Best Acrylic Nail Tools in 2020

Makartt Nail Drill Electric Nail File Machine JD700 Professional 30000RPM Manicure Drill for Acrylic Nails Remove Gel Polish Poly Nail Gel Gift for Women Home and Salon Use B-01 Review:

I’m a licensed nail tech and I was using the medicool power 520 drill until my kids got a hold of it and ruined it 😬🤬. I needed a drill quick as the stores around my area didn’t have much of a variety and the ones they did have were super pricey! I came across this drill and it obviously has plenty of good reviews so for $58 I decided it won’t hurt to try it! I ordered it late Monday night and got it this morning (Wednesday) at 8:00 AM! Super fast delivery! I did read another review about breaking in the motor and I followed it! I started it off at a low setting and ran for about 15 minutes (no drill bits or using it) just let it sit and run....gradually increasing speed each time for about 15-20 helped IMMENSELY! (Run it for a total of 2 hours and gradually increase the speed and let it sit for 15-20 mins each time you adjust the speed). I gave it a run on my nails afterwards and the bits that came with it weren’t awesome but they also weren’t terrible! I love this drill so far as I’ve only used it for a short time running it around my cuticle area. I don’t even need to have it on full speed! I love how it doesn’t stall with pressure even at a low or medium speed! I really am hoping this drill stands up and does great work for at least a little while! I’m impressed! Thank you! I will share another comment or review in a few months to update on this product (good or bad)! I would definitely recommend this product for the time being as I truly enjoy it more than my medicool drill! I haven’t used the pedal that is optional and comes with it as I prefer to have the speed in my control not my foots 🤪 I love that it has variable speed and has a forward and reverse! Especially for my own use to do my toes and or right hand! One more thing....I love that it fits all my bits! I do feel that some bits have a longer shaft so they don’t sit level with the the tip of the handheld and stick out a little further but I don’t necessarily have a problem with that!

Portable Electric Nail Drill Professional Efile Nail Drill Kit For Acrylic, Gel Nails, Manicure Pedicure Polishing Shape Tools with 11Pcs Nail Drill Bits and Sanding Bands (Purple) Review:

Smaller than what I thought which makes for easy maneuvering for tiny hands, has good weight to it. Cord is as long as an average wing span of my not very long but good for table seating.
If you have the drill on the lowest setting and apply to much pressure the drill stops, but if you turn it higher it’ll keep spinning. Also the two drill bits highlighted I thought they had more teeth on them but they seem to be smooth like the smaller diamond bit ones. But they still get the job done. DONT be intimidated by it on low, touched my skin multiple times no cuts. To good of a buy saved so much time.

Tungsten Carbide Diamond Carbide Nail Drill Bits Set ECBASKET Nail File Bits 7pcs 3/32 inch for Acrylic Gel Nails Cuticle Manicure Pedicure Review:

I I am super IMPRESSED with the purchase.
My current drill bits are slowly seem to be dulling. So I figured it was time for a new set.
I especially needed a safety bit as I am slowly learning learning and getting better at nails.
I was almost hesitant to purchase these because the price is so low. But I am actually impressed with this this purchase. I figured well if they're not as nice as I hope, I can always return them. But to my surprise they are all very well made. They are super sturdy and almost heavy feeling. You can tell there quality in them.
I ESPECIALLY especially like how the coarser bits have the letter up top to easily identify each one. The case itself seems to be in good quality as well. It doesn't seem like fragile as if it falls once it'll break or anything anything.

I included a video where I'm using the safety bit. You can see where I ran it against my own skin several different times and two different speeds and it didn't kinck, cut or burn on my skin.
The cuticle bit is actually alot more coarse than what I was expecting. Which is cool cause one run against the cuticle and u can already see a difference. I am slowly teaching my niece to do her own nails and these are all essential for any stage of doing nails. I plan on purchasing her - her own set of these since her birthday is just right around the corner. I will be pleased and comfortable knowing she is using quality bits and has access to her own safety bit. The only problem is have is I'm upset that I did not purchase this set sooner. It really is a good quality set.

MelodySusie 30000 rpm Professional Nail Drill-Scarlet, High Speed, Low Heat, Low Noise, Low Vibration, Portable Electric Efile Drill for Shaping, Buffing, Removing Acrylic Nails, Gel Nails, White Review:

 The drill came in very nice box and was packaged great. The base of this drill is very compact but does not feel to light or cheap. The knob on the base for the speed is made of metal. The handle is also made of metal and even though it is light weight it does has a weight to it where it does not feel cheaply made. The hand piece sits in the middle of the base perfectly. When the nail drill is on there is little to no vibration at all. I have heard of the cheaper drills giving a vibration when it makes your hand feel like it is asleep and you do not get that feeling with this drill right here. The bits that it comes with are also very nice and great for a beginner, they dont have the teeth on them where a person who is just starting to use a nail drill will cut their fingers with it. Over all I would recommend this nail drill to anyone looking for a nice compact drill.

