybe that’s just me) He always plays the full sized one I have at my house and I sort of felt like an ass giving him a baby one.. but I did anyway. Lol, and he liked it - all that matters is there’s a hook.. and a ring on a string, really. Next time I may just go to the hard ware store and buy... a hook, a ring and a string.

Goodyear L815153G Steel Retractable Air Compressor/Water Hose Reel with 3/8 in. x 50 ft. Rubber Hose, Max. 300PSI Review:

Great Hose reel. I had a debate with my father about whether this is manufactured in the US or China. The metallic parts are made in the US from the information i could find, and the hose is made in china. Thus far after 3 months, I am very happy with the purchase. It was a bit of a bear to install on the wall. My Father had to build a wooden mounting bracket as we couldn't sort out a way to fasten it with the (iirc) 1/2" screw holes to the wall. He cut a piece of wood a little larger than the mounting bracket, and then we attached that to the moutning bracket, then used 6 drywall holders (that hold 95 pounds per) to lock the wood in place (via holes).

It functions just like any hose reel you might buy at Harbor Freight, however, it really does look fantastic, and the hose itself is higher quality than I've seen that can be bought.

The instructions are not particularly good although if your buying a hose reel, you can likely figure out how to get it mounted :)

Primos Hardwood Grunter Call Review:

This is a decent grunt call for the price point. The base is hard wood (which smells like the inside of a wooden humidor - absolutely delicious) and the tube is made of a thin accordion-style, ribbed plastic. The tubing is adjustable so that you can get different octaves on your call; however, there’s really only one or two settings that sound real enough to use in the field and effectively call whitetail. I haven’t used it long enough to give a valid rating in regards to durability, but the reed on the inside is a little concerning. It’s really thin and doesn’t appear like it would hold up to years of heavy useage. But at $10 a pop, it’s a great option for someone who only gets out once (maybe twice) a year.

Giraffe Retractable Air-Hose-Reel with 3/8 in. x 50 Ft Hybrid Air Hose,Auto Rewind Pneumatic Hose Reel,300PSI Heavy Duty Steel-Reel Review:

I’ve wanted to get a hose reel for a while, and this seemed like a good chance to get a reel that already came with a hose. I figured why not have an extra 50’ of hose, right?

Well, the reel seems to be of good quality and the ratcheting system is strong and very smooth. The spring has no trouble pulling the entire hose back even when I’ve maxed it out. But there are some things I don’t particularly like that I wish I’d researched a little more before buying this.

1) There are only 2 rollers on the hose guide (top and bottom). The good ones always have four to make it easy to pull the hose in any direction.
2) Installation requires you to get your own hardware, and to unspool the hose.
a. The included hardware is 4 expansion-bolts which are great for masonry, but won’t work for a wood-frame structure.
b. The mounting holes on the reel are right behind the hose, so to tighten them I had to unspool the entire hose and use a socket extender to be able to tighten the lag-bolts I used.
c. To install in above mentioned wood structure, I used a 2”x 8” piece of lumber and secured that to the studs. I then mounted the reel onto the 2” x 8”.
3) Inadvertently, I discovered that the connection between the hose and the reel (not the leader) is permanent. That was disappointing because I had hoped to replace the hose with one my existing (better quality hoses). To me this means that if the hose fails, I might end up having to buy a whole new reel.

For the price, this thing is decent. It will serve its purpose, and it works just fine. It’s just those little things that could be better that left me a little disenchanted with my purchase.

Stans-No Tubes 35mm Presta Universal Valve Stem (Carded Pair for Mountain) Review:

These valves were hard to find, once I knew where they were sold (here on Amazon) I bought them and they arrived very fast and, what can I say? they are legit, this brand is a very high-quality brand, their products are always high-quality, I own Stan's No Tubes ZTR CRESTS and I made them tubeless with this valves, I have been using this valve for pretty much a year maybe, they are just fine, very durable and very easy to install. If you want your rims tubeless these are the valves you should buy (IF THEY ARE COMPATIBLE WITH YOUR RIMS)
(sorry for my English)

Campbell Hausfeld Air Hose Reel with Retractable 50 Foot Hose, 3/8 Inch ID (PA500400AV) Review:

This is great hose reel for casual users on a budget. Comes with everything to get you started minus the quick release connectors. If your a pro or need one in professional environment I think this will work but you look into something heavier duty. But in a Home workshop for a casual diy’er this is a great product for the price!