Electric Nail Drill Set, Ophanie 11 in 1 Portable Professional Manicure Pedicure Acrylic Nail Kit with 26 PCS Nail Sand Bands for Acrylics Gel Nails Review:

Okay, here we are. I recently purchased two similar other ones just like this from different vendors and they got HOT!!!! I returned those fast!

I saw that this one had really good reviews and decided to take a chance. And I have to say, this nail drill is my favorite. I'm really impressed! I got 11 drill bits,1 brush and 1 Nail Cutters Set. ALSO, there are Nylon Wheel. This set really includes everything that you need. More accessories than any other product.

This one is wonderful for the price. IT WORTH EVERY PENNY OF IT. Great quality, good power, very user friendly and ease of use. It drills so smooth and I mainly use it to smooth out my acrylic nails as well as when I remove my nail tips. Im extremely impressed and highly recommend this.

Portable Electric Nail Drill Machine Professional 20000 RPM Manicure Pedicure Nail File Drill Kit Set with Sanding Bands for Acrylic Gel Nails(Pink) Review:

The best value in nail drills on Amazon, I’m so pleased! You may notice what appears to be this same drill white labeled by many different sellers, often at double cost. The lower price on this one made me wonder if it was somehow subpar, but I took a chance anyway knowing in a worst case, I could return. I am so happy I did!

It works beautifully, is powerful yet quiet, and perfect size to get a good hold and angle for doing both hands. I love the reversable motion setting as I find its easier to drill toward myself on both sides (so when I move to the left hand I switch the motion).

Yesterday, I drilled down a gel coat and shimmer layer I wasn’t liking on my nails and redid a new dip. I was worried about the overheating mentioned on some similar drills but all in all, I used the drill for about 1.5 hours with short breaks in between with no issue. Many years ago, I was a nail tech for some time and find this drill to be just as effective as the $300 pro models. Highly recommended!

MelodySusie Portable Electric Nail Drill, Compact Efile Electrical Professional Nail File Kit for Acrylic, Gel Nails, Manicure Pedicure Polishing Shape Tools Design for Home Salon Use, Purple Review:

 I rarely write reviews because I simply don't have the time, but I had to make an exception for this Melody Susie Compact Nail Drill. For years I looked for a drill that would perform the way that the ones at the salon do on acrylic nails, but for a way cheaper cost. I had no luck there because the reviews for the lower cost items were bad, and the ones with the good reviews were the more expensive professional ones. After reading reviews on here about this Melody Susie drill, I decided to give it a try. Using it for the first time I am absolutely impressed!!!

It runs through acrylic just like the ones at the salon when it's set at the highest RPM, light weight, easy to manage, and barely got warm after drilling down all 10 acrylic nails. This drill it totally worth it... it's an awesome product that does exactly what I needed a drill to do, but a a fraction of the cost. I attached a video to show just how powerful it is. Salon quality in my opinion.

You will notice that it skipped on a nail a couple times in the video, but that was not because of the drill being "too fast" or being "too weak to get through the acrylic" or being "hard to manage", it was only because of the awkward position I had to hold my hand in placed under the phone, so that I could record the video.

Electric Nail Drill Cadrim Nail Drill Machine Nail File Drill Set Kit for Acrylic Nails Gel Nail Glazing Nail Drill Nail Art Polisher Sets Glazing Nail Drill Fast Manicure Pedicure Review:

 I’ve been looking for a good nail drill for quite a while and this one is certainly the best one I got.
The variety of griding heads that allows me to make my nails perfect shape is amazing. The speed control gives different speed depending on what head I am using.
I would say that this machine is more for professionals but its very easy to use, and there are tons of youtube videos that will tell you which gridding head you need to use, in case you are not sure.
And the last but not least - I spend much less time on manicure cause the machine helps you to do your nails much faster.
Great product! Really recomend to everyone who is looking for a good nail drill!

11 in 1 Electric Nail Drill Set,Professional Portable Handpiece File Grinder Manicure Pedicure Tools with Nail Polish Clippers Kit, 20PCS Nail Sand Bands for Acrylic Gel Nails UL Certificate Adapter Review:

Bought this for my uncle who has Athlete's toe fungal problems. That stuff builds up pretty thickly and it always takes a long time to sand down before he can cut his toenails.
Bought this and voila! The time has shortened by 75%! Instead of taking hours, it only takes 30 minutes to sand down his toenails, and then clip, clip! Done!

It does have a learning curve, and you'll probably need to mess around with the attachments to know what does what best, but the most important thing is that there is an attachment that you can stick on little rolls of nail filers that you can toss or store away after every use. That keeps this machine clean and minimizes the possibility of infecting other people's feet. It came with a huge bag of them so I know it'll last me a long time.

I've started using it on my own feet for hard to reach sides and haven't gotten an infection yet! Well, I also make sure to separate what he uses and to clean up the parts and machine after every use. Good investment!

Coscelia Acrylic Powder Glitter Nail Art Kit False Nail Tips Nail Art Decoration Tools Review:

Everything was great, of course a little bit of sparkles and powder made there way out. But not alot. The only thing to be able to just start doing your nails right away is that, it doesn't come with liquid acrylic. But for the price... its great